Reaper (Episode 2)

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The Doctor laughs, shaking his head at such ill informed foolery. "The Dominion must be stupider than I thought then. Their deaths do not matter with the nature of this Project, of which I'm sure was kept away from you. If you really want to be useful, make sure some one DIES on the mission."
I nod, chuckling behind my mask.
"I see. Well then, orders are orders, Doctor. I'll see to it that your needs are specified. Even if the Dominion wishes to keep funds at a minimum, they do, however, wish to see through to the end of this project. I will execute assassinations during the next mission... if you so order, Doctor..."
"Not for now, but if the opportunity presents itself, maybe ensure a Reaper receives a psi-blade to the heart."
I turn, nodding, my form beginning to blotch up again as I cloak. My voice comes in as an echo, overlayed by static.
"I'll think of something. They'll never know I'm there..."
Watching her leave, the Doctor laughs quietly to himself and resumes his work.
By the time that the door closes, I make my way to the bridge of the ship, still cloaked, and still wide awake. I would remain, unseen, unheard, and for all intents and purposes... nonexistant, until the Reapers were mobilized.
It is now 1:00 PM shipboard time. All Reapers please proceed to the suiting room for briefing and deployment immediately.

C'mon, people, let's get this road showing, or however that saying goes.
Let's get the show on the road...?

Allysa finishes eating her food, and heads to the suiting room, putting on her outfit along with retrieving her other SMG. She looks at her stim-pack unit, and hooks it to her armor. She would need them, especially against the Protoss.
OOC: I'm in a fix with Mockingjay being absent and being in a convo with her. Any ideas on what to do?
Bail. There's a mission about to start.
I quickly finish dressing and make sure all my armor and equipment was on and working properly. I quickly head to get deployed.

"I am not dying again."
Unless you do something stupid, of course.

I will post the mission stats in the morning.
OOC: Eh...I don't think so SF. That doesn't really work.

IC: I say goodbye to Jenny, who stays back for the mission because she wasn't feeling up to it. I head over to the suiting room, and get myself dressed in some armor.
SF would be a suspect due to him seeing Terrance last. SF didn't think it through all the way.

IC: I approached the suiting room, injecting another set of fluids into my body.
The sensors in my mask hummed softly, suppressed by the padding in the mask, which also helped my breathing stay silent. Movement had been detected. My eyes opened, to be met with the goggles that gave me vision of the area around me.

My cloak was still on, and I moved from the bridge, sneaking around until I located the suiting room, following in after the closest individual (Alexander), crouching down in his shadow, ducking and swinging into the back corner of the room and surveying my suspects/potential targets.
I open my eyes at the detection of the other Ghost stalking the Reapers. That's not going to extend their life expectancy any...crazy broad. Standing up, I put on my armor and retrieve my weapons, heading to the bridge. "Has the Doctor arrived yet?" One of the pilots shakes her head.

"No, sir. But he should be on his way." I nod, and wait. Perhaps he knew why there was another Ghost here.
I looked out, past the walls surrounding us. Someone knew I was here...
Ah, of course. The Ghost. He could prove to be an asset... he could also prove to be the singular threat to my mission...

I ponder between contacting him or not... but then decide against it. I think back... to all of my other 'assignments', before this one.
They always went the same way. Someone would, in the future, just utterly screw over the timeline. I would go in stealthily, and take them out. The only deviation was the ones around them. They were the special ones... they were the ones who found me, went against me. All in a desperate attempt to save their friend... They were the ones I always remembered. Some might call me a stalker... one... called me a pacifist... but... I never killed them. Only my targets... That was how I was trained, that was how I would live for as long as I could.

I turned off my topic sensors, basking in the darkness. On the inside of my jacket, I had stitched the names of all of the bravest... the ones I admired for standing up for their friends... It tore my heart every time... which is why I was glad to be on a ship filled with psychopaths... Now I wouldn't have to feel regret... not this time.
I watch the new one carefully through the cameras.

"Hmm. Continue your monitoring, Lieutenant. I have a briefing to give."

I head for the mission hall.
If the doctor would get to the bridge, Zarkun could post, though I'm not sure if you have a plan for anything or not...

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