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Um... being a Gladiator is fine, I just want to have a hyper-compact recurve bow. (Like what Hawkeye has in the Avengers, only better)
"I don't see why not."
Name: Eric Stefson
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Weapons: High-powered compact recurve bow (Like what Hawkeye in the Avengers has) / Twin Medusa Mk. 2 Magnums / Sword
Battlefield Tag: Tango 316 (T316)
Appearance: 7' / shaggy brown hair / green eyes / lithe build
Personality: Usually happy-go-lucky except for when someone pisses him off.
Armor Appearance: (With jump-jets, if it doesn't already have any)

Backstory: Inducted into the gladiator training program at birth, Eric grew up with an obsession with anything and everything that had to do with military history; tactics, weapons and historic battles. He began training in martial arts as soon as he could. Working long and hard, Eric came out at the top of his class; setting and breaking a number of records.

In addition to his skill at hand-to-hand combat, Eric put an endless number of hours into weapons design and engineering. He eventually hammered out designs for a high-powered compact recurve bow equipped with a wide array of high-tech arrows. When his instructors expressed their disapproval, Eric went ahead and cleared one of the hardest combat courses using only the bow, in record time.
Ummm correct me if I'm wrong SF but I'm pretty sure none of the 'recruits' have seen combat yet so Eric shouldn't have an energy sword. And minimum height out of armor for gladiators is 6'4"
Yeah, War, you can't have an energy sword. You're a recruit, not a vet. I get one cause I'm a vet.
Alright, I could write his backstory so it makes sense, but I'll change it.
Whoa and age is off ...... unless the DMs are OK with a 33 year old recruit ..... make him 18-20
No, no. That makes sense.
Looks better. Not sure if the sword will be allowed, unless you're assigned to my squad.
Backstory's up.
An obvious holster for his sniper rifle on the back of the suit .

He built a training center from scratch, and trained every day to eventually became a great warrior. Now that the war has begun, he decided to assist, only to save the civilians, So he decided to join the Gladiators.

These are the areas I fixed.^^^

Where did I say he was psionic?

Also, my suit is similar to a ghost suit. Its not a ghost suit. Besides, snipers always have to wear a light suit or they will get killed because they're slow. I said it was like a Ghost suit so you kind of know what it looks like.
xer, you editted it. And you're missing the theme of armors. I know ghost armors seem cool, but they're fairly impractical. However, SF has final call, so take it up with him.
Zarkun, what's your say on Eric's backstory?
Looks good War.
"The standard Gladiator armor is fast, mainly because of the augmentations of course, and you can't just sign up to be a Gladiator. You have to be drafted or kidnapped."
12/31/2012 01:14 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Creationists believe we were made from a creator and put on the top of the food chain, your paragraph says we were led to being the top of the food chain, implying we didn't start there.

I know this is old, but I feel the need to reply to it:

Most creationists do believe in cavemen. You'd be foolish not to because their existence is a definite fact. We just believe that cavemen were not "less evolved" or somehow inferior to "modern humans," but rather the opposite in many cases. Also, cavemen were the same sort of thing we would become in the aftermath of a nuclear war, for example: stripped of technology, with the members of the interdependent society thus reduced to a completely primitive, near-feral form of life. Caves are simply an obvious choice for dwelling.

In other words, we may have started out with tech boom (due to long lifespans), but our technology, our history, was essentially destroyed. Thus, the current history running back to our last universal tribe (Babel) begins with cavemen.

And Markus, please, please, please don't be so touchy. Accept the fact that evolution is more widely believed and ignore it. I can appreciate StarCraft's storyline despite the evolution in it, and I assume you can too because you own the game. So why is RP lore containing evolution different? While within someone else's RP, accept their lore.

Hopefully that does not derail the thread, which seems to have gotten back on track. I will join this once done reading the lore if my head doesn't explode from Walatext Syndrome.
Out of armor height should be added to Gladiator lore *looks sideways at Zarkun* ummm and xer you have alot of work to do on your sheet. age is too high, for a fresh out of training and augmentation recruit should be 18-20. backstory if the UESC wants you your more likely to get taken early and even if your 'hidden' they will find you. Armor go to and check out the GEN2 MJOLNIR armor which is what everyone has Kit is the exception cause she is a Merc.
TheLostMorph, when I checked the site for MJOLNIR GEN2 armor, the only results were discussion. Besides, I have a good idea on Halo Armor.

Apologies for this streak of screw-ups, I'm not used to RPing in this fashion.
KO, not going to respond on an argumentative level for a couple reasons, one being that I agree with you and two being I don't want to revive this already old argument. Zarkun, not going to respond to you at all since it really, really doesn't matter.

After reading and rereading the first paragraph in the OP I came to the conclusion that it is not that evolutionist biased. Perhaps a little, but not enough to where I should have brought it up. My appologies, hence, why I corrected myself and bought SF a drink.

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