Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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I sigh and drink my Rum. "Your choice. Just make sure you're sure that it's sure that it's finalized."
I take my usual seat at the bar and pull out my laptop. "*sigh* I guess .... I need to get to work on school work but can I get my usual please." I set about pulling up a word document and beginning to type out a College essay for my english class.
Thanks Zarkun!

I hear ya morph... In the same exact situation... 0_0 ... Like... Same exact situation.
I poke my head out the doors and, seeing nothing, return to my seat. "Man it's quiet..."
"Seriously... Where is everyone?" I ask, returning to my computer.

"Hey guys, I'm working on my Teleological argument for God, want to hear it??"

LOLOLOL JK JK... But.. I am really working on my Teleological argument for God.
Truthfully, that's best kept for your class. Too many different religions on the forums.
Noises are heard outside, and another White-armored Troop walks in, his arms and chest drenched in blood. I shake my head, and turn to Zarkun. "Yeah.....Last time I try something like that."
Zarkun, I know. I was totally joking. I have been known to debate people on these forums about religion, which is why it was funny :P

Jester, what happened last time you tried that? Don't worry, I think we're all mature enough to not get into a flame war :P
I chuckle. "Well, if you knew it would go south, why'd you do it?"
Don't think you're talking to me because I didn't say anything about knowing anything would go south. Logical response is to assume you were talking to Jester.

Somebody, please tell me what happened with Jester and ___?
"He killed them and they hated him and came back with an army. End of story." I take off Markus's head and place it on a pole then grab a large jar of lava and throw it at his body. "Damn, still haven't gotten motivation."
SF... Lol.

Motivation for what?
"Creating some super gruesome. I think I need to be slightly pissed off and bored."
I suddenly come swinging into the bar on a rope, yelping and screeching. I then tear out Zarkun's eyeballs, and eat them.

"I'm back!"
"Um, it is a very long story involving three exotic dancers, a gene splicer, and some left-around DNA from a long-dead race. Really, you don't want to know. And its not my fault that those things kill random bystanders, they just love to kill. And zarkun, I never question whether it goes down-hill or not, but rather is it going to do what I need it to do? And in their case," I point to the white-armored troop who was cleaning his armor with a towel " worked quite well."
I laugh, sipping my drink and proceed to slam Dacder into the ground and impale him on a stake Vlad the Impaler style. "Alright, so that guy worked. What about the others?"
Downhill is my favorite place.

Quiet, you. I will take a Prismatic Void.
Will post Calm Before the Storm in a bit.
I mix up a Prismatic Void and slide it to KO. "There ye be."
I turn to zarkun, and say "I think they may have recently cleaned their armor and weapons. Be best to avoid standing near them, they have a shot fuse and the rage of an Omegalisk."
Ah, me favorite.

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