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Mikaela advances through the zombies, unseen due to her cloaking. She mows down several undead before joining the marines, and says simply
"Retreat." She opens the door, firing with her off-hand. The marines begin to retreat through the door, firing behind them as they leave.
Zarkun: " have you? have you really? its easy for you to say that isn't it?" a voice whispers as the door in front of you disappears. you began to relive every mistake and every sweat moment you have had at the academy

Jester: the undead chase after you with haste as the door slams shut.
Sweat or sweet? I'm going to need clarification before I post XD
sweet sry
OOC: Should I read or did I not miss much or can I get a recap?
Mikaela uncloaks, hearing the undead attack the door. Using hand signals, she orders the marines to spread from the door, and get ready for when the door breaks. They spread out, and she gets down on one knee, being the closest one to the door.
you haven't missed much. jest just fought off an undead invasion. Zarkun is being onslaughted by the dark voice of the castle and that's it. i actually forgot to asign you a tower...... ummm we'll just say you're heading to the central one cause right now we're searching the 5 towers for the artifact. but yes read a bit
I ignore them, having made piece with the ghosts of my past the day I went to char, the place I'd earned the name Crimson Shadow. "I am death incarnate, and fear nothing you can do. So do your worst."
Zarkun: " oh really?" suddenly you are surrounded by hundreds of Jays who keep getting set on fire whenever you get close. all of them dying in their won agonizing way

Jester: the door begins to weaken then stops. but bursts open soon after. what you see is this massive pile of flesh, like 50 zombies just mushed themselves together into one malformed abomination. the mid-drif was a giant mouth with hands at poking out of every corner of the creature ready to drag the unfortunate sap into its gapping maw
I laugh. "Jay was a class ahead of me. She graduated and I haven't seen her since. I never had more then three sparring matches against her anyways. You know me about as well as a worm knows the sky."
Zarkun: " that might be true but look around you...... you've done all the work for me" the voice fades but as you awaken to the real world you see the troops you've been given slaughtered while the undead were still feasting upon their remains. " thank you. if it wasn't for you then my children couldn't have had their meal"
Mikaela and her team open fire, their guns ringing as they unleashed rounds on the undead creature. Mikaela's gun fires grenades at almost the same speed as her Gauss Cannon unleashes bullets, blowing chunks out of the zombie.
Jester: the giant thing topples and explodes in guts and gore but you find millions of snake-like parasites jumping out of the mess of flesh and attack multiple troops around you

Ross: we move up the tower with extreme caution. taking it easy step by step. last time one guy stood too close to the edge and boom a tendril shot up and grabbed him into the dark abyss. the way to the tower was a winding staircase. it seemed never ending. until now. looking behind me i finally noticed the horde of undead chasing me. clambering up the stairs and pushing comrades off. "RUN!" i yelled as i fired a few grenades into the fray before i bolted up with my squad
Mikaela orders the troops to back up. backs up with them, and opens fire with grenades, blowing up parasites. She swaps her Cannon to single shot, taking shots at every parasite. The troops join with single shots, aiming for center mass, sometimes stomping on them or knifing them when the get too close.
Jester: as you are distracted with trifle matters the winged creatures swoop in from the skies picking 3 marines off their feet as some were clawed apart
Mikaela doesn't turn around, merely aiming without looking, taking three shots and killing three creatures with ease. She tosses a Flashbang MIRV into the undead parasites, and takes steps back into the marines, a knife stabbing another creature, killing it. She takes the knife out and continues firing.
Jester: the Evils seemed to have gotten bored and called off the assault as the creatures faded into the shadows. the dead littered the grounds, undead and what used to be the living painted the stone red
I incinerate the dead instantly, their ashes floating away. "And your children have payed the price for their foolishness and your incompetence. You seek to over throw my mind? It is backed by an iron will, and a lack of fear. Nothing concerns me but me and what I must pay for when I pass on. I am the Crimson Shadow, I fear nothing." I keep walking, reaching the door and opening it, closing it behind me and walking up the steps towards the top of the tower. "Command is wasting their time here."
Mikaela relaxes slightly, and lets the Marines take a break. She glances around, and eyes a control on her HUD that would be active with a single word. She knows what it does, and hesitates to use it even though it would give her a big advantage. She turns her head back to the Marines, who were up and ready to move. She nods to them, cloaks and heads back to the tower.
I reach the front of the central tower. "Someting ain't be feelin' right over here." I say, feeling an odd presence.

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