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yes but its mostly cause i have a terrible reputation for failing RPs so you could say anxiety issues with these things are strong
I think I'll use Vex for this one.
Vex "Blade" Zerash

Terran - Raptor Trooper (Semi-Experimental)

Features: 6'8", average body stature with a lot of muscle. White and Red CMC - 450 Custom armor (Featuring medium Energy Shielding, heavy armor, Tactical HUD, and armor locking capabilities) Dark skin, hair braided into dreadlocks and has a white milky eye with a scratch along it. Usually very joking and humorous. Uses his strength to intimidate, and make intimidating jokes. Deep, voice and strong African accent. A very loyal man, usually nice, but can become very merciless on the battlefield

Weapons: Wields an Energy-short sword (Imagine a dragon-themed sword about 3ft. in length, but the blade tip is curved and there is an electric-type energy going from the hilt to to blade tip when turned on, blade is a silver color, hilt black and gold.)
Upgraded E-9 rifle (Named "Shredder"). 11mm spike rounds. Pierces armor much better than the C-14, but has slightly lower fire rate and lower capacity.
Upgrades include:
Increased Fire rate (from 120 rpm to 180)
MF - Tactical Scope (4x-10x zoom)
Incinerary Rounds
Still deciding whether or not to join.
kk no prob korozain imma post my char for this :P

Name: Rick Mortenson
Class: Mauraderbat
Features: average body, blue eyes, black hair.
Weapons: upgraded Marauder concussive grenade launcher, pormethian flamer(blue flames in a continuous stream), Reenforced Marauder combat suit, Weapon mounted Kaiser blades (imagine large blades attached to the bottom of a marauder/firebat's weapon)
Imma make some modifications real quick (sorrys)
Name: Mikaela (No last name)
Features: 6' even, modified Warpig armor that is completely black. It has a back-pack which belt-feeds ammo and grenades to her gun, and has a cloaking system that doesn't require psionics to use. Lilth-medium build, light red eyes, red hair, albino. She doesn't appear as a very big person, and hides easily. Doesn't like to be with others.
Weapons: High-powered Gauss Cannon with Grenadier undermount (Fires normal gauss rounds at a high speed and rate of fire. Grenade Launcher that uses multitude of ammo types made in a micro-factory in her suit. Grenade type is up to user.)
Serrated Combat Knife
thanks for the submission! i think we'll need 1 more and then this RP is good to get started
Fine Zarkun, fine.

Name: Dan Zimonns
Age: 16
Weapons: Basic Marine equipment.
Appearance: 5'9 145 pounds, Glasses with brown eyes behind them, short brown hair, and a lean, non-muscular build.
Backstory: Labeled a genius, he graduated officer school at 15, one of the youngest ever. He was sent on this mission on his first.
Dac you sure you want that to be your char? nothing special? nothing at all?
12/17/2012 04:21 PMPosted by darkra
Dac you sure you want that to be your char? nothing special? nothing at all?
Yes, I'm sure.
ok! just gimmie a few to write the whole entire beginning plot thing
Kernel Rick Johnson was going about the most important mission of his life. Go in with this team, grab some sorta artifact, and go. Simple. Easy. Clean. He walked up to address his unit “enjoying the hercules transport? No? Good. Now I’m going to make it real simple for you ladies! The artifact, is located deep within the bowled of the castle. We’re going to go down there and grab it. If we do find the assault team we get all the information we can. Now this place through bio scans looks deserted so we should have no problem so if any one of you screw this up imma make sure you don’t come out alive. Now-” before he could go on klaxons started going off, the ship began to rumble. “drop pods! Now!” he yells as the team began to load into their drop pods. As they fly off he realizes a dark truth. While the others dropped into the castle he was dropping into the barren wasteland. He landed with a jolt as his drop pod came apart. And what he could see was let off in a blood curdling scream....

We landed in some room as the drop pods came apart. Doing a quick tally all the special ops (you) landed fine. We lost one or 2 troopers but those were acceptable losses. As the eery glow began to fill the large foyer we were in we realized we were surrounded by figures. Pale, eye sunken, figures staring off into something we couldn’t see..... “what the hell” I whispered regarding the assembly with horror
I look at them and shrug. "They aren't truly here, Colonel. Proceed with the mission."
"we must be careful" i reply. all the marines held their guns high in the air and began to wade through the bodies as i gesture for him to do the same.
I shake my head and walk forward, ignoring the ghostly presences. "You are concerned with trivial matters, Colonel. Focus on the mission at hand." My voice was hard and cold, and had a tone that I was growing tired of his fears.
Mikaela continues walking, her Gauss Cannon following her line of sight as she scans the area.
I'll join in an hour or so. This as well as DaBH. And maybe Amnesia. So many new RPs coming up...
IC: a feint whispering could be heard at the back of each member's head. a sort of nagging sensation at amplified as the whispers grew louder. soon the lifeless sunken eyes of the standing "zombies" seem to ignite with light as blood curdling screams began to shake the air....

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