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Human Lore:
Humanity has been curious since they first began as cavemen. It was that curiosity that led them to discover fire, and weapons, soon becoming the crow magnun and reaching the top of the food chain on Earth. From there, they made leaps and jumps in the discovery of new technologies, and eventually, traveled to the moon for the first time. However, in their triumphs, their greatest are their discovery of ways to kill each other, which in turn is also their greatest downfall. While other races were already taking to the stars within 100 years of the discovery of the propulsion engine, humanity has only been among the stars for 600 years, several of those being spent attempting to quell the Koprulu Uprisings.

The Koprulu Sector was the first of many places to be discovered by humanity and they quickly sent colony ships to colonize in 2259. However, an accident occurred and these ships crashed upon arrival. Several hundred years went by, and, in 2499, it had its first political take over. Two alien races, the Zerg and Protoss, assisted in these problems, but didn’t take major roles until 2500, when the UED sent it’s Expeditionary Force in 2500, a horrible period which ended in the annihilation of the Force by the Zerg. In 2504, Jim Raynor leads a rebellion that ultimately ends in the death of Arcturus Mengsk, the leader of the Terran Dominion, and the “freeing” of the Zerg. With the Zerg no longer a threat, Earth returned, with early Gladiators called Hoplites, and establish their rule by the year 2510. Eight years later, after rapid expansion, trouble begins.

In the year 2518, the colony of Angus goes dark, with investigations showing no trace. Several other colonies go inexplicably dark. Several teams are sent to investigate and none can find a lead to the reason why. Then in 2523, the mysterious threat is identified as the Magnus Empire, a group of alien races set on Humanity’s extinction. Managing to rally together a defense, the UESC held the line until all the civilians that could be saved were evacuated. The Magnus-Human war had begun.

The Magnus Empire Lore:
The Magnus Empire is made up of multiple alien species. All equipped with highly advanced technology due to the genius of one of the races. Each race serves a purpose in the armies. Their motives are to take over the galaxy and slaughter all who stand in their way. The races that join the empire join because of the sway of ascension to near godlike power with technology. This Empire is led by the Terads.

This empire was first established between the Darsalins, Safrilians and Terads in 2389 when the Terad’s proposed this to the other races in its solar system, who also agreed with them. Soon they started scouring neighboring solar systems for such relics. They stumbled upon races in which the Terad’s proposed for them to join the Magnus Empire. All but one of the races in the neighboring solar systems declined. The race to join was the Paululus’s. The ones who declined were exterminated; one was still quite primitive and was unable to defend themselves from a planet cracker beam. The others were able to fight back and thus there was a hundred years of war between these races, who joined together to destroy the Magnus Empire. But in the end they were ultimately destroyed.

In 2495 they had reached another solar system; in this one they did the same offer. The races to join were the Darsalins and the Feralins. The rest were destroyed in only a few years thanks to the dedication of the Darsalins and the accuracy of the Feralins. This led them to being able to venture into another solar system by 2500. Here they had discovered the Juvalins. The Juvalins joined from being so open to suggestion. When they refused to use the energy weapons of the Magnus Empire all the races were taken aback. And when they started hybridizing technology the other races were surprised. There were also two other races in that solar system. One was destroyed from only Juvalins, Paululus’s and Feralins. The other race was destroyed by the planet cracker.

In the year 2518 they came across another solar system with life. This solar system had the human race. Seeing the humans as pitiful excuse of sentient life the Tareds lied about offering the humans the same proposal as they did the other races and instantly had the first planet they came upon destroyed. They had successfully destroyed several human worlds without being identified until 2523. In 2523 the humans finally started to create a defense against the Magnus Empire, and the war started for real. It was no longer going to be a walk in the park for the Magnus Empire.

Races of the Magnus Empire

Darsalins ( The Darsalins look just like humans in every regard, except for their horns. As well as the fact that many have full body tattoos. They are stronger and faster than normal humans. Their intelligence is far enough for them to build energy weapons and create clean energy. They are to be reckoned with on the battle field as they are usually hiding in the shadows or invisible from the cloaking devices that are given to them. Their vehicles still have wheels and their flying vehicles still use aerodynamics. But since they were incorporated into the Magnus Empire they utilize the anti-gravity vehicles provided.

Paululus ( The reason for the Paululus masks is the fact they require a way to breath in a gas only found on a few planets in their home solar system. This gas has no effect on other species, so it is pumped into the ships of the Magnus Empire. When they lack this gas for long enough their systems start to break down, slowly killing them in a painful way. They are short squat creatures with little strength when compared to all the other races, with the exception of the Feralins, which they match in strength. They have a fast reproduction rate and are powerful in swarms, which makes them the perfect cannon fodder. It is rare to find a Magnus Empire squad without Paululus’s within it. They are weak willed and extremely stupid, their knowledge not going further than what the human society of the early 21st century.
Terads ( They are roughly 2-3 meters tall. They lack mouths so they speak through some sort of telepathic powers. They have powerful eyesight and feed like plants using photosynthesis. For them the artificial lighting of their cruisers work well, if not better than sunlight. They are strong and fast and have four joints. Their eyes shine for an unknown reason and are extremely intelligent. They are capable of making energy weapons that are powerful yet small and are able to make large space crafts that disobey physics itself. Their weapons are expensive so they are only given to the most worthy Safrilians and Darsalins, as well all of themselves. They are seen in battle only rarely, and when they are they are extremely dangerous. They have built cheap to make shielding devices that all the races, except the Juvalins, are given. They are the leaders of the Magnus Empire and find humans a disgusting species.

