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The year is 2499, the Confederacy was in desperate need of resources, so they sent out 15 mining ships, massive ships that were able to house thousands of people. All 14 other ships mysteriously went dark, but 1 remained, uncontested and began mining for 5 months. However after those 5 months, something happened, a sabotage took place, someone destroyed the engine core with bombs, and planted a transmitter in the communication room. Nobody knew who did it or what the transmitter was for, but in less than a week, Zerg showed up. In less than a hour, 90% of the people on board, died a brutal death. The few who survived, holed up in the ships armory, and awaited for extraction.
This is The Outbreak aboard The Scavenger

Character sheet layout:

Name: (Codenames allowed) Ex. Carl "Blades" Manny
Race: Zerg or Terran (Protoss if it makes sense or fits)
Posistion: (Survivors, or Other[like if your Zerg or Protoss if it makes sense])
Job: (Doctor, Engineer, Security, etc)
Appearance: (Optional)
Background: (Optional)
Name: Jake "Slasher" Hunter
Race: Terran
Age: 33
Posistion: Rescue Team
Job: Military (Assault Marine) Rank: 1st Sergeant
Appearance: 6' even, sun-tanned skin, Skinny, but muscular, Dark, almost black, brown hair, Hazel Eyes
Weapon: C-19 Assault Gauss Rifle, twin Scythe combat pistols, Two knifes and the bayonet in his rifle
Personality:Calm and friendly, always willing to play a game of cards. Loves making new friends, civilian or military.
Background: Jake enlisted with the Confederate military for one reason; they offered great benefits. He passed all his tests top of his class and quickly got indited into the Assault Marine Regiment, Hell Raisers. 6 years later he was given command over his own unit, the Fifth Assault company, nicknamed Sparta's Ghosts, and was promoted to first Sergeant.
Name: James Boelcke
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: 27
Position: Survivor
Appearance: 6ft 2in, dirty blond hair, glasses, skinny, pale skin, has lucky Bast amulet
Job: Janitor
Weapon: Pistol that came from a dead guard
Personality: Easy to scare and shy but overall really nice. Clean freak
Background: Cared for his sick mother and eventually got a job as janitor to support her when she finally could start to care for herself.
Name: 'Omicron'
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Posistion: Rescue
Job: Psionic Agent
Appearance: White armored Ghost suit. Constant shroud of shadows around him, making her hard to see in low-light areas, despite white colored suit.
Weapon: Psionics, Canister Rifle with bayonet
Personality: Unstable, prone to destructive behavior under stress, mysterious, speaks little.
Background: -Data unavailable-
All good, Mecha I take it you were a janitor or something?
No I wanted to make my char have no useful skills at all.....
Name: Keira Harley
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Job: Engineer
Position: Survivor
Age: 23
Appearance: Her skin is very pale from the lack of sunlight. Blue oval eyes. Long black hair. She has a very slim body shape. She often is found wearing a modified Firebat suit with a variety of tools to fix things. She is rarely found out of it. She is roughly 5' 10"
Weapon: Perdition Flamethrower and a Slugthrower pistol when out of Firebat suit.
Personality: When angry she is a major Pyro, as well as when she is a drunk. Other than that she has a very kind personality. Has a love of machines. If she can get her hands on one she will also often use a Goliath.
Backstory: Joined up with the Confederacy soon after she graduated High School. She was great at repairing and building things, so naturally she signed up as an engineer. After being in several battles in a SCV she yearned to become a soldier. So every now and then she would go into battle as a Firebat because of her Pyro like nature when she got pissed.

"I am likely to make another later."
Uhh, sorry people. I am going to change the story slightly (like the year) so I can implement some new things into it easily.

EDIT: JK no I'm not.
Ummm Koro when are you gonna start this up. Also your char in Project Ress is gonna get killed by Zarkie unless you come back.
Name: William Brooks
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Job: Marine
Appearance: Black short hair, green eyes medium build and height
Weapon: Standard issue everything
Personality: Light and cheery off duty, but as soon as those boots hit the dirt on a mission he is straight to the point and often times ruthless to get the job done. He will follow most orders, but has a clear conscience to disobey orders he knows is wrong if need be. Although he has been tempted twice, he has never had to disobey an order to keep a clear conscience.
Background: his family was split up in completely different regions and no one was interested in repairing their relationship with him. Slightly torn and angry, he joined the military. He joined the confederate army for a sense of importance and order to his chaotic life. He enjoyed every second of boot camp and conditioning, even though he was already pretty fit.

I hope this is exactly the Sci-Fi RP I've been waiting for :D Looks good!
Mark...GTFO. You get to be a survivor. I IS THE ONLY RESCUE! Jester, you too.
um... Lol? You think swearing and typing in all caps will secure your place as the only rescuer? Take it up with the DM.
It's called Nostalgia.
Like I said, keep it up with the DM if you have to. He wouldn't have given us the option if his intentions were to leave it only to you.
Generally speaking though, the idea is to have more survivors then rescue.
Again, not your place. If Koro tells me to, then I will.
We are trying to have the original characters as they were and a few new people. I think CR is rescue too, right?
No, he's survivor. Sol was...special ops.
Ah, ewell yeah. Markus you're survivor. Sorry,

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