Reaper (Episode 2)

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"Greetings, my friends. Now, I have received some... interesting news." I look around. "One of your squadmates has been murdered, and one of you did it. Now, we have some suspects, but we will know for sure when Terrance is revived." I don't mention the fact that the extensive damage to his brain might be difficult to repair without error, up to and including memory loss. I activate the map.

"You will be dropped here, seven point six miles west of the target. You will make your way est until you reach the lab. You must infiltrate the lab and retrieve the target, a new experimental form of Protoss warp technology. It may be difficult for you to locate the item, and even if you do you might not locate it, so I will be sending an associate along to ensure your success."

I gesture to Zack.

"However, he cannot approach the lab as-is. He will be detected and destroyed. You must disable the Photon Cannons around the lab, whether through sheer firepower or cleverness. Then you will accompany my friend into the lab and assist him. Now, the threats int he protoss base are obvious. The cannons are the primary threat. Most of the soldiers stationed there are Zealots, which should be easy enough to deal with. There may be Stalkers present in small numbers, however. Be cautious."

A point to their starting location again.

"You will have several miles to travel, and the terrain is a lush, thick jungle. There are dangerous creatures down there, so you will have to be on your guard at all times. Now, please proceed to the drop-pod and deploy. Jenny and Terrance will not be accompanying you, Jenny due to a... health issue and Terrance for obvious reasons."

Deployment process initiating. All units, prepare for drop.
I feel my suit power down as I appear in the middle of the group, following them, trying not to make it obvious that I am unaware of where we drop from, or the method of dropping... though nothing would faze me too much, it is still the degree of uncertainty, that keeps me a tiny bit on the edge.
I sigh and nod. I had intended to let the Reapers handle this one, but so be it. Heading to the drop pods, I climb in mind and close it, ready to be dropped. I connect to each Reapers mind telepathically and say, If any of you get in my way after we've reached the facility, you'll find yourselves experiencing the Doctor's resurrection process.
Releasing pods in 5... 4... 3... 2...
I send a thought to the top of my head, clamping my SMGs to my suit.
Then you go be a coward and hide in the shadows while we work. As a Ghost, this must be the thing you are used to the most. I smile to myself, and begin a silent countdown till we touch ground.
As I recall, Reaper, I saved your @ss in broad daylight. Keep going and I'll make sure you can't be resurrected for a good long time.
As I recall, !@#$%^-, I didn't need your help. If all we are is guinea pigs to some resurrection process and he just wants us to get killed all the time, then he is not getting any of my respect. I reply, and pull something out in the pod. It was a data pad, and I turn it on, looking at something.
While the two were thinking back and forth the pods blasted out from the station, hurtling down towards the planet.

A display flashed within the command center of the lab. "Executor, we have detected emissions over the planet. Drop-pods of some kind."

A new character has appeared.

The Executor slot is available. Who would like to lead the Protoss defenders?
I crawl into the pod on the far end, clamping myself in, and hiding my mind from the Ghost, chuckling to myself, and speaking to him alone.
I will be aiding you on this mission, Agent. I will not provide direct support, though. I would rather my nature remain secretive for the time being. I'm sure you understand. Do you have a plan for disabling the cannon defense grid, or do you have a plan for me as well?
I intend to make sure the mission gets completed for now. A plan is easier to formulate when you know the enemy layout.
I laugh in my pod, getting ready to jettison it further away from the rest of the group.
I will relay information to you. I will be your scout, if need be. I have my ways, Agent. Just don't question them and we'll be absolutely perfect. I will contact you again when I locate and have surveyed the outpost itself.
A devilish grin comes upon my face as I pull the lever on the inside of the pod, shooting out and feeling the negative G-force pushing me up against the harness, as I shoot towards the ground.
A new character has appeared.

The Executor slot is available. Who would like to lead the Protoss defenders?

Executor Altras
Age: 576
Backstory: A grizzled veteran of the Brood Wars. Altras was one of the few that did not travel through the warp gate to Shakuras, buying time for most of the Protoss of Aiur to flee. She was stranded with Fenix and Jim Raynor's group but they made it out of Aiur alive. Now she helps a Protoss research facility with its defenses while the Head Researcher Ra'luu does his job.

Head Researcher Ra'luu
Age: 387
Backstory: One of the younger Protoss alive, he is a risk taker and much more open to experimentation than his much older and conservative peers which sometimes lead to heated exchanges. He sees it necessary to quickly accelerate Protoss research in order to stand a chance against the other races. Though his heart is in the right place, there is some concern that his zealotry could backfire on him. Nonetheless, his mind is sharply honed.
"Drop pods? They must be Terrans. How many of them were detected?" asked Altras.

"It is a very small group. I don't know what they are planning to do," replied the Zealot.

"Toughen up our patrols but do not engage unless the Terrans do. See if we can track them down," said Altras.

"At once Executor."
Excellent. Accepted, Smylez. Good to have you.
As I fall, the darker depths of my mind reappear, and swallow me once more.

Kill... I hear it faintly whispering.'d like it. The voice is getting louder.'s who you are. The voice begins to devour my mind, but not my soul, for I had none. Kill your friends, kill the girl, kill everyone who's ever hurt you, in any way. I begin to see darkness during the fall. KILL, KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! The voice gets louder and faster, I am sweating, and my mind starts to go black.

Kill! For it is who you are! I lay back, my mind becoming set on one goal...kill.
THe pods soar down to the planet's surface, slicing through its thick, humid atmosphere on their way to the lush forest below. The huge trees, covered with vines and hivefuls of stinging creatures, seem almost to pull away from the pods as they crash. This is a planet untouched my Terrans. Somewhere nearby, a massive creature crashes through the underbrush, its huge hoofclaws crushing plants and a slow animal.
I, Alexander shall not be afraid of him no more.... Nor shall he make it out alive if he finds me once more! Mind racing, adrenaline pumping! The Reaper side effects weren't too strong, but the medical stims I was given had improved my behavior greatly, for better.
I think about what I was going to do. Here... away from the rest of them... by at least miles. I felt my insides churn... not from nausea... No. Something else was going on inside of me. My vision blurred a bit... and then refocused. Now was not the time. I would do this later. For now, I would stick to my plan.

Freedom would have to wait for a few days... if not only hours. The Protoss were there. I could feel them from here as I plummeted. The Khala... I had wanted to be a part of it once... but logic and reason severed me from that idea. Instead... the Dark Templar were my kind... Assassins... Infiltrators...

A mind awoke inside me, and I smiled devilishly as I knew my plan would be completed. I knew that I would sleep soon. By my own design, I was shattered... but still unified. We all had our place... and we all knew when it was our time.

Perfect unity, within an imperfect psyche.
"The Terrans have made landfall but we can't detect them through this thick foliage. Our scanners are unable to detect them in this dense overgrowth."

"My orders are the same. Stay vigilant. I doubt they have discovered this place but even so, we should be prepared."
I climb out of my pod without incident, with a smiling face and no indication of what had happened inside of my mind during the descent. know you shall do as I say.
And now for the fun, unforeseen part.

Alert. Zerg biosignatures detected entering the atmosphere.


Analysis indicates the Swarm will overrun the Protoss laboratory within
thirty minutes.

Brood Mother Gyr'Ihim watched with glee. A changeling had revealed the Protoss purpose here, and when she stopped their research the Queen of Blades would be pleased greatly.

Brood Mother, we have detected Terrans in orbit around the planet.

This was confusing. What purpose could the Terrans have here? It mattered little, they were of no consequence none had been spotted on the surface, and as long as they didn't interfere and left quickly perhaps they would escape with their lives.

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