Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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I punt Mecha into a moving car. "Shut up, you're ruining the moment."
Another shotgun to the face knocks Mecha out the door again. "No cats in the bar!"
...!@#$%^- ninjas.

"Well, I've seen worse places to be trapped in. I'm more concerned over a sentient Caboose."

A quick hop, and I hover in the air. A moment later, the body simply self destructs, dissolving into nothingness. One way or another. Having this many meat puppets at my disposal is quite useful.
I chuckle and activate the inducer, dropping morrjo here and his package to it's receiver. "Two birds, one stone. Get him SF."
I throw him back into the room, Caboose was still angry, and still wanted to help.
This time a scatter shot to the face, disintegrating him. "Damn you, I said no cats."
Do I need to get the Helghast involved in this? Colonel Mael Radec will be very displeased with your insubordination. If he executed one of his own men for a dress code violation... then you're all screwed.
*Takes a sip of Contamination, then chuckled.*
Thank god Laura was always on his good side...
Brutal. Just Brutal.

*clone falls out of portal in the ceiling*
I am here to take xer's place while he is being initiated.
Where should I shoot? Also, you can reprogram me to destroy things.
I laugh and pull the real xer out of hiding. "Originals only. Sorry."
just ignore it zanon was ... aff for a bit but ... not anymore.
I'm not hiding. I thought I was already down there....

Also, the clone serves as me while the real me is being initiated. Also, the clone can be programmed to have other weapons installed into it, so you can use him to... It doesn't really matter.
01/01/2013 11:03 AMPosted by Zanon
Marine: may cause you to see the counter vanish

This line is particularly witty. Really nice, I literally laughed out loud!
Good to have you back, because nobody does crazed time-traveling dimension-hopping characters quite like you do.
Have a drink, my friend.
"The smylez-mite has informed me that the Doctor will not appear in the bar for an indefinite amount of time as he has no means of escaping. Have a pleasant day!"
"It would seem smylez's break is coming to an end." I take a sip of my drink, putting my helmet back on. "Anyone hear anything?"
"Other than various Christmas songs endlessly repeating in my head? No ......" I sip my drink and just sit at the bar similar to how Raynor does at the beginning of SC2 Campaign.
"That's my point." I stand up, Suppressor at the ready and look outside the bar. "It's...too quiet..."

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