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All: a vid feed of a man appears to you all "i don't think you all understand. you will get me that artifact because i currently have 10 battleships perched outside the castle and i will blast this entire castle to dust if you do not deliver the artifact to me"
"You're a crazy son of a b!tch. You want that artifact, you get it. I don't even think you could destroy this place. It's inherently evil, with a power none of us can understand here. I have a PI of 11 and I don't even understand it." I continued down the stairs, wary of anything that might attack me. My cold and calm demeanor remained, accompanied with one that spoke of sudden understanding of the folly of this mission.
All: "i don't think you under stand Mr.Tren. not only will i not allow you to leave... but you can't. the undead are currently swarming outside the doors. i do have the man power to get you out but why should I? what would i get in return?"
Mikaela gives no reply, however, she has an idea. She puts thoughts into her head for Zack to pick up
I know which tower the Artifact is in. Convince him to send more troops down, and use the drop-ship to get a ride home.
Copy that. Good plan. I'll recommend you for promotion. "Simple, you gain insight into our journey so far. We were able to ID which tower it's in. All you have to do is send a fresh couple of companies. We no longer have the man power to continue." Reaching the bottom of the tower, I sprint for the front gate.
Mikaela detaches her Gauss Cannon, and it's micro-factory, from her armor. She starts getting a lead ahead of the Marines, and they pick up the pace to keep up with her increased speed. She draws both her knifes, and her team exits the tower, heading back to the gate.
OOC: God dammit. Keep missing things!

IC: I try to resist, but I look back...
I stop, sensing Vex's blight and sprint towards him. {Vex, focus! Focus on my voice. Forget the woman! She'll kill you!} I slung the rifle and drew the knives, feeding them enough excess energy to overload even a High Templar if he didn't use it.
I hear him, his words allow me to break the chains of submission that this woman had locked me in. I back up and stand while drawing my sword.

"You are a spawn of da Devil. And you must be purged." I turn on the static charge, and launch myself at her not brutally, not gracefully. But valiantly. Greatly. Heavenly.
I come into sight of him as he launches himself and I ignore the woman. "Careful Vex!"
I slash at the center of her body, the cut going from her head down, and splitting her in half.
Korozain: she lets out a wail and dies. that is until millions of tendrils reach out from the floor and grab you, dragging you into the ground.

All: "fine we'll send them by drop pod. but i will send evac when i see the artifact in your hands" he says and cuts off the transmission
I lunge forward and grab Vex, setting the tentacles aflame while trying to pull him out. "Use that sword of yours!"
Zarkun: more tentacles aid in pulling him down. while two more spring behind you, taking you by the waist they throw you across the bridge that leads to the center tower
I flip and land on my feet, drawing my rifle and firing into the tentacles, blowing them apart. "Vex, let's go!"
I use my sidearm and sword to destroy many of them. I run towards him, but I get grabbed by more, and repeat...
Zarkun: the tentacles seemed to withdraw but soon after millions dive out wrapping him completely and sink into the ground
"Damn." I look around, waiting for the drop pods. {Mikaela, you still around?}
Zarkun: a fleet of drop pods descend from the heavens. as marines and firebats crawl out

Korozain: you are unconscious and wake up in a dungeon. you are locked in a cage. as you look outside your bars you see a winged creature (the ones jester faced) staring back at you. saliva dripping from its jaws
I draw my rifle, and prepare to fight it.

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