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I start walking forward, a steady rate of fire pushing the enemy away from us. "Just a bit more energy..."
"Careful for fliers." Mikaela says, advancing with him.
I nod, my MPs flicking up when they come within view. {We're leaving. You can send in a new team.} I cut the channel and go straight to command. {{Command, requesting immediate evac. The mission is a trap.}}
OOC: really.... you're really gonna make me do this.... first of all there's no way you 2 could rambo your !@# out of there. i've taken the OP kinda lightly but this is where i draw the line. there is no way you could just push your $%^ through with brute force so get your butts back in there
You kind of left us no choice, and not to mention it's not going anywhere with you, me and Jester being the only ones really posting.
OOC: well if you wouldn't give me such a tough time then i could have time to post. and besides i've been trying to work out cinks in school so i barley have time to DM for you
Well, being liberal with enemy details helps with less DMing. That would help.
OOC: fine fine and imma have to shut this RP down for next week starting today. imma be away on vacation
Well, we'll get pushed back in and then wait.
OOC: kk. sry bout the sudden shut down
All good. There are a couple other RPs that have to do the same.

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