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The First Beast-Human war has come to a close, with the Human race as the victors. After many vicious battles, the Human’s army managed to push the Beast men’s Grand Army back to their capitol city, Tyr’Goth, where they laid siege to it for several weeks, eventually managing to break down the gates to the city with the Flaming Ram and climb the walls with their siege ladders and grapple hooks. The ensuing battle claimed the lives of many on both sides, including the lives of the Beast men generals and their queen, or so they thought. In truth, the queen had managed to collapse the palace on the soldiers sent after her while escaping through a secret passage. Now, 15 years later, the remaining Beast Men military is split into two resistance groups who use hit and run tactics to attack human caravans and supply wagons. The former Captain Kyle Wester and his regiment the Hell Raisers fight along side the group led by Lady Simiras, thought to be the only remaining member of the royal family of the Beast men. Rod’nac is one of the other leaders and together they strike against Human Empire, called the Eternal Imperium. King Solomon’s goal was achieved. He now held all four Empyrean relics and was given life eternal. He continues to wage his war against the remaining Beast Men, and has turned his sights on the Krynar and the Sylt’ar. How long will he stand against the Revolution that is rising in the Beast Men’s lands, and how long can he avoid Retribution for his crimes?

Remaining lore from here:

It contains the link to the original idea.
Lore taken directly from UaSD in the link below

The Great Continents of Corinth and Edeyn:
Corinth is a massive landmass that is home to many unique lifeforms. This great continent is home to various species of creatures and races. Races govern their own lands selfishly from one another but trading is fairly common between the three planes.

Corinth is bound by laws of nature that affect the land the same time and the same manner. A cycle of four seasons is used to measure the passage of time. Day is determined by the rise and set of the sun while the same goes for the moon. Across the three planes, all of its inhabitants share a similar fable in that a higher being created them in their image. Scholars across Corinth hypothesize that this is likely why all sentient life looks humanoid.

The floating paradise of Edeyn lies above Corinth in the sky plane which stretches above the land and sea and they are also subjected by the natural laws that affect Corinth. Its landmark is a series of highly elevated mountains that is surrounded at all times by endless clouds. A massive gateway somewhere within the mountains acts as a bridge between the two land masses. Land is kept afloat above the clouds through arcane means. It is the home of winged beings called Sylt'ar who built great floating cities and forts by bounding arcane power. While they still call the mountains their home, many of them migrated to Edeyn. Most of the wildlife are domesticated. Much of the scarce land in the plane of sky have been used as living space for the Sylt'ar. It is said that the plane of the skies is the most beautiful of the three planes. Streams of energy flow through the planes of the sky.

Corinth has many diverse geographical features, ranging from the vast plains to the scorching desert to the great forests. Many different types of species are found across the lands. In addition, the plane of the land is divided into major races. They are the Humans, Beastmen, and Krynar. They guard their borders zealously and rarely do they interact with each other except for merchants who travel on trade routes. News rarely travel fast. Although there are occasional skirmishes for territory, the leaders of each nations learn to coexist with one another. Rare creatures like giants tend to keep to themselves in remote areas of the continent. A great sea surrounds the continent and though the races of Corinth do not like to travel by water, ports do exist for the purpose of commerce.

Empyrean Relics:
The Empyrean Relics are said to contain the powers of the planes themselves. They are powerful artifacts believed to have existed since time's beginning. There are two relics and each one is present in a plane. The relics change their forms depending on their surroundings with respect to their planes. Although their power is immeasurable, it is drawn from the determination and strength of the users. In the wrong hands, these relics can cause misfortune. As such, they are used only in times of great emergencies.

Each race in possession of the relics uses them differently. Presently, the Sylt'ar is in possession of a relic that takes the form of a scepter. It is a symbol of leadership that is passed down to a new line of succession to prove their right to rule. The relic of the land was split into four pieces after events that occurred long ago. Each race in the land of the planes has a shard of the relic. The Beastmen's shard takes the form of an amulet while the shard of the Krynar takes the form of a ring. Considered to be their most prized possessions, these shards are locked away safely by both nations. As for the humans, the shard is that of a sword who chooses its wielder randomly. The last shard is lost to the ages, waiting to be found once more.

The Sylt'ar
The Sylt'ar are winged human beings whose strengths lies in their speed and agility. They perceived themselves as the direct descendants of the gods. As a result, they believe themselves to be better than the other races. This attitude give them little reason to interact with “lesser races” and it is rare to see one in the planes of the land. They have a central governing body lead by nobles from various city states.

