Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Uh, SF, how big were those Minotaurs? I think my pet might have ate them earlier for a light snack."
What the!?!?!? SF,I never took your lab!!!!
"You stole that explosive from my lab." I point to the small marking that indicated it was my property. "Jester, the Minotaurs are about 5 meters tall, and 3 wide."
01/06/2013 01:13 PMPosted by ShadowFury
from my lab

"xer, you seem to have missed a word." I sip my drink and then put a throwing star in xer's head. "Ha, perfect."
"Oh. Then yeah, they were eaten. Sorry, but I don't think anything is recoverable from them." I take a drink, and watch zarkun attack Xer.
I appear to have missed a word... Oh well... that happens all the time....

Also, where's that PsiStorm I ordered?
Setting my drink down, I kick xer into SF and send them both into orbit. "There, now SF can eat as much of xer as he wants."
01/06/2013 01:13 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Hem... You mean mine...
I start mixing up a Psi-Storm, and wait for Xer to fall back down to the planet with SF.
"I think we should start having people pay to be kicked into space."
I chuckle. "Nah, that's just the only place that SF can do anything without immediate counter. I'm sure xer's still wondering what the hell just happened."
"No, I'm sure at this point Xer is making up some excuse to say why he wasn't tossed in space. But, you know, whatever." I take a drink of a Mar Sara Black, and continue mixing the Psi-Storm.
I shrug, sipping the Rum. "True, but I made sure it was him with the spirit ribbons, so he can't call some clone BS."
*I fall through the ceiling*
I put the Psi-Storm on the bar, and look at the hole. "Ah, hell, Zanon is going to be pissed."
I rocket down like a meteor and crush Xer. I get up and pick up his flattened body. Using his flattened body I make some pizza. I cut him up into 12 even slices and set it out for people to eat.
*Noticing how imaginative SF was. Everyone knows you can't make pizza out of a human body, just a human body*
Whatever.... You are starting to dull me with your same old street corner tricks.
I shake my head. "That...looked painful."
I look at the Xer pizza with an odd expression. I make an eight-pointed star with my hand, and go back to drinking my Mar Sara Black.
*some random cartoon thing happens that makes me normal* Oh... I must have set my wrist something or other to "Cartoon"

Also, I might have theoretically done something in space that could upset the space/time continuum.... So for now, we are normal, but when harmed we have cartoon effects...

Also, if anyone is having trouble in TvP.... I got a fullproof solution.
"You're very foolish if you think there's a fool proof solution. Fool proof infers that there are no fools in this world. You would be wrong."

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