Safrilins ( They are taller than your average human, being 2-2.5 meters in height. They have quadruple hinged legs, allowing for long jumps and great speeds when running. They have two thumbs, an index finger and two middle fingers. They are extremely strong, easily able to pick up the average weight human and are agile. Their reaction time is quick and they have better senses than the average human. They have two hearts and four mandibles as jaws. They are extremely intelligent and are just slightly under the Terads in their area of intelligence. Their technology is at a scale in which they can use cloaking and are able to build energy weaponry and small vehicles that are able to hover above the ground utilizing anti-gravity.

Juvalins ( Being 3-3.5 meters tall and hulking with muscle these beasts are known as berserkers. Their skin is tough and is able to take the shots of civilian pistols with nothing more than a bruise. They have multiple hearts, making them even harder to kill. They are quite fast allowing them to charge at enemies. They are resistant to toxins. They have great eyesight and even better sense of smell and hearing. They have the same strength of technology as the current human mind. They refuse to use the technology of the other races and instead hybridize their own and the technology of the other races. When the Juvalin’s get enraged they drop their weapons and charge at enemies and attempt to kill them with their fists and/or knives.

Feralins ( Feralins are slightly smarter than Paululus’s and make for excellent snipers with all weapons having amazing eye sight and understanding of weapons. Their eyesight is greater than all the other races in the known universe. They are as strong and fast as humans and are often found to act like human’s off duty as well. They utilize the energy rifles of the Safrilins to great effect and can often be found reverse engineering them as well. But more often than not this causes the weapon to explode when fired. They are about as tall as your average human and have four eyes. They have large fangs for teeth and often use these to eat human flesh after a successful battle, and if it weren’t for being punished for eating the remains of others in the Magnus Empire they would as well.

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The War Lore:
The Magnus Empire was no longer shooting fish in a barrel when the war started. Soon the early Gladiators, the Hoplites, were sent out to fight against them, proving quite effective against the Magnus Empire. When the Magnus Empire encountered this new resistance it slowed them greatly. And a few years into the war there was need for stronger combatants, and Hoplites were given a more advanced augmenting process that made them Gladiators in 2528. These Gladiators fought hard and slowed the Magnus expansion quite a bit, and in 2530 stopped it completely by destroying the most frontal fleet, which allowed the humans time to rest, recuperate, and advance their technology to be better prepared against the Magnus Empire.

In 2531 the Magnus Empire assault continued, and by 2533 the Magnus Empire had already pushed through at least half of the Korprulu center, worrying the UESC greatly. The UESC started augmenting and training more and more Gladiators. Still the Magnus Empire pushed, slowed yet again. By 2539 the Magnus Empire had secured not one, but two artifacts. But the capital ship holding them was infiltrated by three Gladiators and destroyed, causing the artifacts to be lost forever. This enraged the Magnus Empire and they pushed even harder and harder, and eventually the secured two thirds of the Korprulu Sector by 2542. Now they were pushing towards Earth. And now, in 2543 the Magnus Empires assaults are growing more aggressive than ever and the Gladiators need more training. The very same three Gladiators that destroyed the Magnus Capital ship last year have been pulled out of combat to train a new wave of Gladiators and are given responsibility of keeping them alive.

The Gladiator Lore:
The Gladiators were originally Hoplites. These Hoplites were very human. The only difference was that they were augmented with super human strength, faster reflexes, and even a higher strategic intelligence. These Hoplites were taken as young children and trained and augmented, this process had started in 2501 and were not used for 9 years, in 2510 to establish the rule of the UESC back upon the Korprulu Sector. Due to the very limited casualties sustained by the Hoplites they were thought to be nearly immortal. They were still quite sociable back then. The Hoplites were also given experimental armor with shields; of course the shields were still very weak though.

In 2528 the Hoplites were advanced into Gladiators by even more powerful augmenting process but kept the armor from before. The augmenting process also increased the overall endurance of the Gladiators. But unseen side-effects of having hard times socializing and fitting in, and sometimes insanity and sociopathic natures emerged. These side-effects were not too serious to cancel the process. In 2530 when the Magnus Empire was stopped the armor of the Gladiators were upgraded with greater shielding. And this year the augmenting process has started to buffer out the sociopathic tendencies and non-sociable behavior while still keeping the combat effectiveness slowly, the newer Gladiators experience this, but to a lesser extent of the older ones. Today, in 2543 the Gladiators have been given a new training program that is on all UESC capital ships.

Avathus Lore:
Designed by a high-tech nomadic race long ago when their race was on the verge of being destroyed. These machines were designed to attempt to defend their last ship to the end, however, the race ended up dying of natural causes due to someone installing a bad filter (!@#$ty luck). The ship, now barren, is left to the machines, which had no clue what they were to do until they discovered that one of their creators had transferred himself to a machine, and they were made with a new purpose: Keep the universe in check, and destroy parasitic races, or make people immune to them if possible.

Although the machines themselves are quite powerful, the relics on-board the ship are what lets them do their task so well. When the strength of enough relics are combined it creates a powerful one, which capable of targeting specific DNA strands and killing anything with that DNA, but they do not use it for their creator does not approve of genocide. This is what the Magnus Empire is after.