Sylt'ar looks exactly like a human but their white wings are the only thing that makes the difference. Due to their wings, the average Sylt'ar is physically weaker than a human. However, their military is formidable. Well trained in the uses of ranged combat and spears, they are a deadly agile and strong force to reckon with. In addition, they have a natural affinity for magic. Thanks to a period of peace and prosperity, the Sylt'ar's military is being scaled back but a well trained sizable army is still trained nonetheless.

On average, they mature around 10 and live to 40 years old. In death, they will become join with the energy stream in the sky plane. However, if they die and bear a burden, they are able to manifest as spirits and communicate with the living. With a stronger mind, they can physically interact with the real world. When they find peace, they will eventually join up with the energy stream.

Humans are among the most resourceful and ambitious among all the races. Years of wars with one another has kept the human race strong and steadfast. On the technological front, they are among the most advanced with airships and cannons.

Adhering to a class system, humans place great emphasis on birthplace and nobility. Classism is quite common and accepted. It is legislated at times. Those who find the means to learn topics such as engineering and magic often show an astute ability to learn, practice and advance into new frontiers. They are also among the must industrialized and their trade routes are quite comprehensive. City-states everywhere experienced a population boom when the late ruler united all the lands of humanity under one banner.

The former kingdom of humanity prospered but during it collapse, numerous warlords rose to take advantage of the chaos in their quest of power, splitting the area into numerous fractions. Only recently the lands were reunited.

Humans are the jack of trades in terms of their attributes. Calvary supported with infantry present a challenge to any foe. Organized warfare is favored but tactics used by the Beastmen are proving to be troublesome with this philosophy.

Many believe that the beastmen are savages who live deep in the forest homes. This belief kept most humans from ever venturing into their lands. While they are seen as primitive, it is far from the truth as they are civilized. Traditionalists by nature, they have lived and prospered far longer than any other race. Due to territorial expansion by other races onto their lands, Beastmen have a particularly strong hatred for them especially humans.

The Beastmen through some means are highly evolved than their lesser brethren. They developed a written and verbal language. Social with one another, they have knowledge of tool making. They are capable of standing upright and utilizing their animal instincts. Beastmen can be found in all forms from deers to the more predatory lions.

Matriarchal, all subsequent rulers were queens who ruled under a single house without interruption. Although they are fierce and impulsive individually, they are lost as a race without someone to guide them. While some evolved to Beastmen, many did not. These lesser beasts cooperate with their more evolved counterparts out of mutual bonds even though they cannot communicate with each other efficiently. Militarily, they use hit and run tactics especially in their forest home. Magical prowess is rare among Beastmen.

Powerful mystics whose powers are concentrated in the west, the Krynar look similar to humans but they become scaly and greener in appearance as they mature. An ancient gate separates the nation from the human and beastmen. Some say they came from dragons of old but many dismiss it as nonsense.

Both genders have an affinity for magic but females are generally more powerful than males. Magical powers physically change the beholder and auras can be seen by the most powerful Krynar. They live exceptionally long lives and they age very slowly.

They are prideful and independent folks and choose to spend their lives in solitude, traveling and thinking about intangible things. The Krynar are not as great in numbers as the other races. However, there are artisan builders and crafters, the best and efficient in Corinth. As such, their cities are large, magnificent and well defended. Their standing army is nothing to sneeze at either. War beasts, magical users and a powerful array of infantry ensures they are a potent force.

Their council is very conservative and they take a long time to make decisions, preferring to plan first before acting.

Arcane Animals:
These are animals generally influenced by magic and they differ from normal wildlife in that they may have an innate control of magic they are born with and as a rule, they are much more intelligent than normal wildlife. Whether they are respected or hunted out of food or sport, their number dwindle as the years pass. Some arcane animals are gryphon and basilisks.

Through dark magic, the spirit of the dead can be brought back to the realm of the living. How they are seen depends greatly on the potency of the spell and the skill of the caster. They are rarely seen, let alone studied as all the races outlawed the summoning of celestials and the amount of power to summon one is massive. They are malevolent entities in all cases.
Magic is an extension of a caster’s will. They are present in all form; both tangible and intangible objects have some magical properties that gives it its form. Though all properties may have similarities, at its core, they are unique. While there are schools of magic in an effort to divide the practicing of magic, they are never completely disconnected with one another.

Ruination magic simply breaks an arcane property and channels its energy into spells. Ruination magic is much simpler to use than genesis and perception magic. Ruination magic is much more potent in combat and it is a discipline every offensive mage must know in any military.

