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I stay follow the others, not doing anything of particular interest. Upon hearing the screams, my ears perk.

"What was that?"
Dac you got ninja'd XD read the last post on pg 2

IC: "spearhead formation! now!" i scream as my squad moved into an arrowhead position firing rounds at the now animating figures that were standing with no signs of life whatsoever a minute ago.
I ignore it, familiar with all types of psychic warfare. "What an elaborate attempt at discouragement."
IC: one of the hellspawn seamed to come to life, sprinting past his brethren and knocked one of the stranded marines down tearing him to pieces. i saw the ghost again chilling and grabbed him by the coller as i ran. pointing to the corpse being ripped apart i scream at him "is that real enough for you!". i led the spearhead at the tip. using my promethian flamer to clear the path ahead
I shake my head and fire a single round, killing the creature tearing the marine apart. "You would be wise to remain calm." I then draw my pistols and open fire, tearing through the 'undead' easily.
"yes but unlike you others don't have your ability. i'm responsible for getting everyone out alive." i growl before firing a volley of grenades into the hoard clearing the path for the spearhead. "this was not in my job description"
I ignore the comments, calmly cutting apart the strange corpses until we can see the castle. "There is the objective. We should proceed."
"When ya join da military. Anytin' goes." (Strong African descent accent) I hold my rifle, barrel down and keep walking with the ghost.
Mikaela disappears from sight then, mostly holding her fire as to not be picked up. She advances a little faster than the group, trying to get an eye on the surroundings.
"well we better clear a path soon." i growl, burning everything in sight with my promethian flamer. "see if you 2 can give us some lee way"
I ignore the Colonel and continue to make a path, ignoring the bodies as they fell. "The way in is directly in front of you. Just go that way."
"yes but we need an opening wide enough to blast the door open. it appears its locked from the inside. we were supposed to drop into the castle not outside. so if you may, stop questioning my authority and like you said do your job"
"My job, Colonel, is to make sure you do yours, not clean up your mess. If you continue with incompetence, then I'll kill you and ensure this team completes it's objective myself." My voice had gone from informative and patient to cold and heartless. I meant every word I'd said, and I intended for the Colonel to know it.
Mikaela turns on her radio, and mutters a single word before turning it off.
"and my job is to make sure that you do as i say and get us in that !@#$ing castle. so instead of sipping on a coke and lounging use some of those abilities you've been bragging about and get us in there! i don't want to hear sh*t just do it" i yell at him
I glare the Colonel down. "I'm a pyrotechnic and a mind pusher. Use your charges."
"Aye... Lets all calm down ere' alright? We have a mission ta do, let's do it without any casualties on our side."
"well would you mind pyroing your way to the door. cause this spearhead is narrowing by the minute"
I sigh and release a flaming shockwave, killing all the hostiles in the immediate area. "Better, Colonel?"
"much better" i say before raising my grenade launcher arm and firing 10 successive bursts breaking the hinges of the 2 iron doors. we picked up the pase and i rammed my hulking marauder armor into the iron door and with the help of some others it began to topple.

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