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Zarkun: the troopers tone changes " you think you can deny me mortal? this is my domain and its people belong to me" the whispering increases in volume as several troopers collapse to their knees " you cannot help them. just like you couldn't help them when you where young son of adam".

Mikaela: 1 of the creatures catch the distraction while the others began to sprint across the isles smelling fresh prey
Mikaela taps the detonator, blowing the creature up while drawing her Gauss Cannon in her off-hand. She picks up the pace, but still is silent as she runs.
OOC: Darkra...are you kidding me? Whatever...

IC: The rest of the tentacles are soon dealt with, and I rush over to the hurt man.

"You okay?!" I ask him, as I slice the tentacle off with a knife.

"Yeah...I just need a little patching up." He says, pointing to a hole in his arm.

"Cindy, can you help him out?" I say to the medic we'd brought with. She patches up his arm, and we continue on.
Dacder: dac its called a sign to probably turn around.... and no the tentacles are still there. you should know when an OP unit comes your way its to make you go another way

jester: one of the creatures lets out a blood curdling roar as the dead began to awaken
"I can do this." Several shots ring out, and the troopers fall dead. "I fear nothing, ghost, so do your worst."
OOC: *Facepalms before taking his hands off the computer and rolling his chair backwards.*
Mikaela tosses something into the air, and starts running. The item explodes, blinding and deafening everyone in the room besides her, as her suit compensates for the light and sound.
The grenade wasn't done yet, however.
As it explodes, several smaller greandes drop and start exploding, blowing up and destroying some of the undead. Mikaela turns on her radio briefly, and says
{Heavy resistance.} She turns it to receive only and continues running.
Zarkun: the dead rise up again " and i can do THIS!!!. they charge at you

Jester: "we hear ya." a trooper grunts in reply before the door to the tower opens again and 20 marines open fire
Mikaela appears on the other side, and opens fire on everything, grenades and Gauss rounds screaming out, wrecking every hostile in sight.
Jester: these zombies seemed different. they were faster, more vicious. soon the line of destruction drew so close the marines had to switch to bayonets as they were beginning to be cut down. the strong advantage of ranged weapons lost in hand to hand combat where the darkness had the edge
Mikaela cloaks again, becoming invisible, but her gun continues spewing rounds out. The rounds make no sound due to her cloaking system, and she tosses three grenades like the ones she used earlier, blinding the zombies and blowing them up.
Jester: the winged creatures have a superior sense of smell as one hunts you out. flying in the sky he descends claws outstretched
Mikaela opens fire on the creature, dumping rounds into it at an insane pace. As is closes into melee range, Mikaela dodges the claws and stabs with a knife the size of a machete into the eyes of the creature.
Jester: the creature continues to claw at you grabbing your knife hand and pinning you down
Mikaela drops her gun and draws a second knife. She puts her knee up to her chest, and slices at the exposed throat with a knife of similar size and strength.
Jester: the creature lets out a howl and dies. but you see out of the corner of your eye the undead continuing the charge
Mikaela pushes the body off, putting the knife away with her cloaking still on, and opens fire on the undead, aiming for the heads.
I incinerate the bodies, turning and walking away from the ashes. "I am a Ghost, the Crimson Shadow, and I fear nothing."
Jester: the undead are getting pushed back on your side but your soldiers are getting flanked

Zarkun: a deep fog envelops you and as you walk out you are back at the ghost academy
"I've made peace with what happened in this place." I focus on the door in front of me, ignoring the memories that were surfacing.

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