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Korozain: you see a lady at the center of the tower. something about her attracted you like no other

Jester: the corridors were mostly empty

Zarkun: "then join me. i could give you everything you could ever want. every desire every whim would be satisfied to the fullest"
"I have no desire to become like your other 'children.' Find someone else to be your pawn."
What if the Swarm was to invade?
Mikaela starts making her way a bit more slowly, keeping an eye out for traps. Her gun reloads the current belt, and she turns on a UV setting.
KO: they'd be annihilated
Just saying, I would love to command a Zerg invasion here.

And I'm not so sure about that... but you are the DM.
hmmm interesting idea.... i don't know if it will interfere with the overall plot which i am headed though. it really depends how far you're gonna take it

Jester: the tower extends above your UV range but you see nothing so far.

Zarkun: " the offer will always be open...." and the voice fades
Mikaela turns off the UV setting and turns on Infrared vision, moving on carefully, checking corners as she advances.
I shake my head and continue on my way. {Colonel, the men are all dead. We were ambushed by those spectres and they were overwhelmed before I had enough energy to incinerate them.}
I could go for the Changeling thing.
KO: go for the changeling thing

Jester + Zark: nothing happens

Ross: {roger that.... *huff* *huff* ..... i'm kinda busy at the moment *gunshots*.... *cries of pain*...... f*ck dammit! *explosions*..... you're gonna have to solo it Ross out}
Mikaela comes across stairs and starts moving slowly up to the next level.
Jester: you see a statue before you. it depicts a knight in armor pointing his sword to the heavens. but as you look around you find the dead, not of the castle's inhabitants but other marines. could this have been the assault team?
i have a feeling Dacder ditched this RP. whenever he's on he ignores the posts made here. if he isn't posting then i might have to delete him
Mikaela walks up to the statue and puts two det-packs on it. She then walks over to the bodies of the marines, looking for identification on any of them.

OCC: Yes, he has left the RP.
Dac.... just go. i respected your decision to leave but this is just.... this is insult to injury right here. get the F*UK out. don't ever come back. screw off and leave, this is just disappointing right here.
Sorry Darkra, but I decided to have a little fun with my resignation. No hard feelings. <3
I start moving to her, but I stop. "No. Dis be a trick... But... Her essence. It glows..." I fight myself for a bit until I fall to my knees from a strange headache.
Korozain: as you struggle your men start going willingly.

Dac: well umm i kinda got pissed a little and reported you :/ ya.... that's why you don't edit it an hour after..

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