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@Zanon: You're the 2nd person to actually welcome me, but I already know who you are.

*I dizzily hold up a sign* (Stop using these Psionic Coolers to harm [or not harm] me!!! I'm getting sick of this. I really gotta stop ordering Psionic Coolers)
I gave that to him in his failed RP thread quoted of course but it has more effect when you do it <.< >.< >.>

EDIT: I load a psionic cooler into my Judgement rifle, point it at xer and pull the trigger. I then put away my rifle and turn back to my laptop trying to get some more achieves on SC2.
I shrug. "You just say, 'Give me this drink.' If the right person is around, they'll give it to you. As it is...consider this warm up for your initiation."
I strap xer down to an operating table and bring out a large machine with about 500 needles on the end filled with psionic cooler. "This wont hurt a bit." I say as the machine starts jabbing the needles into him.
*I hold up a sign* (Oh great... I forgot about my initiation.)
I shoot the machine then disintegrate Mecha again. "Bad Zergling!"
"Ehh its already loaded him up" I say as I reform as an Ultralisk sized kitten
I shrink Mecha down to normal size. "Knock that !@#$ off, or you'll be in the Containment Zone." I say, and rip Mecha's eyes out.
I disintegrate Mecha again. "NO CATS DAMNIT!"
Guys a lot of you are forgetting about project Res

This includes:
You know what... Maybe because Jester has been busy playing Halo 4... And what'll you know? Dacder's on vacation...
Dacder is unable to post right now. Jester is....preoccupied, and Koro is forgetful.
Dacder will be scratched off as his char just got decapitated
I checked with him already, he's ok with it.
Someone should start up Outbreak, JANE, and Breakout
Talk to Koro about Outbreak. He's the only DM worthy of it.
Well then that's impossible as I have no way of contacting him.
Well, my character is attacking drones, and their all dead anyways, so w/e.
"Xer, I am the one to give initiations."
Well, I may be screwed....

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