Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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I simply laugh, ignore the simplistic AI and return to SC2.
"I am intangible when I need to be Jester. You have been very annoying so shoo. He he! Now as to your question Zarkun, preliminary analysis of the wormhole tells me that it is unwise to attempt to forcibly reopen the wormhole. But it is right there on top of CR."
I glance at Jester. "Violent much?" I then look at CR. "As in he is the worm hole, or he's just standing there on top of it?"
I reform the cat and it scampers off happily. Then a riot of p!ssed of ancient Egyptians carry you off and cut your fingures off and kill you. "Killing cats was a very bad punishment back then."
"He is directly below it. Opening it right there will suck him too."
DUDES KORO JUST REDID OUTBREAK OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I consider my options carefully. "CR, you gotta pick. Go with me, or move and stay here."
"I would not recommend going. The power signature that took smylez is far greater than any power signature here. You will likely be torn to pieces by whatever took the Doctor by forcing your way in if it's the worst case scenario. Best case is if you are simply rejected. Must return to labs for recharging. Have a good night!"
All the Egyptians scream as I punch them, caving their skulls in. I walk back up to Mecha, headbutt him again, and rip another cat in half for doing such a stupid thing. I turn to zarkun, and say "I am embracing my inner Meta." I turn and run back out.
I watch him leave. " not a good thing..."
I stand up, walk over to mecha, pick him up, take him to the Mass Driver Judgement, throw him in and hit the big red button launching him several galaxies away. I then return to my SC2.
"I think it should be safe enough to come out now..."

With a brief flicker, a man dressed in plated black armor appears behind Zarkun. With a sleek look to it, and several red and green gems embedded in its joints, the armor looked withered and dented from use. Several of the plates it was composed of could be seen broken or shattered, and its helmet's inside was completely covered in a black, fluid sludge. With a deft removal, I pull the helmet off, revealing a pair of black trails of liquid dripping from the sides of my mouth.

"What the hell was that all about? I almost drowned in the flux being produced here, even if it was for a very brief time... Heck, it even overloaded the temporal phasing module I use to stay in the Lurkerverse!"
"Who the hell are you??" I say as I blast the newcomer with my Kitten Cannon 9000
I deflect the shot with a Hardlight shield and blast Mecha out the door with a shotgun. "Sorry morrjo, he seems to have missed you at some point."
I toss a Tank at Mecha, which is armed with bombs. I detonate the bombs right as the tank lands on Mecha.
"Kukuku. Its good to know at least some soul here remembers me. Joy!"

I take a swig from a hip flask, and lean on a nearby wall, observing the general chaos erupting around, before spitting out a black glob of liquid. It dissolved before striking anything, the mist it was composed of quickly becoming invisible.

"Again, what the heck happened? Its like the troll wars is coming all over again. I almost drowned in the flux this place is making!"
I shrug, taking a seat and removing the helmet of my armor. "Haloverse invasion, couple reduxes, and some where below us, is a Gears of War invasion waiting to happen."
"Joy. More fun stuff to have to wade through unnoticed. Watch with all the bullets, please. Dark Quantum armor is only so effective against such things, though its utilities are quite useful to have. Perhaps HBRB's return has something to do with the unusual amount of insanity blossoming across this place."

I quickly glance around again, before sighing and sitting at a barstool. Carefully checking it for traps first, of course.

"Something to calm me down, or soothe my throat please bartender. Keep it away from the accelerator please!"
Just put mecha in the Mass Driver Judgement how the hell he keeps getting back here in such short time is beyond me as he has no hyper-light capabilities or worm hole tech ..... or anything else for that matter other than stupid cat themed weaponry ....
I chuckle, sipping my Rum. "Maybe. We're fairly certain it has to do with my recent acquisition of Halo 4, but I've been wrong before. I do know that things are a bit crazy cause, well, Mark...has vanished."

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