The Avathus arrived in the Koprulu sector a few years before 2510, unable to be picked up by anything as they scoured the sector for any parasites. They were in the middle of their search when they were forced to stop due to power issues, and they have remained where they were while they fixed it.
Human Weapons:
Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum (Pistol)
Appearance: [] (Number 2)
Description: An eight shot rotating clip fed magnum that fires steel bullets at sub sonic speeds. It uses pneumatics to launch the bullets and is the standard sidearm.

XM39 Marksman Rifle (Marksman Rifle)
Description: A single shot marksman rifle that fires off bullets at sonic speeds via pneumatic propulsion. It has a powerful scope and a lightweight design. The bullets are made of steel and can pierce any traditional armor. It is magazine fed and each magazine holds 15 bullets.

X91 Typhon Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle)
Description: An automatic rifle that fires off bullets at sonic speeds through gas propulsion. Its bullets are generally made of steel, but there are exceptions. It can pierce through traditional armors. Its clips generally hold fifty bullets and it is effective at both short and medium range.

SW-5 Shotgun (Shotgun)
Description: A powerful shotgun that is effective at close range. It can fire either explosive slugs or scattering ones. Its clips are loaded with four slugs and it is capable of tearing through most armor at close range. It fires at sonic speeds through explosive gunpowder effects or pneumatic propulsion depending on the model and slug it is built for.

MG97 Mk. 3(Machine Gun)
Description: A powerful human weapons that fires spikes at sonic speeds, this weapon can decimate lightly armored infantry. It is able to pierce most armor and uses pneumatics as propulsion. It is fed by circular clips that hold up to 125 spikes. It is built to deal with short to medium range threats.

Sphinx Mk. 2 SMG (Sub-Machine Gun)
Description: This is usually found with stealth operatives and fires silent shots at sub-sonic speeds with a muffler via Pneumatics. It fires steel bullets that can be AP, HP, or Standard. It is clip fed and holds up to 25 bullets at a time.

Kraken Mk. 2 Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
Description: A pneumatic propelled rifle that fires bullets at faster than sound speeds. It has an electronic scope that allows zooming in and can see targets easily at five miles away. It is magazine fed and the magazines can hold six bullets inside. Its steel rounds can go through almost any armor. It is extremely effective at long range when in the hands of an expert.

MNL X-class or the "Mako" (Rocket Launcher)
Appearance: (top picture)
Description: Firing large rockets by igniting engines within the rocket and by having a computer chip it is able to lock onto vehicle targets. The explosion radius is great enough to be very effective against small squads of infantry as well.

Fragmentation Grenade
Description: A grenade that explodes spreading metal fragments that can decimate lightly armored opponents and deal fair amount of damage against heavily armored one.

Magnus Empire Weapons:
Energy Blaster (Pistol)
Description: The Energy Blaster is the standard sidearm of the Magnus Empire and the primary weapon of the Paululus’s. It fires plasma charges, that when charged up also contain an EMP signal that can disable vehicles and HUDs. It overheats immediately after a charged blast and can overheat quite quickly if it is fired too much in too small of time, it can even explode from this type of overheating.

GR-49 Plasma Class Assault Rifle or “Scorpion” (Assault Rifle)
Description: The standard weapon of the Magnus Empire it fires small balls of plasma at a rapid rate. The plasma can burn through traditional armor. It can overheat quite easily due to this and often makes the wielder stop and let it cool down. It utilizes a battery system that allows for 50 shots before the battery has to be replaced. Its batteries are quite small.

AG-14 Sniper Rifle or “Banshee” (Sniper Rifle)
Description: Firing a plasma charged bullet at supersonic speeds through a magnetic propulsion system this weapon can destroy infantry. It can pierce through all personnel armor and can take down shielding in a single shot. It uses cartridges of 2 long adamantine bullets. It can often be found in the hands of Feralins.

PIX-19 "Mandible" Plasma Cannon(Plasma Cannon)
Description: A large energy charged cannon, it require a large battery to fire the cannon itself. This battery is drained after 3 shots, after this it is usually thrown to the side, but sometimes the being wielding it carries extra batteries to charge it. The blast can make a hole through a 2 foot thick steel wall. It is rarely used by personnel due to the weight, but can be found on tanks quite often.

EN-7 Carbine, or "Solarity" (Carbine)
Description: A weapon that was originally built by the Feralins and then enhanced with Tared designs. Its bullets are charged with energy that allows it to deal massive damage. It is wielded by most Marksmen. It can pierce traditional armor and is well known to be found go through weaker vehicle armor. Its magazines hold 15 bullets at a time.

CQ-30 Energy SMG, or "Centennial" (Sub-Machine Gun)
Description: A silent plasma firing gun that runs on the same battery as a Scorpion (which has 50 shots before needing a replacement). The plasma generated is weaker at the cost of silencing. It is often used by the Safrilians and Darsalins. This is also found among Paululus.

XNL-13 MG, or "Defiler" (Machine Gun)

Appearance: (2nd down on the right)
Description: An energy firing gun that runs on a medium sized battery. This battery allows about 160 shots before needing to be replaced. The shots are fairly strong, but take a two shots to get through traditional armor, the first one softens, the second one pierces through the soft material. It is well known to see these mowing down infantry because of their fast firing rate and strange lack of overheating.

Plasma Charge
Description: A plasma charged device that runs on a timer. After activated the grenade begins a meltdown process where it overheats and gets hotter every second until it explodes violently into a dangerous plasma blast.

