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We have Patron Saints now!?
What am I? Am I next? :D
SF.... You should know that it's impossible for you to truly rip out my heart when all you are doing is inducing your craziness upon yourself. Which means, you are not crazy. You don't have any power within here.

So why don't you play a game.... More suited for your caliber.
"It is a figure of speech. There are no saints in this universe. There is only darkness that lies in the heart of mortals that threatens to swallow them whole."
I throw Crymson down with his Minotaur thingy and duct tape his mouth and put a psi-screen on his head.
You really don't understand, do you? It's a simple thing, really it is. It's almost like wiping away all of that craziness away. Just like I did with every bit of memory that was from a Laboratory that belonged to some man that thought he was crazy.

You know you can't win, for how can you win against someone who is always expecting a scenario just like this?
"It appears that CrymsonRaven has gone renegade. The dark side welcomes you!"
When it comes down to insanity, I feel, that there are several ways that one portrays it.
1: The faker. The person who exaggerates what they're doing, trying to convince everyone that they are indeed crazy.
2: The snapper. This person, by all means appears to be perfectly normal, but it comes to a certain point where they will just GO, and they will just totally ZOOOM off.
3: The Schemer. This person is your crazy, your violence, your thoughts, plotting, shceming, all rolled up into one. They aren't always crazy, nobody truly is, unless they are faking.

I place myself under the third category, by virtue of self reflection and self analysis of my actions and responses, both of which tend to alter depending on how I feel. At times I am more than rational, and I am able to hold long, nice conversations with people, at others, I want to rip everyone's throat out, or I begin to envision a Cessna loaded with C4 and Thermite divebombing and exploding in mid-air.

It's just an internal thing, you can't successfully 'fake' insanity.
You know CR, you can maybe stop being a bloody prick and have fun with it. That's all SF is doing.
It can be fun, but easily annoying after being sliced apart, sliced open.... etc etc.... Over and over again.... I truly becomes boring and dull. I also believe that SF can perhaps add a new twist to his act so it's not the same old story over and over again. Every time he does it, it feels the same, no true art in it.

01/07/2013 07:56 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
2: The snapper. This person, by all means appears to be perfectly normal, but it comes to a certain point where they will just GO, and they will just totally ZOOOM off.
*Nods head* Very terrible when I don't get enough sleep on certain days.
"Anomaly detected...returning to the labs. Have a pleasant day. By the way, [smylez's voice] that song was terrible. Beep boop!"

[Hums Inception theme]
Well, let's face it, in all the vast less number of thoughts your brain has, the imagination is probably the least used anymore. Most people have none at all anymore.
"Story writing stirs up the imagination as well as reading! A dosage of advice picked from the Doctor's innumerable list!"
If anything, jumping into an RP on the DeviantArt chats is great for stirring up inspiration.
"I am not motivated to do something gruesome and descriptive right now."
ShadowFury, I practically TAUGHT you how to come up with a gruesome, detailed post! XD
I take a nearby pen and shove it through SF's brain, proceeding to then dismember him and then feed each individual limb to Andy. The last limb I take is his head, instead removing his members and feeding them to him through a straw then making him watch himself eat his own intestines by shoving his eyes down his throat. As he begs for mercy, I instead just pour lemon juice and salt on him and walk away.
*shakes my head to the side* If inspiration strikes me, I'll come up with something...
"Pfft. And you said I was violent. You are quite the hypocrite there, Zarkun." I shrug, and two white-armored troops with Claymores walk in and take a booth. Another walks in with a Sniper Rifle on its back, and they wait, saying nothing.
I shrug, taking my seat again. "Usually I just shoot off limbs, but SF is falling behind in his duty." I hear a screech outside and sigh, putting on my helmet. "I'll be back in a bit." I heft my Suppressor. "Gotta clean up a mess." With that I step outside and open fire, yellow flashes seen outside the bar.

I know that part.... I'm just becoming tired of SF's one play act and when we try to do something.... He ignores it and basically says that we can't have fun and we can't do nothing to him at all. :\

Actions are louder than words.

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