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Is there one day when we can stay within the Starcraft universe?
One day?
Its all been sabotaged. I've checked my probes and they're all screwed up too. All my technology has also been sabotaged. Someone has access to my bases and data cores...
And Avikon, that's a bit impossible.
Maybe your Probes did the scan while they were screwed up? You see... You have no proof that there has been damage.

*LICENTIA comes walking in with her own Robotic/Adjutant body*

Took me awhile to figure out if I wanted her to have a body or not...

Avikon, that day shall come... That is if you can persuade them of course.
"I hate to break it to you, Xer, but you are wrong. Zarkun said there is plasma damage at the compound. Plasma means heat, and displaced metal. You can't just hide that with some paper and a crayon, believe me. And the team has already jumped through every available dimension to check to see if the damage is any different. They all report the same thing: No damage, no signs of thermal dispersion. No amount of technology can hide any damage to the compound." I turn my guns around, blowing the door to the Roach Pen open. The Roaches then run loose, attacking blue team.
I didn't send my probes. It's standard protocol when one thing goes wrong, because when one thing goes wrong, so does everything else it seems like.

Also, The team used my technology. My technology can do virtually anything you want....
And how do you know if that's damage or not? What if his compound was always like that? I mean, I have a Rift Network...
I stick xer, laughing as he explodes. "It wasn't sabotaged, I checked personally. Plasma damage that seems to have been repaired. Now the power relays are outta whack."
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Banning them is so much quicker though...

"Avikon, blame zarkun, he started the whole thing." My Mantis dissipates, and I land gracefully on the ground. "I only commented on a feat I had done."
I shrug, calling in an Orbital strike that takes out the Flood. "I started it? Who killed who first?"
"You killed my hologram first, so you started it, technically." I clean the place up, punt the Roaches back to their pen, and repair everything. I go back to my seat.
"Yet you killed me first last night, completely unprovoked."
"Hey, what can I say? Payback is a !@#$%." I take a drink, and relax.
"I did nothing but keep the Flood out!"
"Uh-huh. Suuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee."
Growling, I punt Jester into the radioactive zone. "Suck on that awhile."
As zarkun punts me, I grab his leg and land in front of him. I stand up, give him the finger, and go back to my seat.
I turn Jester into a football and punt him anyways. "Transmogrifier b!tch."
I fly backward, smashing into zarkun's face. I then turn myself back to normal, and return to my seat.
"Glad for the helmet..." I punt Jester to the Roaches. "Fine, enjoy being eaten."

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