Energy Claw
Description: A weapon among the elite Safrilians and used by most Tareds that can slice straight through shields as if they weren’t there and slice through most armor as if it were butter. This weapon is often coupled with the cloaking abilities of the armor of the elite Safrilian armor.

Exiguus Combat Knife
Description: A small 6 inch blade that would really be considered a pocket knife by human standards. This is wielded by Paululus chargers in combat. It is very simplistic but sharp and of a very durable material.

Energy Sword:
Description: A large 140cm bladed sword of burning plasma this blade is utilized by Darsalin Warriors. It is powerful and is well known for cutting through almost any armor with ease. It is not quite as powerful as an Energy Claw, but it is still very powerful.
Weapons Part 2:
Juvalin Weapons:
Gorgan Combat Knife
Description: Having a 24 inch blade, this is certainly not a knife by human standards. It is coupled with the Wishbone to destroy all enemy opposition in close range. The knife is made of a durable material that can cut though most armor by a normal human, and in the hands of a Juvalin it can cut through anything but the strongest vehicle armor.

SR-118 Pistol, or "Wishbone" (Pistol)
Description: It fires an explosive bullet that is extremely effective at close range. It is used along with the Gorgan Combat Knife to destroy infantry in close range. It is fed by clips that hold 10 bullets each.

NL-3 MG, or "Sinner" (Machine Gun)
Appearance: Silver with orange lines running through.
Description: This large gun takes the place of an assault rifle due to the massive strength of the Juvalins. It is used as the standard weapon and can mow down most infantry with its pneumatic propulsion of energy charged spikes. It can pierce most armor and can destroy enemy infantry. It uses a large circular container as a clip and it holds roughly a hundred-fifty bullets at a time. It also has a shotgun on the underside if enemies come too close.

WR-600 Marksman Rifle, or "Falcon" (Marksman Rifle)
Appearance: Orange lines also running through, and black.
Description: The weapon of weak and cowardly Juvalins with keen eyes. It uses energy charged spikes as bullets and can pierce traditional armor. It is not as strong as most Juvalin weapons and is rarely found is battle. It uses clips of 18 spikes.

DX-91 Shotgun, or "Celestial" (Shotgun)
Description: Launchers a powerful slug that can tear through even tank armor, though this effect is only for a very close range (4.5 meters), before it splits up into a scatter shot of ricocheting energized bullets. It uses cartridges of 5 slugs and is well known for being used against infantry and tanks alike.

ZED-101 Rocket Launcher, or "Phoenix" (Rocket Launcher)
Description: A powerful launcher utilizing the projectile and tracking nature of the human rocket launcher and of the Juvalin design and devious other attachments. It fires a heat signature tracking rocket it is a devilish design against human squads due to the rocket being incendiary and cause a 2 meter radius sit burning for up to 15 minutes. It can hold two rockets at a time, and also has a under mounted flamethrower.
Avathus Droids
Small, four-legged drone with silver/red armor. Size of a foot, uses a repair weapon which can’t be picked up. In charge of repairs, non-hostile, calls for help if attacked. Can fly using an anti-gravity system.

Stands up to a person’s thigh, four-legged drone with silver/blue armor. Uses an Impaler Beam Rifle firing long spikes of energy at targets at rapid rate. Also uses energy blades for close quarters combat, can fly using anti-gravity systems.

Vanguard Elite:
Normal Vanguard with gold/black armor. Uses a more powerful Impaler Beam Rifle, along with a cloaking system and shielding. They do not appear on motion sensors when cloaked, but they can’t use shields or weapons while cloaked.

Massive six-legged machine with heavy weapons. Armed with Heavy Artillery Needle Cannon, Impaler Beam Rifle systems, and Pulse Beams systems. It has shields for every direction except for above, deflecting everything from Pistol fire to Tank rounds, and it has a set of Graviton Claws to crush vehicles with ease. EMP is the only way to disable the shields, but the machine with the shields EMPed.
(Note, 2/3 size of elephant)

Guardian/Medicant/Pulsar Drone:
Small flying drone with different effects depending on the one. Guardian heals and provides shielding to a target. Medicant provides advanced data scans and enhances response time. Pulsar provides a flying drone escort with a Pulse Beam weapon.

Vanguard Supremus:
Description: Super variant of the Vanguard Elite, these machines are few and far between but can cause a mass amount of destruction if they are fielded. These vehicles are half the size of Tyrants but a single shot can kill most tanks. Their gun fires quite slowly, but their real party piece is an energy field that slows down enemies.

Obsidian Vanguard:
Description: Only deployed in the most dangerous of situations, these machines work in pairs to defeat hostile targets with insane precision and damage. As a pair, one uses a shield that stops high-speed projectile, and the other uses a Super Pulse Beam that can, if used correctly and in numbers, destroy orbital ships with little problem.
(Small drone, Ball with four curved prongs. Prongs are 3 meters, ball is 1.5)

Part Tower:
Description: Defensive tower that can modify itself to be better against vehicles or infantry. Against infantry, a high-powered Pulse Beam devastates them at long range while a Heavy Impaler Beam Gun destroys vehicles with ease.

Magnus Empire Military Classes:
Paulusus Classes:
Description: This Paululus is larger than most and is about as strong as a chimpanzee. They charge wielding Exiguus Combat Knives and are quite capable of taking hits. They able to take down standard human military with ease using these tactics when in swarms. Chargers have stronger armor than other Paululus.

