Reaper (Episode 2)

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The pod hit the ground, and I took a moment to regain my focus, before grabbing my gear and leaving the pod, using the thick vines and leaves of the trees to cover it up, having landed next to the trunk of a tree, taking the glove off of my hand, feeling it buzz as I ran it along the sides of the rather jagged track left behind the pod, stepping back a few minutes later and chuckling to myself. Now it just looked like there was a small ditch between where the pod hit and ended up landing. Perfect. I placed the glove back on, and began to trek towards the psionic power literally emanating from the Protoss base.
Of course, leaving footprints would be counter-productive, so I began to scale one of the many trees, each one fairly close to one another. They were thick... they could support my body very easily, and thankfully, I had enough of a sense of balance to walk from branch to branch, and tree to tree, without touching the ground. From here, It was only a matter of time until I reached the base. I contact Agent Zack again.
I have touched ground and am traversing the hostile territory, towards the Protoss Outpost. Leave no evidence of the Pods behind... Also... beware one of your men... they are sending disturbing signals that I can feel from here... Be on your guard, Agent. Wolfe out.
My pod slams down next, and I attempt to open the door, only to find it jammed. I swear, and start kicking the pod, trying to get it open.
I step out of my pod and look towards where the Zerg had been detected. {Alright Reapers, move your asses or I'll shoot you myself.} I move up into a tree and start moving. I had felt Quill's mind darken as well. He would die if needed, and then the Doctor would resurrect him and question him. Or just give him to me. I had landed a couple miles from the Reapers, making it so I could cover them if needed, but remain apart so as to not compromise my mission.
I help Alyssa with her pod, and then pull out my gun and wait for the others.
The door finally opens, and I step out. I nod to Ben, and sprint at a nearby tree. I step up it a bit before the jet-pack flares, sending me up and giving me a high-ground view. I take a picture with a camera mounted on my helmet, and drop down, letting the branches slow me a bit before I turn the jet-pack back on, and slow my landing.
"Zerg forces have arrived on the planet. Their numbers suggests an entire brood. We do not have the capabilities to defend this facility Executor. We must begin evacuations immediately," said the zealot.

Altras was worried. Their research required them to stay but their lives were paramount than the research when so few of them remained. "Fortify our defenses and hold out as long as we can. Inform the technicians to arrange the warp matrices within the warpgate and set our destination for Shakuras. I will check with Ra'luu and see where he stands with his research. I am afraid he will be unwilling to leave..."

"At once!"

Altras left the command room and headed for the research labs.

Did the Protoss know of the Zerg forces? Your post could of worked for both Terran and Protoss radio
Everything was going well! The Zerg were here... the swarm... it was a comforting feeling... so many minds... concentrated. It was like the Khala... but more singular... unified.

Tree gave way to tree, which gave way to tree, and endlessly continued. Up... until I nearly fell off the last branch in a thoughtful daze. I looked over the area, scanning what I saw... Definitely Protoss... the light from the planet's resident sun made sure that the reflective metals the Protoss buildings were made of were visible in the clearing... or not... seeing as I nearly blinded myself by looking at them. I sat on the branch, beginning to work out the forms of the Photon Cannons, the Pylons... Warp Gates... It was difficult from here... there was still a mildly thick brush in between me and the base... but still...

"Almost there... then step one is complete."
It was for the Terrans... but I'm certain that if the Terrans saw the Zerg the far-more-advanced Protoss would have.
The pod door was sent flying as the pressure popped it off, easily getting stuck within a tree it has. My pistol was loaded with Uranium tipped bullets. Nice against the hard carapace of Zerg. Still wondering why they didn't give us any other weapons?
Ra'luu's gaze did not stray from the canister that held the warp device. The "device" was a miniature black sphere held in midair by a crystal formations that were along the top and bottom of the canister.

"Power levels are steadily rising. Placing restraints-" said a researcher.

"No, keep powering it. Push the device to the limit. My calculation tells me the it can take on an additional 30% of power. We are nearing a breakthrough!"

Altras came through the door. "Ra'luu, we must talk."

Ra'luu's eyes were still intently focused on the device. It began to hum softly and was audible through the specially made container. "Later Executor! I am very busy! It is a crucial timing at the moment! I am nearly there! I feel it!"

She shook her head. His enthusiasm was great in such times but it backfire on him today if he did not listen. "The Zerg have landed here. As you are priority, I must ensure your safety. You must leave these grounds immediately!"
Now... too close... everything was beautiful again... I could almost feel my skin crawling... The shadows closing in... they were everywhere... everything... mine to command. Yes... it was bliss, it was truth... they were knowledge. I cast out one last message to Zack, before giving into the darkness.
There is a Protoss Patrol nearby, I am going dark. I am at the base, proceeding to survey. I will communicate results to you shortly.

My eyes opened a fiery green, as I took cover behind an alcove of trees. I wasn't further than 200 yards from the Base, hosted on top of a large plateu, the Photon Cannons looming over their pedestals, beckoning to me. I knew that the Protoss who laid behind their defenses would not be too friendly towards a newcomer... but I had planned for this. Shadows, cast by my cover, thickened, darkening, as they converged onto me, covering me until I was a black lump on the ground, and then flattening, dispersing, racing along the ground in a shadowy explosion. It was time to sleep... yes...
They stood guard next to some photon cannons.

"You hear something?" asked a Zealot.

"No. But keep your eyes and ears open. There's Zerg and Terrans in the area," replied the other.

"Must be just me then..."
I leap to another tree, avoiding several hives of some kind of insect and landing within view of the base. Being I'd landed on a more shadowed area, I quickly picked out the main research area. However, I couldn't get in until those cannons were removed. {Status report, Reapers. We have 15 minutes before the Zerg overrun the no mouths.}
The insects begin to hum violently, their keen senses detecting the approach of the Zerg. The hive insects have surprising psionic abilities that enable them to detect enemies approaching. They swarm rapidly, their long serrated stingers dripping with venom as they seek targets for their anger.
Hearing the humming, I quickly cloak and drop to the ground, taking cover in a large patch of brush to avoid being seen. {Reapers, report.}
The cloaking somehow angers the insects. They seem to have little trouble detecting Zack despite his device and psionics, and a couple dozen fly towards him with an angry humming noise.
{Calm the hell down, we're on our way. Sheesh.} I reply, and after a few seconds, I barrel through and stop next to a tree.
A Dark Templar, tattered and in shambles, bleeding from multiple places, limps towards the base, collapsing down out of the Photon Cannon's range.
My knife flashes and kills the two and I cut the cloak. If I had to, I'd find water, though I'd rather not since there was little intel available on this planet. {How close to the base are you? We're running out of time, expendable.}
[Zealot] "A Nerazim! Out here? Stay back! I will check up on the dark templar."

The zealot powers his weaponry and approaches the dark templar [some 5 feet away] attempting to initiate a conversation psionically while the other guards watch.

"Speak! What is your name and how did you become like this?"

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