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12/20/2012 01:10 PMPosted by Zarkun
Oh boy, here we go again.
Hey! I didn't mention anything about the hokey pokey... So you can calm down there sonny, all I said was her mate...
I know that, I meant with the self conversation role playing. That sh!t's tricky.
Oh... That self conversation where you are the only person there and you are talking to only your characters... No one else because they aren't there... You are forgetting that Kie is there though with Kyle... So one conversation of yours shouldn't be to bad... Don't know what I'm going to do with Isobelle though.
Maybe have someone else be the dragon?
I'm trying to think of what particular role my faction is going to have in this. So far I'm probably going to be against both sides for the most part, but aside from that I think I might not plan it out at all and just have them develop how I think is best as the story goes along. Fawwer also had said that she was thinking of making a minor character aboard the Tranquility.
What dragon? Last time I checked Isobelle didn't have the dragon do to it being fused with her, it's essence.
I don't know then. Owl, it's up to you mon frair.
Just posting this so i can get some feedback and so CR can know what pics im using

Name: Araea
Arcane animal: Kitsune T3
Weapons: Claws and teeth (Claws are sometimes enhanced by metal using Void magic), Bow/arrows and a dagger when in her bipedal or ‘anthro’ form
Magic: “Void”
Backstory: A beautiful red, black and white furred Kitsune about the size of a wolf in her birth form. The last full blooded Kitsune and born with an affinity for “Void” magic. Having discovered her affinity for “Void” magic at a young age her parents taught her basic control of magic and also how to use her ability to shape shift at a young age. The guild sent one of their agents to ‘retrieve’ Araea but she did not want to leave and nor did her parents want her to leave. The mage did not like arcane animals but did not want to get in trouble with the guild so he tried to take Araea by force. Her parents foiled his attempt and a mini war began. The three Kitsune and the Guild mage fought for close to a year and a half before they finally sent the mage crawling back to the guild. However this did not occur until after he placed a powerful curse on Araea and her parents. The Curse had two affects; it destroyed the bodies of Araeas parents but channeled their power into Araea causing her to become a nine tailed Kitsune even though she was only around 200 years old. Araea cannot tap the power of more than two or three tails before losing control, she hopes to gain more control as she gets older. The other part of the curse made it so Araea couldn’t die by natural means, though she can still be killed by weapons (bows, swords etc.) and left a strange design over the left side of her face neck and shoulder. Araeas parents are not truly dead though, they persist as spirits that visit Araea from time to time and give her advice. Cursed to never die by natural means, her parents ‘gone’, and having to hide from a, possibly, very angry Guild, Araea has been roaming the continent since she was cursed trying to not stay in anyone place for very long. Over the years Araea has honed her control by keeping herself alive and away from anyone that would try to kill, capture or take her to the guild. Araea can shape shift into various forms but cannot take the exact form of another being. Araea is also a ‘forest’ or ‘nature’ Kitsune able to draw energy for survival from the various plants and ‘non-sentient’ wild animals. Inversely if she has excess energy she can disperse some energy into her surroundings and replenish the vitality and energy of others (this can affect humans, beast men, Sylt’ar, Krynar, etc.). When Araea shape shifts it uses a lot of energy and has a bit of a ‘cooldown’ effect before she can change again. Araea is proficient with a bow and arrow but rarely takes her ‘anthro’ or bipedal form. Araea is one of the few arcane animals that can truly ‘speak’ to others with telepathy (similar to protoss). The chance of finding an arcane animal that has this ability is around 1 in a million. She can naturally understand spoken languages in any of her forms but can only speak verbally in her bipedal/’anthro’ form and use her special telepathy in either her ‘birth’ or bipedal/’anthro’ forms.
Aligence: nuetral (might change),r:24,s:700,i:76 ‘scars’ and size colors and birth form bipedal form clothes 'bow' (debating)
Zarkun, when you get back just explain about the dragon so I ain't confuzzled. Duly just because there is no more dragon anymore... It disappeared when it's essence went into the Krynar Scholar, Isobelle.
Ok, re-submitting my character for this remake cause smylez never bothered accepting it.

Mar'kyria Esline
T3, Celestial, Sylt'ar
A seemingly normal Sylt'ar, she was an average person in an empire that she loved. She had practiced Perception magic, much to the dismay of her family, friends, and fellow people. She had lead a happy life, fighting along with the military, before her eventual end. At her end, she was tortured nearly to death, and was executed afterwards by bandits. In a rage after her death, she materialized long enough to slay every one of her executioners, and was forced to return to her home in the city. After that, she was drawn forth by a powerful spell, and was brought back into the world at the cost of the summoner and his companions lives (And much to her unhappiness for their deaths.)
Description: could be mistaken for a living Sylt'ar due to the fact she doesn't look like she is faded away, pale skin.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutal
Weapon: Long length spear, short sword, and a shield
Okay people, this RP is no longer happening due to unforeseen events...
Disregard that. I'm making some adjustments.
Name: Rak'rai Korso
Tier: 2 Minus the cross.
(Just to be more specific)
Race: Sylt'ar
Age: 26
Magic Used: "Void"
Weapon: Scythe
Sex: Male
Backstory: A Sylt'ar who harnessed "Void" magic and was taken to the Gray Warden guild. He quickly trained there, meeting several humans who he had befriended. But after the Human Beastmen war he finds the humans corrupt and evil. He makes it his mission to defend all who are attacked or live in fear of the humans. He has mastered the magic of the "Void" and hopes to fight again. He often channels his magic through his scythe and is a powerful warrior, and a potent magician.
Okay, you are going to get a LOT of textwalls when this comes up. I now have a full character sheet and background for all of my characters, plus four or five more journal entries from some of them.

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