Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Trust me, you won't remember anything. Crymson, where is that beast you said I could use for Xer's initiation?"
Down in my arena... Just be careful with him, he's a bit... Temperamental.
I smile. "Good. He still up for you know what?" I start loading a pistol with some sort of clear bullet with a liquid inside...
Yes... Make sure it doesn't tear anyone apart.
I'm going to have to get some several drinks......

I just looked over some of the posts I made a year ago...
I take a seat by the arena, and get ready to see the initiation. 8 shadowy figures stand behind me, motionless.
*I watch in horror, the horror being is that I wont be able to watch the initiation because I have school tomorrow*

"Good, good." I fire the pistol at Xer, he falls into a drugged state. I lead him down to the arena. "It's too bad you won't remember this, but your larger butt crack may make you wonder what happened." I throw him down into the arena and watch as the beast walks out, and see Xer embrace it. I go back up into the bar. "It's too bad he won't remember it."
I shiver, killing the feed. " just wrong."
You people are sick... but not as sick as some of my friends IRL...
"Look, I am not sick. Just, chaotic."
01/01/2013 07:19 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Look, I am not sick. Just, chaotic."
Oh my god......................
That, (gestures to Xer's "initiation") belongs in the 9th hell of the internet; 4chan. And nowhere else.
"CR's was worse. Ask Digger." I sip my drink and then drug War. "Quick, get his started!"
Sets up a camera to record the whole thing. Sniggers, and says "We should show this to him later."
[Mechanical smylez in a monotone voice appears] "Look at that! His liver flew out and landed on my hands! Whopee! I must bring it back to le lab!"
I grab War and bring him back from unconsciousness, he was still drugged. I throw him in with a bunch of Kay-Oh! Zerglings and close the door as I hear them squeal.
I never actually got an initiation. Though the cat thing probably would count.
"No. It would not. And now I know what to do for your initiation."

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