Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

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I fly into the Roach Pit. After a while, screaming is heard, and I appear next to zarkun.
"Man, do I feel bad for him. Poor random bystander."
I sigh and just douse Jester with my drink instead. "Fine, it'll be none painful this time."
Zarkun's drink remains in his cup. I put on a troll face, and go back to my seat.
The liquid ends up in Jester's underwear and reaches a three hour chafe instantly. "Victory."
My underwear charges with zarkun's, and it instantly catches fire, threatening to burn his manhood off. "Ah, fun times."
I laugh as the clone runs out the front door, completely on fire. "Was the fire really necessary?"
"It was between that or flesh-eating bacteria." The chafe goes away, and I take a drink.
"You could have just returned the chafe and added a few hours."
"Not as fun."
I shake my head as I sip a Blue Rum. "Whatever floats your boat..."
Zarkun I'll be on Crymson shortly I hope my comp keeps crashing on me.
We're still waiting on Thunder, so no hurry.
Kk it is working again ...... *glare*
I'll be back momentarily. It doesn't want to let me back in.
Mother of god ......... (insert string of cuss words here) ..... facking computer.
Just hurry up, I'll give you my last post when you get in.
I'm bringing it back up shortly.
I begin to type something into a hidden gauntlet on my left hand, a series of small, barely audible beeps coming from it as I program my holo-emitter.
I glance over at Slender. "What are you up to over there?"
Dac, if you're reading this, I'll stop kicking you when you drop the subject and cool off. Like I said, no one was getting anywhere so continuing was pointless.

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