Light Infantry:
Description: Always wielding Energy Blasters these Paululus are easily dispatched of but can be dangerous in swarms. They are fairly accurate and have weak armor. They can fire their Energy Blasters very fast, but only in times of emergency due to their fear of it exploding.

Heavy Infantry:
Description: These Paululus wield Scorpions into battle and have moderate armor. They also have Plasma Charges. In even squads of 3 these Paululus can be dangerous.

Jump-Pack Infantry:
Description: Armed with Centennials these Paululus are able to use jump-pack to get to higher ground or even get behind enemy lines. They are also referred to as Special Ops Paululus due to their nature of being sneaky. They are the only Paululus who can operate in close to 0 gravity areas.

Feralin Classes:
Appearance: A standard Feralin with a tower shield of energy.
Description: Found wielding Energy Blasters these Feralins are physical weak so they require shields. Due to it being cheaper to build gauntlets that create shields of energy the Combatants are found with tower shields of energy and they fire their Energy Blasters from the side of it. They are only ever found in squads.

Appearance: A standard Feralin.
Description: Utilizing Solarities these Feralins snipe from behind the lines, taking out enemy infantry with ease. And when in desperate need they can create tower shields and retreat back to a safer position. They are either found as individuals or in a group with other Marksmen or the snipers of other races.

Appearance: A standard Feralin.
Description: Using Banshees these Feralin are rarely seen unless you go way for back, for they can see with the Banshees from close to 10 kilometers away. This is one of the scariest things someone could experience, the scream of a Banshee, but having no idea where it came from. They are only ever found individually and are rarely found on battlefields because Marksmen alone are dangerous snipers.

Darsalin Classes:
Appearance: A Darsalin in black metal armor encasing the whole body, with the helmet having holes in it for the individual’s spikes to be seen.
Description: A powerful warrior armed with an Energy Blaster and an Energy sword, which they hold in either hand. They charge at enemies firing the blaster and then started fighting with the sword itself, while utilizing the blaster as well. They can sometimes be found in squads, but are usually fighting as individuals.

Light Infantry:
Appearance: Armored in a Black armor that encases the uses entire body with the exception of the head.
Description: They are armed with Scorpion or Centennials and Energy Blasters, they dual wield the Energy Blaster with the primary weapon and are quite capable of defeating standard infantry. They are always found in squads and in melee combat can overwhelm most humans.

Heavy Infantry:
Appearance: Completely encased in Black armor with red spikes at the shoulders, elbows, head, and running the spine.
Description: Armed with Defilers and sometimes Mandibles they are well known to decimate infantry. They usually fight alone, but have been known to lead Light Infantry of all types into battle.

Safrilian Classes:
Light Infantry:
Description: They are found with Scorpions and are lightly armored. They, like all Safrilians also use shields. They are dangerous alone, but are usually found leading a group of Paululus. Sometimes they also lead combat Feralins.

Description: Usually found in groups of two or three these Safrilians often use Solarities, but sometimes use Banshees as well. They can sometimes be found with cloaking devices and are well known to have picked off essentials in combat while the main force serves as more of a distraction. They also sometimes are mixed in with Feralin Marksmen and Snipers.

Heavy Infantry:
Description: Always found with either Defiler’s or Mandibles, these troopers are never leading squadrons, usually fighting as an individual. They are rare to find with Mandibles, but when they are it is advised to get any heavy vehicles the hell out of the combat zone and to keep moving around.

Stealth Warrior:
Description: These Safrilians are usually found in groups of three. They always have Energy Claws and Centennials. They are given cloaking devices and attack with speed, ferocity, and stealth. It is assumed that they are some of the most patient beings in the world, but they may only just cloak when they first have any alerts of combat.

Description: Always found with Energy Claws, and either Scorpions or Defilers, they are a force to be reckoned with and are always the most dangerous of all. They are always found leading Safrilian Light Infantry or a large group of Paululus, Feralins, Darsalins, and sometimes even Juvalins are mixed in.
Juvalin Classes:
Appearance: A larger than average Juvalin with light steel armor.
Description: It is armed with a Gorgan Combat Knife, Wishbone Pistol, and Sinner MG or Celestial Shotgun. It is next to impossible to not enrage a Berserker. Extreme caution is recommended. They always fight as an individual and never lead groups.

Appearance: An average sized Juvalin with regular leather armor.
Description: It carries a Gorgan Combat Knife, Sinner MG or a Celestial Shotgun, and Wishbone Pistol. It shoots down infantry fairly easily and is fairly hard to enrage. They are found leading Paululus squads and sometimes even combat Feralins.

Appearance: A Juvalin with only simple fabric on.
Description: Armed with a Falcon Rifle and Wishbone Pistol. He snipes from far back and is impossible to enrage. They are either fight as an individual and sometimes with other Juvalin or sometime Feralin Marksmen.

Appearance: An average sized Juvalin in thick leather armor.
Description: Armed with a Celestial Shotgun, a Phoenix, a Wishbone Pistol, and a Gorgon Combat Knife this Juvalin is very dangerous. It enrages quicker than an Assault, but much slower than a Berserker. They can be found leading Assault Juvalin and/or Paululus squads, and sometimes even Darsalins

Appearance: Standard Terad.
Terads are always found on battle armed with Energy Claws, which they use in close encounters, and Scorpions, as well as sometimes Defilers and Mandibles. They have shielding devices, and sometimes cloaking devices. They are usually not found in battle, but when they are they are found leading a large force of all the races in the Magnus Empire. They are a force to be reckoned with and are advised to not be engaged alone.


