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Mikaela stands near the door, her cloaking off so people know where she was. Her gun pivots around, keeping an eye out for anything.
i motion for Mikaela to lead the charge in and send 10 marines to back her up.
Mikaela stands up, and re-cloaks, sneaking in. She scans the beginning area, her gun loading a grenade and turning the safety off.
IC the team arrives in a large foyer with a fountain depicting a women holding a jug with water flowing out of it. there are stairs leading higher up and hallways leading deeper into the castle.... everything looks calm

i walk in weapons primed. "which way should we go?" i ask.
I follow behind, my rifle back out. "We look for signs as to where the previous assault team went. They were the closest to finding the artifact."
Mikaelea heads up the stairs, unhearable due to her cloaking and her training. She doesn't say a word, instead sets her armor in combat mode, and it gets stimpacks ready.
"looks like Mikaelea is making a move" i say. "it did say the artifact was on one of the towers so up is our best bet"
"There are five towers, Colonel. Four on the corners of the building, then one central tower. We'll have to split up."
"My team will go to whichever. I guess." I say, nervous. I hadn't actually been in a combat situation before, and this place was creeping me out.
"ok then you will take the tower to the northwest. you(dacder) will go for the northeast one, Mikaelea will take the southeast and i'll take the southwest." i say "be careful and comm us if you find anything"
I simply walk in the indicated direction, making the usual scan for hostiles.
"Yes sir." I say, before motioning to my squad to follow me. We head to the Northeast tower, and my squad, cocky as they were, wished to enter without even waiting for me! I laugh it off though, my squad being more a collection of young guys more than anything.

"Ole' Dan here is afraid of this place!" One of them said, and the rest burst out laughing.

"This place may give me the jitters, but you sure don't. So I'd shut up before I knock your lights out." I say, and he laughs right along with the rest of us.

"Hold on! Before you open the door..." One of the men says, and on his radio he starts playing music, "All better." He says, and my squad busts down the door leading into the tower.

OOC: Is the song, in case you're wondering.
Mikalea approaches the door leading into the area into the tower. She opens it, silently, and sprints across the area, stopping at the door. She opens the door at the tower, and closes it behind her, entering quietly.
Dacder: as the group of young ones walked a section of the wall bursts open revealing millions of tentacles and they reach out for the group

Jester: you see another foyer of the standing undead. staring blindly into space. one false move and the entire swarm will descend upon you

Zarakun you are invaded by whispering promising eternal happiness and see some of the troops following you stop and stare at nothing in particular
The flamethrower team in my squad step up and begin roasting away the tentacles, killing all that were close, while the rest of us gave them cover. Soon, the threat was effectively neutralized.
I look at the men. "Keep moving and activate your psi screens. It'll help you focus."
Mikaela puts her gun on her back, and draws her knife. She begins to silently walk, carefully, and in her off-hand, a det-pack waits.
Dacder: more keep streaming out of the hole and more ferocious then ever. one lashes out at blinding speed and impales one of your troopers on a wall

Zarkun: trooper-"but why? the voices..... they're so soothing why don't we just stay here for a while"

Jester: the rows stare blindly ahead. until you see winged figures descending from the sky. they were twisted creatures, like dragons standing on 2 legs. their skin pitch black and eyes a searing white. a twisted grin was permanently stitched onto their faces as they stalked among the rows
"The voices are a lie, as is this whole place potentially." I level my rifle with his head. "Activate your psi screen, or I'll kill you myself and save myself a headache."
Mikaela tosses her det-pack like a disk, causing it to land on the other side of the room, grabbing the attention the creatures. She begins to pick up her pace.

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