Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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*Slicing off the skull of SF... Placing the skull into a Black Fire that could never burn out. Charring the bone that was the skull until it was ash*
I chuckle, continuing my drink. "I eat Omegalisks for breakfast."
"Really? I eat Chaotico cereal for breakfast, in blood of course." I say, my ash skull turn to shadow then reforming on my body.
I eat pancakes, sausage or pancogin, whatever I feel like that morning.
Mark, you need to get yourself stuck in an RP, unless you don't have the time, that is.
This is also a place of RP. Remember that Mark.

IC: "That's...not quite what I meant, but ok."
War, I don't know what that is suppose to mean :P

I know, Zarkun.
My wrist computer beeps, and I look down and swear profusely. "Uh, zarkun? Turn on the emergency defenses at the bar, I need to do something." I teleport away, and the White-armored troops glance out the window, not saying a thing to one another.
I look at the spot Jester was just in and curse. "Ah hell, what did you do this time." Hitting a large blue button, I then put on my helmet and step inside. {What the hell did you do?}
{Err, nevermind, false alarm. Tiny broke one of the containment locks and almost killed the planet that was his homeworld. Thankfully, Aurora was there to replace the device keeping the planet in check.} I reply, and I teleport to my lab orbiting the sun in the same system as the planet.
I sigh and stand down, looking around then returning to my drink, removing my helmet. {Give a guy a heart attack why don't ya.}
Great, NickDaMan has me nostalgic. I remember the way Zanon's bar used to be... active, witty bartend... Ace and HBRB as the two crazy patrons... everybody else just chatting about RPs (long before the idea of a prep thread came along)... general order, because nobody wished to be shot by Zanon... the mysterious appearances and disappearances of the enigmatic Thundercrash... the numerous other non-Bar PRP threads like Guns and Steel, FNN, and Darkra's Candy Store...


And then I am going to start a PRP thread of some sort, like in the good old days.

After you update Reaper.

After I update Reaper.
*I take a long happy sigh*
The good ol' days...
DAMMIT Knarled. Now you're making ME Nostalgic. :<
Sorry, it's a highly contagious disease.


*cries on SB's shoulder*

So, what sort of PRP to start... a store? A luxury resort? A new Roach Warren?
. . .
A new Roach Warren...
Nah, I think we're fine with the Bar, in all reality right now.
*Lets Knarled cry, seemingly indifferent*
Hmm. Good times were good times indeed.
Yes, but half the fun of the way JoeyRay's used to be was the way we had a "town." You know, one with more buildings than just a Bar. It strengthened the community...

I'm decided. I'm making one.

Making one what?

I don't know.
Yeah I know. I had my Asylum, where... things happened.
Things you will not speak of, lest I slit your throat while you sleep...
We had the bar, your Warren, Darkra's Candy shop... Thunder's shop... all was good. Then things just... went down.

Knarled, from now on, we're telling all of the newbies about our memories from 'Nam~
From what?

The Academy...
No. Our war stories, imbecile.
From... *looks out dramatically*

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