Human Vehicles
Appearance: (Remove the man on the back)
Description: High-speed four-wheeler ATV. It has room for one person, but it has an automated Sniper Rifle on it, making it good for hit-and-runs against infantry targets, and the gun can be replaced on and off the field. Its driver is always vulnerable to gunfire, and the vehicle is easy to destroy, even with a pistol.

Description: Six-wheeled vehicle with a heavy top-mounted Gatling Gun, although the gun can be swapped out on and off the field with the proper tools. It has two seats, which are in front and defended with heavy metal plating. It has several cameras mounted to see externally, and the passenger controls the turret on top.

Description: Heavy tank with thick armor and good weapons, these vehicles move slow through every terrain, but it more than makes up for it. It has firepower to deal with most anything, but it has trouble with air units and fast-moving vehicles.

Description: Fast-moving walker armed with a Thermite Flamethrower and a Gatling gun. It can stomp on infantry with little issue and can sometimes kick vehicles over, depending on their size. It can cloak itself for a brief time, making it a good ambush vehicle, but it has little armor, so it needs to avoid direct combat.

Goliath APC:
Description: All-terrain vehicle with good armor. Its passengers are covered from attacks, but due to firing ports, they can harass everyone else from inside the vehicle. It moves faster than the Beetle, but not as fast as the Puma.

Description: VTOL gunship with high maneuverability in ground operations. It is armed with two Gatling Guns and two Missile Pods. Can swap between a stable platform mode with free gun position or high-speed mode with fixed gun positions.

Magnus Empire Vehicles:

Description: Lightly-armored Recon vehicle armed with dual Plasma Blasters. Moves extremely quick across the battlefield, and has vertical/lateral thrusters to clear terrain. Upon critical damage, vehicle ejects pilot and sets thrusters to max, ramming anything in the way before self-destructing.

Description: Four-passenger vehicle armed with a Heavy Plasma Blaster and a Light Plasma Cannon. Driver drives the vehicle, which has vertical/lateral thrusters and boosters. The other two passengers can fire 180 degrees around the vehicle, and the turret user fires the guns. It is slow and somewhat clunky, but has good armor.

Appearance: (Top left one)
Description: Heavy tank with a Heavy Plasma Cannon to bombard enemy targets from afar. Beware, as within its armored platings, it has retracted claws that launch out and attack anything nearby, however, it can’t use its Cannon while the claws are active.

Description: Heavy walker armed with a Plasma Cannon. It has a melee weapon, a set of Plasma Claws, to attack vehicles and infantry, and shielding for defense, however, it is slower than its counterpart. It has vertical/lateral thrusters along with being small enough to fit in a Wisp.

Appearance: (One on the bottom left)
Description: Fast-moving hover vehicle armed with a Heavy Plasma Blaster. It can hold teams across almost every terrain, and has shielding on both the vehicle and its passengers. It can also hold smaller vehicles to relocate them to new battlefields.

Description: Durable, high-speed vehicle with two Plasma Cannons and two Plasma Blasters, along with shielding and boosters to keep up with everything and harass anything on the ground. Due to the energy signature it gives off, it is easy to lock-on to and has a hard time shaking homing missiles while in the air.

Juvalin Vehicles:
Minotaur Class Tank
Description: Armed with twin cannons that fire large rockets with an explosion radius of 10 meters and powerful enough to blast through a foot of steel. It is able to go up to 15 kilometer per second it is one of the faster tanks out there. It has a position for a Juvalin armed with a Sinner to sit and take down enemy infantry.

Monsoon Class Hover Bike
Description: An anti-gravity bike like vehicle that can move roughly 60 kilometers per hour without booster effect, with one about 95 kilometers per hour. A machine gun like plasma firing weapon that runs on the interior nuclear reactor is mounted at the front to allow for defense. This vehicle is used for scouting and running over enemies for the most part.

Terrorwing Class Gunship
Description: A large gunship with two large anti-gravity engines on either side both run by their own miniature nuclear reactor as well as plasma firing cannons that are also run off the energy of the nuclear reactor. It can go up to 175 kilometers per hour without a booster, and with one it can go 200 kilometers per hour. It is capable of holding up to 10 Juvalins excluding the pilot at a time.
What will be done is as follows: Downtime between missions is in a simulation room where everyone dicks around and some can train in custom missions if they wish.
Character Sheet:
^SC2 Name^
Weapons: (Three max, preferably human)
Battlefield Tag: (A letter that represents one from the Phonetic Alphabet followed by 3 numbers)
Armor Appearance:


Joseph Roslin aka Blade

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Battlefield Tag: A498/ Alpha 498

Personality: Joseph is a man who knows what needs to be done and when to do it. Having served as a Hoplite and then a Gladiator, he’s a seasoned war vet against alien menaces. With the first Gladiator enhancements, he went from outgoing and generally friendly to withdrawn and distant, only talking to his men when in the field and really only talking to the other Gladiators after the process was complete. With the infiltration and destruction of the Magnus Empire’s treasure ship, the program was determined successful and the Gladiators were upgraded, now including less social awkwardness and sociopath tendencies, something Joseph was spared from, and more normality.

