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Korozain: as you struggle your men start going willingly.

Dac: well umm i kinda got pissed a little and reported you :/ ya.... that's why you don't edit it an hour after..
I edited it in under five minutes. The first post was an hour ago.
Mikaela walks up to the statue and puts two det-packs on it. She then walks over to the bodies of the marines, looking for identification on any of them.

OCC: Yes, he has left the RP.
yes... i reported you on your original post and you apologize an hour later... that's what happens i guess.... sry

Jester: you find the identification of one of the squad members proving that they or at least he was from the assault team
"NO! Don-" I feel a piercing pain, I look up to finish, but they are already gone. "Damn. There go my best men..."
Mikaela turns on her radio, taking the Assault Team member's tag.
{Assault Team member found. Repeat, anyone on this channel, Assault Team member found.}
She turns off the mic, and grips her gun. The squad arrives at the bodies and she de-cloaks.
Korozain: the women comes closer and is even more beautiful. she strokes your face and stares you in the eyes

Jester: the man suddenly jumps up and grabs you by the collar "don't look, or it takes you" he mutters before dying
It was quite the climb to the top of the tower. Considerably more then I'd anticipated. Well, things didn't always go as planned anyways. {Copy that, Mikaela.} I reach the top of the stair and look at the door. Shaking my head, I open it.
Zarkun: what you find in there is a dusty tomb(as in book)

OOC: if you choose to read it then i'll have a lot of typing to do
Mikaela signals for the team to advance, and re-cloaks. She advances ahead of the group.
I approach the tomb and open it, beginning to read while creating a ring of fire to keep away unwanted visitors.
Jester: suddenly you hear a muffled scream and find one of your soldiers dead with a gaping hole in his chest

Zarkun: god dammit man! XD
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe You're welcome XD
Zarkun:If you are reading this then I am dead,

Long ago us ancients controlled this realm known as the (word smudged). A long war raged among our race to claim the ultimate throne. We soon found about that some of us were more.... “special” then the rest. They wanted to take their powers further and that is how the Evils were made. Abominations of pure destruction


(page is cut out)

I have locked away our power in this very castle. Trapped in a powerful artifact the power will be safe from evil hands. As my last testament I shall curse the Evils, luring them to this very castle with the artifact’s strong psionic resonation. As they gather around me I shall utter a curse, trapping them here forever to guard the artifact. If you are reading this...leave....leave now.......RUN

OOC: didn't want to reveal the whole story
Mikaela doubles back to the troops, and turns on thermal vision, scanning the room for hostiles.

I wonder what happened to the Colonel.......
Jester: you detect no heat signatures

OOC: i haven't posted with the colonel yet cause i've been occupied with the rest of you XD
Mikaela starts cycling through infrared, UV, back to thermal, then returning her sight to normal vision system.
I read it and realize the folly we faced in coming here. Something akin to unease began to creep into my mind. {Colonel, we should leave. Now.}

Ross: {why? what did you find out? wait we're about to reach the top of this tower. wait what the... what the... no.... no... NO.... get away!! *you hear the colonel's last screams as he dies*}

Jester: you again find nothing. but one of your men lets out another scream and you find him dead with a hole in his chest also.
I curse and head back to the door. {Mikaela, if you can hear me, get your men and get out. This place is designed to kill any who try and reach the artifact.} I then switch channels to Vex. {What ever you're facing, focus on the sound of my voice to beat it. We have to get out and close the portal.}
Mikaela hears the radio, and gets on
{Retreating.} She says, and signals for the team to get out of the castle. They nod and sprint down the stairs.

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