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I sigh in relief outwardly, but curse command inwardly. Why would they give such an incompetent fool such power?
Korozain: you're in a cage and your weapons were taken away
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IC: My rifle is missing, I stand and prepare to fight it with my fists...
Mikaela appears near Zack, and looks at the group.
{Need more than Firebats and Marines to get through.}
I nod. "They won't give us more. Marauders, and another ghost would help. But this is all they're giving us."
Korozain: the creature stalks off. the lady appears in your cage " why did you stab me? it hurt so much....."

Zarkun + Jester: a firebat comes up to you "ready to fry"
I nod. "Form a wedge, and lead a charge into the central tower. Radio me when the area is secure."
Where did you discover it was a trap? Mikaela puts the thoughts into her head for Zack to find, and she turns to Zack, saying "You're in charge. I'm just a hired gun."
In a tomb in the tower I was assigned. We're facing evil incarnate. I sent the message telepathically. "Indeed. You stay with me. The Firebats and Marines can handle this."
Within the firebat suit I chuckle evilly, making sure none can hear me.

Soon the Swarm will rule this world!
Mikaela sighs, and thinks Not paid enough for this. Any other details? She puts her knives away, and puts her suit in a diagnostic scan for damage.
No, unfortunately, other then they're psionic. It's a fool's errand this incompetent man wants done.
Team returns dead, he'll start sending more troops. Mikaela thinks, then adds Psionics unlock the artifact prison?
I shake my head. The things are the psionics. Whatever this thing is, they want it too, but were cursed to guard it instead. If we figure a way out of this mess, I'm leaving the man in charge to burn.
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Jester + Zarkun: the team forms a wedge and moves into the tower. not even 2 minutes in you get a comm{sir! help! the men are killing each other! i don't know what's gotten into em! HEL-! (you hear bloody gurgles)}
"Think we should go in there, or let the man in the battle cruiser figure it out?"
Mikaela confirms no problems on her suit, takes her helmet off, and says "Idiot in the ship."
I nod and radio our incompetent commander. {They all just slaughtered themselves. We don't know why.} We do, but you won't listen.
Zarkun: {well you better save them because that's all the help you're getting}
{There's nothing left, you daft fool. This place is a trap meant to kill anyone who wants that artifact. Perhaps you should trust that your ground troops now know something you don't.}

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