Back story: Joseph was nine years old when the UESC took him from his home and replaced him with a clone. The reason they’d taken him is because they were going to make him into a super soldier, the first generation of Gladiators known as Hoplites. He went through years of enhancement and training to be ready for the final quelling of the Koprulu Uprisings, and when the day came, he and his fellow Hoplites delivered. Soon the Zerg and Nerazim were forced into hiding, and the Khalai…well, they’d been gone for a long time before that. Having helped in the returning of the Koprulu Sector to Earth. After words, several more enhancements were made and the new generation of Hoplites dubbed Gladiators. However, this ended in the Gladiators being more distant. Shortly after, threee Gladiators were assigned to infiltrate and destroy the Magnus treasure ship, a mission that was successfully executed and resulted in the upgrading of the armor and the retirement of the three Gladiators, of which Joseph was one of the three, who carried out the mission from action until further notice. It was now Joseph’s job to train a new, less reclusive, generation of Gladiators. The only question he had? Would they cut it against an enemy that knows no retreat?

Equipment: Energy blade, X91 Typhoon Assault Rifle, SW-5 Shotgun (gunpowder).

AI: Serrator- Serrator is an AI who excels at CQC and mid-range combat calculations and is a perfect match for Joseph as he was programmed with all the blade and CQC knowledge humanity has. Is a bit too honest, but is good natured.

Armor Appearance:

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, 6’5”, athletic build, handsome, has a scar on his left cheek.

Name: Mikaela 'Wraith' Arcadis
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Weapons: AG-14 'Banshee' (Alien), XM39 Marksman Rifle (Human), Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum (Human)
Battlefield Tag: M164
Appearance: Appearance+Personality: 6' 6", pale skin, red hair, freckles on her cheeks, teal eyes, lilthe build. Has a caring view to people she works with, and hates trouble. Doesn't talk much, and is often a lone wolf, even though she enjoys being with others.
A.I. Solice: A.I. to Mikaela. It assists with every shot by getting all the data for the shot before Mikaela takes any shot, along with speeding up her reaction time in close quarters. It has a passion for music like its human partner, and has a caring attitude with anyone it works with.
Armor Appearance:
Backstory: Taken away at an early age and augmented in a process that made her into a Gladiator. She was part of the team that destroyed the Magnus Empire capitol ship, and was sent back to train new recruits to the program. She has a skill with rifles that is unmatched by her allies, and has been known to snipe pilots out of their vehicles, along with a passion for guitar.

Name: Rhys Winterfield
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Weapons: A Suppressed Sphinx, a Suppressed XM39 Rifle, an Energy Claw
Battlefield Tag: R819/Romeo 819
AI: Shadowfox- Shadowfox is a cold calculated AI. He always thinks of the best routes to take while remaining undetected and the quickest way to deal with threats. He is distant from anybody other than Rhys and is known as a deceiver for his tendencies to lie. He is able to hack into any network and once even ran a cloaking device. He is distant from anybody other than Rhys and is known as a deceiver for his tendencies to lie. He is cold, calculating, and has no morals. He will do anything to get the job done. When plugged into a network he is seen as a bunch of dark plates shifting around in a whirlwind.
Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes. A scar just below his left eye that lines up with the middle of it that curves to touch the bottom of his nose. He has a small scar on the right end of his bottom lip. He appears to have a mid-muscular build, though do not let this fool you. He is roughly 6’ 7” and has no facial hair.
Personality: A stone hard man, Rhys seems to lack all emotion. He is cold, and has no morals. Like his AI he will do whatever it takes to get a job done. He is somewhat competitive and is known to be silent, deadly, yet fairly wise. He is one of the most patient people you will ever meet.
Armor Appearance:
Backstory: He was taken into the Gladiator program at age 10, 17 years ago. He was augmented to be one of the first Gladiators. This process turned him from a nice and gentle child into a cold blooded killer. He should exceptional stealth qualities. When he turned 16 the augmenting was finished and he was ready for battle. He had gotten through many trials in which he once took out an entire line of artillery by himself by placing three explosives. This earned him a spot as the infiltrator of the strike force on the Magnus Capital Ship only a year later.

He was the first on and claimed a spot for the other two to arrive. He was the youngest and least experience of the team, but he also proved the most useful for picking off enemies silently. After this mission he was paired with his AI Shadowfax. When the new augmentation program came out he refused to be a part of it. He was worried such a thing might cause him to lose his combat effectiveness and make him start to give his opponents mercy. Due to this he is still distant from everyone else and can be. He is always watching and waiting for his prey. When he was pulled out from his scheduled missions to train some new Gladiators he was disgusted. He and Shadowfax both believed it to be a waste of their talents. He is willing to help out, but is better avoided.


Name: Talena
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Weapons: SW-5 Shotgun, Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum, X91 Typhon
Battlefield Tag: T238/ Tango 238
Appearance: Close cut amber hair, 6’4” (out of armor) 6’10” (in armor), gold eyes, tattoo on lower back, Lithe toned and athletic build

Personality: Talena is, in a word, Chaotic. She enjoys wreaking devastation and destruction on the battlefield while listening to heavy metal, most notably an old song from 2012 Terran Up The Night. She will protect her friends under any circumstances. While not on the battlefield she is friendly but somewhat reserved.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Taken at the age of 8 and replaced with a clone. She has trained to be a good soldier and great pilot. Talena has passed most of the flight training courses available and can fly most small craft. She also is an OK hacker and can often break the encryptions on enemy communications.