Ruination magic draws power from the user. As a result, casters must physically drawn in their own energies to cast a spell which takes a lot of stamina. Hence, they tend to be stronger than other mages. Humans surprisingly are the better ruination casters. Ruination magic entails Fire, Ice, Pressure, Wind, and Lightning, the former being more rare and power in most cases.

Genesis magic focuses on channeling energy back to a focal point, usually one's self. A more difficult school to master than ruination, it is more versatile than perception and ruination. One can learn healing magic, conjuring tangible things, enchanting and even summons.

While most genesis mages are healers or conjurers, more powerful mages are able to draw external sources for the magic rather than their self. This allows them to be on the battlefield much longer and it enhances their offensive capabilities. Genesis magic is able to reanimate corpses and it is now banned and a capital offense to be found practicing it across all the races.

Perception magic draws power from the mind and the spirits of the casters themselves. It is the most difficult school of magic to master but mastery leads to untold powers.

The powers of perception is only as powerful as the mind. The caster must visualize the spell in the mind, draw power from imagination, channel the energies and finally applying magic outward to reality. More powerful perception magi are able to bend reality itself within the confines of the magical abilities. Human practitioners find that they will have shortened lives and will rarely master the more intricate parts of perception while Krynar magi are not affected and make the bulk of perception mages. Sylt'ar tend to avoid this magic believing it to corrupt the mind and spirit which will negatively affect the energy streams of the skies. This does not mean that there are no practitioners of perception of the Sylt'ar.

Perception magic can be further specialized to attack the spirit and break the mind. However, for some reason, this does not work on the Sylt'ar.

This school of magic is unique in that only a person can be born with them. Without the need to draw mana or physical energy from themselves, they can influence their surroundings however they wish. Magic is natural to “void” users. They can create and release magic from nothing or even enhance themselves with magic to perform nearly impossible feats.

Anyone discovered to have this magic is sent for training in a guild to ensure their powers are regulated and kept in check. The guild is called the Gray Warden and it was established out of an agreement from all races. The few who leave the guild are watched closely.

All forms of magic can be further specialized and each school of magic are not mutually exclusive from one another. Indeed, utilizing and combing different forms yield interesting results but few are able to do so as mastery of magic is difficult.

Tiers are used to govern combat capabilities to prevent instant counters from happening again and again. It does not affect their importance to the plot or how good of a chracter they will be. You can be tier 3 and be integral to the story or be the most OP but terribly developed character. T1 is strongest, T2 is important and can handle several T3's at once and give T1 a run for their money, T3 the weakest and most throw awayable.
When do you think we can join this?
Was not expecting them to be fighting with Simiras... In fact I was thinking that they would lead their own splinter groups back home..... I guess this means that she gets to boss him around. :P
Emphasis on with. part of why I posted it was so that people could give their thoughts on the Story for this and I can make the appropriate edits.
I didn't know it was going to be like this... And you would think, even if they were helping the Beastmen, they would still harbor a hatred... Maybe Simiras as well... For it was Humans that destroyed their home.
I'd trust that Simiras would have matured enough to identify the real threat. That's how I'm writing in the NPCs. At least the older ones. The younger ones will have issues.
Simiras will still be slightly divided... If it means by gaining the support of all the Beastmen by driving out all humans... Kyle included... Then she might have to do that... Remember, that... How would you like a consequence system? Something like Fable or something where you choose an option and it dramatically changes the future, or later problems and objectives and ya.?
We'd have to find a way to test it first. That's a fairly tricky thing to do when you have a planned out story.
That is why I don't truly plan everything out... Because look at what happened with SS when Markus tried to plan out the entire thing and make it go the way he wanted?
Well, you'd think he'd have learned that with GS or SO.
I know... But it's an interesting idea if you think about it. And back to Simiras... You have to admit that she'll still be... nervous and shy around humans... And remember as well that they never really got to talk to each other and Simiras didn't like any of them, so if anything her relationship with them has improved... But I wouldn't say it was significant.
Never said that.
Describe which part so I'm not making myself look like a fool trying to decipher it.
In any of it. It's a foolish thing to assume that even after 15 years she'd still be comfortable with the race that killed her mother.
I thought it was seven years?
And ya, she would still hold a grudge, but might be willing to change her motives in order to do whatever it is that is necessary to drive out all Humans our of the land.
Truthfully, I forgot the number we went with, so I went with one that allowed for a lot of the events that we needed to happen, happen.
So she is... 28... I already planned on her having a mate. :3
Who will be an interesting twist once the RP starts.
Oh boy, here we go again.

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