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*Stealthy bump with a witty comment to make it appear as if I was actually just making a comment instead of bumping*
I wanna join I am a silver terran
I am interested in joining though my online activity is a bit off due to job and my home internet. I am a heavy zerg user love them to death
Hey guys I am a member of DarkOnyx and although I am not an admin you can contact me over Starcraft if you have any questions about the clan. I will relay all of your stuff to the higher ups of the clan and Ill see what I can do for you.

Name: CptCool
Code: 173

We currently have no Bronze,Silver players.

We need all races of these ranks. If you are a lower rank player and our looking to improve and meet some great guys, add me on skype Knight_

Also we need more more Zergs and Terran gold+
update 4-14-2013

Same races and ranks needed from above

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