Name: Kit ‘Exile’ Eller
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown (looks to be in 20’s)
Weapons: Hos lIngwI’, XM39 Marksman Rifle, X91 Typhon AR
Battlefield Tag: E972
Appearance: Shoulder length Snow white/silver hair, 5’10(out of armor) 6’4”(in armor), Mark of the Exile on left shoulder, Sleek and heavily toned

Personality: Kit is determined and ready for just about everything. She works well with others and even enjoys socializing; however she seeks solitude whenever possible. She spends a lot of time thinking of her home and what she lost when not actively engaged in an activity which makes her seem sad, and even melancholic at times, to outside observers.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Kit was exiled after the destruction of her home world and has since then wondered across 10 galaxies before arriving in the Milky Way. She has spent many years with several of the races in the Milky Way eventually she encountered humans and since then has worked as a ‘Soldier for Hire’ AKA a Mercenary. Even with the UESC takeover Kit has remained mostly Independent. However recently she was contracted by the UESC as an ‘Elite Marine’ assigned to work with the new generation of Gladiators.

"You may now post. Also, you may only be human Gladiators."
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Name: Talena
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Weapons: SW-5 Shotgun, Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum, X91 Typhon
Battlefield Tag: T238/ Tango 238
Appearance: Close cut amber hair, 6’4” (out of armor) 6’10” (in armor), gold eyes, tattoo on lower back, Lithe toned and athletic build

Personality: Talena is, in a word, Chaotic. She enjoys wreaking devastation and destruction on the battlefield while listening to Rock 'n Roll, most notably an old song from 2012 Terran Up The Night. She will protect her friends under any circumstances. While not on the battlefield she is friendly but somewhat reserved.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Taken at the age of 8 and replaced with a clone. She has trained to be a good soldier and great pilot. Talena has passed most of the flight training courses available and can fly most small craft. She also is an OK hacker and can often break the encryptions on enemy communications.
"I say accepted."
Looks good, and I'm editing my guy's back story because you withheld information.
"No I did not. And no one cares about your opinion of characters. I make the choices of what characters get accepted because I have access to the character sheet and you don't."
Well, you may have access to the character sheet, but Jester and I are DMs as well.
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Name: Kit ‘Exile’ Eller
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown (looks to be in 20’s)
Weapons: Hos lIngwI’, XM39 Marksman Rifle, X91 Typhon AR
Battlefield Tag: E972
Appearance: Shoulder length Snow white/silver hair, 5’10(out of armor) 6’4”(in armor), Mark of the Exile on left shoulder, Sleek and heavily toned

Personality: Kit is determined and ready for just about everything. She works well with others and even enjoys socializing; however she seeks solitude whenever possible. She spends a lot of time thinking of her home and what she lost when not actively engaged in an activity which makes her seem sad, and even melancholic at times, to outside observers.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Kit was exiled after the destruction of her home world and has since then wondered across 10 galaxies before arriving in the Milky Way. She has spent many years with several of the races in the Milky Way eventually she encountered humans and since then has worked as a ‘Soldier for Hire’ AKA a Mercenary. Even with the UESC takeover Kit has remained mostly Independent. However recently she was contracted by the UESC as an ‘Elite Marine’ assigned to work with the new generation of Gladiators.
"Accepted, but the only exception for non-Gladiator until further notice."

The first paragraph is evolutionist biased, not going to make a big thing out of it though.

I'll join! Lore looks good! I hope this is the RP I've been hoping it would be :) Might take me a while to read the whole thing though... Then I'll throw up a char.
"The first paragraph is not evolutionary biased. It is making reference to early human life and our curiosity. Also sorry for so much. It is probably around eight thousand words."
Creationists believe we were made from a creator and put on the top of the food chain, your paragraph says we were led to being the top of the food chain, implying we didn't start there.

You begin with "Cavemen," most creationists who know what they're talking about don't believe in cavemen, and even if they did, they certainly don't believe we just figured out how to make fire and weapons. That's not the point im trying to make, however it does support it.

Really what helps my argument the most is that you say, and I quote, "Humanity has been curious since they first began as cavemen." Implying that they began as cavemen.

Don't think my points are sound? Ten bucks say's you're an evolutionist(Or any other non-creationist.)

Dang it... I said I wasn't going to make a big thing out of this... Well... It's not a big thing unless you make a counter-argument.

Please just... Respect my issues and ignore this... Unless you really, really want to debate.

EDIT: Just cleared up some bad wording and phrases :)
"I do believe in god, and that all life was created by him. But saying we started on the top of the food chain is redundant in my mind. To me we were first placed in our world we didn't know anything because we started out idiots, and then came to the top in the case of using technology from curiosity, and intelligence, which were gifts of god to the human race. But let's not go any deeper into this."
*Clears throat awkwardly*

"Well, I stand corrected. I will not continue to argue about random things that neither of us has proof of. I agree that we should not continue this pointless argument." After smiling, but not showing teeth, I pat SF on the shoulder with one hand and shake the other.

"How 'bout a drink on me?"
Name: Jack
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Weapons: Frag Grenades, Kraken Mk 2 Sniper Rifle, and a Sphinx Mk 2 SMG
Battlefield Tag: X935
Appearance: A slight muscular build-up, a scar down his neck, red hair, green eyes. and about 6 1/4 foot tall.

Personality: Always ready save any injured comrades or take charge of a situation. However, when not in combat he always keeps to himself in a mysterious fashion.

Armor Appearance: This armor:

Backstory: He was hidden at 12 years old from the UESC, then found and kidnapped.

Edit: I fixed it. Again.

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