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Zarkun: {i DON'T care how dangerous it is down there. its sink or float for you maybe but if you die i've got millions of others WAITING IN THE WINDS!} he screams before hanging up
"We can do one of two things. One, go in and attempt to complete this suicide mission or attempt to find our own way out of here."
OOC: i don't know if you want me to reply or what XD
"Door has zombies." Mikaela replies, and whispers "Combat protocol Beta." The suit replies, her visor turning red. "I wonder.....Why?" She asks out loud.
we really need more RPers XD
Zarkun is off at a party, and I am busy trying to resist the temptations of becoming chaotic for a while.
OCC: oh k.... wait.... how the hell did you know Zarkun is off at a party 0_o
He stated it at the bar.
And in DA.

IC: I look at the mercenary as I draw my MPs. "Why what?" It was a strange question to ask, but I could understand why she would ask.
"Why does he want it so badly?" Mikaela sighs, and says "Gotta double back for my gun." She walks off, heading back to the tower for her gun and the micro-factory.
I follow. At this point it was foolish to be wondering alone. "Who knows. The man doesn't seem to understand the danger this place poses."
"Ignorance" Mikaela replies simply, and finds her gun laying on the ground. She hooks the micro-factory back up to her armor, and grabs her gun. She starts a diagnostic scan on the gun and micro-factory, making her way back to the gate.
I nod, my annoyance at this situation becoming noticeable. "And incompetence. If I get the chance, I'll put the bullet between the man's eyes myself."
Mikaela chuckles, and says "Second." Returning back to where they were, her suit says that the gun was operating as normal, and she dismisses the message. "Breakout." She says, referring to the gate.
I nod, holstering a pistol and forming a large fireball. "This will back the concussive force needed to knock it open. From there, we can shoot our way out."
"Sounds good." Mikaela replies, hefting her gun.
I build up more energy. "What's the rof on that?"
"4000 RPM in Gauss rounds, 1000 RPM in Grenades." Mikaela replies, and turns the safety off on it as well as enabling the rounds to be fed to the gun.
I nod and the fireball slams into the gates, blowing them open and knocking the undead immediately next to it way back. "Fire." My MPs come to life, tearing through the undead with ease.
Mikaela opens fire, her suit handling the recoil as she fires it one hand. She tosses a flash-bag MIRV into the crowds, and switches the Gauss Cannon's grenades to Frag.

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