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first of all thank you for taking the time to check this out. Castle is based on an animation i loved when i was younger and i think thecommander would know a lot about it.

it was the year 3050 when the Terran Dominion discovered an ancient portal in the ruins of an old xel'naga temple on the distant planet of *********. the dimension called ******* was filled with a barren flat desert like landscape the sky and sand a dark greyish colour. but out of these shifting sands would be these castles. old medieval structures with moss and dust covering every corner. in one of these castles we detected a powerful energy signal resonating from one point. looking at ancient texts we managed to decipher that in fact what that castle contained was a powerful artifact called ******. we sent an assault team in to retrieve said artifact but after the first hour we have heard nothing. we have employed a team of specialists with highly trained marines to find the team and take the artifact.

Character creation:

Features (eye colour etc):

you are responsable for 10 warpig marines with reenforced armour, and extended mag guass rifles with bayonet.

story and other aspects will be revealed as the Rp goes on. i will give you the scenario when we have enough Rpers
Not to be rude, but I'm horrible with controlling 11 characters. Mind if I'm a lone operative? Maybe my Ghost Zack?
sure no prob.
Shweet. Here's his character sheet.

Name: Zack Tren
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Wears a blood red and jet black ghost suit with the helmet always up. If he takes it off, Has blood red eyes, fiery red hair cut short and a scar running along his right cheek from a sparring match.
Armament: C-30B Prototype Canister Rifle, twin psi knives, twin Shredder machine pistols
Abilities: Cloak, Snipe, Influence mind, pyrokinesis.
Back story: Zack was eight years old when he first showed signs of psionic abilities. Soon after setting the teacher's desk on fire in third grade, a ghost and three marines arrived at his home later that evening and took him to the Academy, where he was trained in the control of his powers, and trained while the legendary Jay was there. Having finished with the Academy when he turned 18, he went to the field, where he proved himself to be useful in every way. Has been sent to ensure that the artifact is secured, no matter what the cost.
kk but influence mind won't do much. cause as a little spoiler the enemies you're gonna be dealing with are mostly insane
Eh, doesn't have much use anyways.
ya true. Damn this RP is taking time to start up. see this is the problem these days. the Rp community is so crowded anyone can overlook a new RP
Darkra, it's been 30 minutes.
... Probably because they are either A, thinking on if they want to join... Or B, there is no one on at all at this time. Except for a small handful.
CR: that is also feasible but the backclog is also a problem. heck today i found 2 Rps i thought didn't even exist. there is just so much going on that people sometimes tend to avoid things. remember i have made another Rp before that has been on for days and there was no one who joined. there is just so much going on that people have very full plates stemming the creative feedback some people want to put out there. correct me if i'm wrong don't mean to start an entire argument

Dac: is that a good thing or?
Most are still in school right now with Finals. Trust me, this one might catch peoples interest. Dac, you should join with your roach from Reaper in his human body. Make for interesting plot.
ya true i'm having exams next month so its gotten me winded up a bit. i just need this to start up soon so i can get it sailing smooth on its own cause imma be away for next weak with vacation and all. if all goes terrible i'll have to temporarily close it
Or leave it open and give people a chance to join. Have some one be a sub DM while you're away.
Could I just make a character sheet for the leader of the squad? Ten Char. sheets seems kinda obnoxious.
i don't seem to understand :/ but i'll omit the squad thing cause after further thinking its quit stupid.
ohh i get it. don't worry i said you don't need to command anyone. there will be marines with you tho that you can order around if you want
It's actually rather brilliant. All Mark meant was were the other ten expendable?
yes and no. its really up to you. do you want to be the hero in shining armor making sure everyone under your charge gets through or are you the ruthless tactician sending your squad on impossible missions
bump............ must........... keep.......... resolve....... strong.......
Dark, don't worry. It took a week for everyone to join SS. It's been an hour, most people are in school.

Take a chill pill.

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