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12/31/2012 01:58 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
"How 'bout a drink on me?"
*That's when my 'Admiral Akbar' senses were tingling*

It's a trap. The best line in the universe.

So how about my character, SF?
xer: kit is the ONLY exception to the 'MUST BE HUMAN GLADIATORS' rule
EDIT: currently anyway
EDIT2: also height out of armor for glads is between 6'4" and 6'9". 6 and a 1/4 equates to about 6'3" ok gona let SF Zark or Jester chew you out for anything else ....... *goes off in the corner and bangs head against wall for over stepping my bounds since I'm not a DM*
12/31/2012 06:12 AMPosted by xer
and trained every day to eventually became a warrior rivaling even a Hoplite.

........ o dear god. sorry but ..... no no no no. Kit has been training for millennia and I have already been told she could barely stand up to a Gladiator. she could easily keep one busy for a time but is not likely to win with out resorting to ...... alternative methods
Name: John "Riot" Conner

Sex: Male

Age: 24

: XM39 Marksman Rifle, Sphinx Mk. 2 SMG, Fragmentation Grenade

Battlefield Tag: Z196 / Zulu 196

: 5’ 11” / 186 lbs. Hair is Dark Brown and is generally wavy looking. Skin is a semi tannish color. Average build. Hazel Eyes. Shrapnel scar near his right eye during a training accident gone bad.

Personality: Cautious, easy going if you don't piss him off, friends are like family to Riot.

Armor Appearance: Primary is Goldish, Secondary is Tealish.

Backstory: Grew up on a colony in the Koprulu System. Having a simple life, no trouble happened often at all. But that all changed one uneventful day. He lost his family, his home, and carrying with him is a diehard vengeance. Sent to Sol after this event, he arrived onto Earth. Fascinated by the dedication and courage of many Military men and women, he volunteered when Riot turned 18. Started out as a Private, then ended up signing up for full time service. Sent to Boot Camp, the others didn't like his style when it came to tactics, not even the instructors. Even if he was going to be the only one that would make it out of the live simulation without being incapacitated. He passed, and he's actually been put under Special Forces. They were the point of every operation that was top secret, but Riot's job was much, much more special. He was the one that called in Tactical Airstrikes, collapse whole power grids in an entire area, Operator while down on the ground. But Riot will listen to his Commanding Officer unless it is a matter of life of another comrade, or the death of one, for he will gladly save them for his own. After his tour of duty, he was 22, he was then put into the Gladiators for his duty and dedication, but it was something. The true reason was that he was-

-Classified Information, only authorized personal may continue-

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE FOR THE WIN! And I'll right up his training flashback as his entry when we start.
Creationists believe we were made from a creator and put on the top of the food chain, your paragraph says we were led to being the top of the food chain, implying we didn't start there.

You begin with "Cavemen," most creationists who know what they're talking about don't believe in cavemen, and even if they did, they certainly don't believe we just figured out how to make fire and weapons. That's not the point im trying to make, however it does support it.

Really what helps my argument the most is that you say, and I quote, "Humanity has been curious since they first began as cavemen." Implying that they began as cavemen.

Don't think my points are sound? Ten bucks say's you're an evolutionist(Or any other non-creationist.)

Dang it... I said I wasn't going to make a big thing out of this... Well... It's not a big thing unless you make a counter-argument.

Please just... Respect my issues and ignore this... Unless you really, really want to debate.

EDIT: Just cleared up some bad wording and phrases :)

Mark, I typed it up. I don't believe in Creationism, but Intelligent Design. God is a God of Law and Order, and what Creationism says he did breaks his own rules. That aside, someone point out the character sheets so I can read them.

Edit- Xer, look at the other character sheets, then yours. Ghosts and all those no longer hold a place in this RP. They've been removed. The Gladiators can do what a Ghost can three fold better, so edit your armor and such please.
Sweet mother of mercy... that is a lot.

Now, to read it before or after breakfast?...
After, you'll need your brain food.
Am I accepted?
Wow... that was a lot.
What kind of restrictions are there on characters?...
(Yes, I did read the sign up sheet)
They have to be human and a Gladiator. Kit is the only exception at this time. CR, it looked good.
Aw... I was kinda hoping to do a b@lls-to-the-wall bat-sh!t crazy merc.
(Think a combination of Hawkeye from the Avengers and Jack Churchill) bonus points for those of you who know who he is.
Any else notice xer? If so no one gona yell at him? Or did I do a good enough job of that

Sent from phone @work
Yes, Zarkun did, check the bottom of his largish post on this page.
Any else notice xer? If so no one gona yell at him? Or did I do a good enough job of that

Sent from phone @work

Oh, believe me, I have something I would like to say, but I'm letting Zarkun and SF handle it.
Ahhh *facpalm*
Is it safe to assume that my merc idea is a no-go?
Aw... I was kinda hoping to do a b@lls-to-the-wall bat-sh!t crazy merc.
(Think a combination of Hawkeye from the Avengers and Jack Churchill) bonus points for those of you who know who he is.

It is until SF gets on LIVE or DA.
Name: Jack
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Weapons: Frag Grenades, Kraken Mk 2 Sniper Rifle, and a Sphinx Mk 2 SMG
Battlefield Tag: X935
Appearance: A slight muscular build-up, a zig-zag scar down his neck, red hair, green eyes. and about 6 1/4 foot tall.

Personality: Always ready save any injured comrades or take charge of a situation. However, when not in combat he always keeps to himself in a mysterious fashion.

Armor Appearance: His suit is a black armor suit, very similar to a ghost's suit. An obvious Mobius Reactor can be seen on the back of the suit, as well as a holster for his sniper rifle. There are 2 ammo compartments on the belt, and there is grappling hooks, detonators, and other tools. His headgear includes night vision goggles, a communicator, and some lights for those darker areas, but not dark enough for night vision.

Backstory: He was hidden at 12 years old from the UESC, and eventually he grew up, in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest. He built a training center from scratch, and trained every day to eventually became a warrior rivaling even a Hoplite. Now that the war has begun, he decided to assist, only to save the civilians.

Is this a good char?

"About this, no human can be as a good as a Hoplite, and no warrior except for a Terad that trains in the arts of war can be more powerful as a Gladiator. ALSO! You must be a human Gladiator, Kit was the only exception because we talked it over and decided perhaps a single non-Gladiator would do nicely. And Psionics and Ghosts have no place for the humans in this RP, Ghost Suits would never have been invented and cloaking devices still have not yet been invented by the humans. The only species with anything close to Psionics is the telepathic Terads."

I stop and turn to Warhawk, "Are you prepared for him to be weaker than everyone else?"

I now turn to SilentMorph, "I didn't say Kit doesn't stand a chance, I am saying she does have a chance, but only a very slim one. Retreat is the best option if you don't have an army and facing a Gladiator in battle."
Yeah I get that :P and cloaking would have been invented if ANYTHING leading up to Wings happened. And kit would still have her own ..... style of psionics :P

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