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attempting to switch to HoTs for practice and king of the hill, so Skype is the best way to contact us. =D
Been trying to get in contact with you guys but havent gotten a response. Are you still looking for terrans?
02/01/2013 11:48 AMPosted by xMufOx
Been trying to get in contact with you guys but havent gotten a response. Are you still looking for terrans?

Oh really..... who are you attempting to talk to?? If no one is responding to you like they should hit up the Facebook page we have listed in the OP...I will be online tonight in WOL for most of the night cause we have a Clan war tonight. Try to find us online.....and skype.
Looking to join I'm a gold terran looking to get better and I learn quick. I added DOxreyder and no answer if any1 else can add me in skype michael.severini that'd be awesome
I add both of you guys just now sorry for the delayed response.
thanks when you come on skype ill call u and try to play some
last nights practice was awesome!!! hope we can add some ppl to the ranks to get more games in.
almost everyone is on the Beta for HoTS, so find us on skype if you can. Not sure if anyone is even on WOL much anymore. =D

Also last nights King of the Hill was pretty EPIC!!!! Kingofsquids, won 5 in a row before he was knocked out.

GG guys!!
Im pretty sure Rey needs to get in here to up date the post, but Im pretty sure that we are back to recruiting any and ALLLLLLL races =D
Hi. Let me in! ha seems like a fun mellow group! Datu#275
Skype: mrbugz222
What is your clan channel?
02/12/2013 01:34 AMPosted by Datu
What is your clan channel?

Are you looking for the WOL or the Hots?

Most of us are on Hots, im at work right now but as soon as i get home ill look up the exact name.
Hey guys we are still looking for some more ppl to join us for some super awesome SC2 fun time of immense epicness.

Also if Rey ever changes this we are now open to pretty much any race now.

Skype is the easiest way to contact us, check out the OP.

clan wars?
We just had one last week against Team Evolution....we lost 3-5 and it was awesome!!!! we are looking for more clans to do another war.
Can i join ?
02/17/2013 09:58 PMPosted by EvoStripes
Can i join ?

You should play some games with us tonight, we will be on Hots. We have our monday night practice tonight at 9pm central. =D

Skype will be the easiest way to get ahold of us. Just hit up Rey
Hi there Reyder. I ve been looking for a casual clan. Just had my 1000th game recently. I am mostly a 4v4 player in Platinum as well as 1v1 3 seasons ago. I will try to hit you guys up since your practice day/time are pretty decent for me!

Thanks for your time!

hi there, sent you an email. hope to join to have fun and get better. I am Terran with zerg as second race. Hope to be able to join practices.
hey guys sorry about missing out on some responses I have been in and out of the hospital the last few days due to my Girlfriend having Crohns disease.

I will be online tonight and at practice at 9pm central time. I will be on the HoTs server. hit us up on skype to get ahold of us or on facebook.

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