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Really, Koro? Zarkun can really just snap his fingers and you all listen? *Sigh* Whatever.

Might want to take that option off the OP then.
We're short three of the original survivors Mark. It's been months since I last saw Chesty or Avikon. And Tibalt...hell, no idea what happened to him. He vanished mid RP.
So? What's your point?
New people have to make up the difference.
So... We're all just pawns in your plan to relive the glory days even when it's not your RP?
Not sure. I'm not the DM. I was flicking you sh!t. To use your words, "Take it up with the DM." In retrospect, I should have said, "Find your own unit, Sparta's Ghosts is mine."
Markus if you want to see it like that then don't join. I'd prefer not to have a smartass bigger than I here.
So... You were just screwing with me...? I'm sorry, but now you're just back peddling.

What does Sparta or ghosts have to do with this? I'm sorry, but that last post made your argument look completely and utterly retarded.

Koro, I'm not being a smart !@#! I am not doing anything wrong, either. All I did was make an observation. Zarkun totally just twisted you to relive the glory days and you embraced it!
Sparta's Ghosts is the Assault division that, when I receive my cue from Koro, will be rescuing. It's a repeat from the last time we did this RP. Not trying to send any message, and the last post is simply hind sight bias.

Edit- And I'm not twisting anyone or anything. He's simply reiterating that there needs to be more survivors then rescue.
01/01/2013 11:24 PMPosted by Zarkun
Edit- And I'm not twisting anyone or anything. He's simply reiterating that there needs to be more survivors then rescue.

HA! No. You twisted him again. This time you just put words in his mouth, last time you undermined his power as DM.
I sigh and punt Markus within arms reach of Zarkun. "He didn't twist anything. There has to be more survivors than rescue team. The DM knows this and Zarkun knows this. In fact everyone but you was absolutely sure that you needed to be survivor."
Whatever... You win Zarkun, but not by reason or logic, but because of your allies.
Look Mark, we clearly had two different interpretations of what was said. As per the last time this RP was done, there had to be more survivors then rescue, and with you as rescue, there were more rescue than there was survivors. I apologize if it's not how you think it should be, but that's the standard.

Edit-I assume that only the Confederate higher ups are the only ones who know what the Zerg really are.
Petty much.

Mecha just kill me. I keep forgetting bout that one and I'm too far behind.
Name: Lieutenant Sol
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor
Job: Spec Ops.
Appearance: Caucasian, 5'7, Slender and Athletic, Hair is in a bun and is Auburn Colored, Eyes are a golden color. Has a Tactical Eye Visor over her right eye.
The Visor helps her track enemies faster and is more efficient. She wears a specially modified Commando Suit that offers the same benefits of Combat Armor, but is lighter and not as bulky.
Weapon: Prototype C-84 Gauss SMG, Combat Knife. But will use other weapons if no ammo for her primary weapon is found.
Personality: Dedicated/Loyal
Background: Sol quickly rose in the ranks of the Confederacy Special Forces, latest mission was to assist with the mining ship that would be carrying precious cargo in the form of mined minerals. Sol's dedication pulled off, but she was the first to disappear after the event that ensued aboard the mining ship. She lives through the takeover.

(Only others will understand Sol's purpose of being on this ship. :3 )

Name: Abyss
Sex: Male
Race: Infested
Position: Attacker
Job: Shadow
Weapon: Anything he can find, has a arm blade that is similar to the hidden blade from Assassins Creed.
Personality: The Infestation consumed his mind and made him angry and sad.
Backstory: Was a normal colonist until the Zerg boarded the ship, he was the first to go down but he was also one the strongest to arise.
Build: He has a average build, he retained most of his physical features.

(Abyss was literally a C&P.}
Name: Jacob Terra
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Posistion: Survivor
Job: Security
Appearance: Red-blond hair, sturdy build, eyes that have been described as emerald, tanned skin, overall very attractive.
Weapon: Gauss Rifle while armed up for the job, a pistol and knife at all times. Also owns and is proficient with a rapier, but this is less of a combat weapon and more of a hobby.
Personality: Arrogant, and can typically afford to be. He is well aware of the looks he gets from women (a result of his looks) and is used to being able to have any woman he wants. He is usually abe to influence anyone, regardless of gender.
Background: A member of the powerful Terra family. He earned some disfavor with the rest of the family and thus was sent away until he "learned some respect." He doesn't miss Terra Skyscraper one bit, and loves his new life, since he receives money from back home. He has weak psionic abilities, a trait fairly common in the Terra family, and these contribute to his ability to influence others.

Name: Targarn 654 23-A
Gender: None.
Race: Zerg.
Position: Attacker, obviously. Why would a Zerg be defending the survivors? Is this part really necessary?
Job: Overlord.
Appearance: Bloated. Brownish exoskeleton with large green sacs for holding the gasses that enable flight.
Weapons: Weight, size, and to a lesser extent, teeth and claws.
Personality: Hrmm... not really much of a personality. Intelligent enough to be completely devoted to the Swarm and completely useful to the Swarm, not intelligent enough to seek other employment opportunities. Obeys orders from superiors, but prefers not to listen to anything other Overlords or Overseers say.
Background: the Cerebrate that controls 22-3A has noted his extreme capability in the past, and he has become a favorite weapon.
Name: Pierre
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Posistion: Survivor
Job: Head Chef
Appearance: 5‘9, 42 years of age, roughly 190 pounds. Short brown hair, a large mustache, dark brown eyes. Wears a chef’s hat, along with some kitchen robes and such things.
Weapon: Butcher’s knife, several other large knives, a hammer.
Personality: Eccentric, and very french. He enjoys cooking, cutting, bashing and smashing. He critiques often and harshly, and is in general an unlikable guy.
Background: The son of a prestigious chef, this man went to cooking school, did poorly, but his father pulled enough strings to get him to be the head chef on this ship

From Dacder
And I'm editting mine due to some mistakes.
Name: Leon "Hammer" Preston
Gender: Male
Race: Terran (Questioned as Infested)
Position: Questioned Survivor
Job: Mechanic
Appearance: 6'1, 39 years of age, approximately 178 lbs. Medium-length black hair, unkempt goatee, hazel eyes. Often wears a black jumpsuit.
Weapon: P9 Gauss Pistol, Metal Rod
Personality: Generally kind and level-headed.
Background: An experienced mechanic, Leon can build almost anything from a good pile of scraps; a useful skill to have when weapons are scarce and you're surrounded by Zerg. Unfortunately, many do not trust him after he was questionably 'infested'. His lower body was supposedly 'confirmed' as infested, but his upper body is untouched and he is unaffected by any type of Zerg control. Now, most of the other survivors question if he can still be trusted in the looming situation; maybe if he kills enough Zerg, they'll begin to believe him when he says he is human.
He doesn't know about the Zerg, no one but the Confederate higher ups do.
Amzinoji. Tis is actually quite intersting. But the only hole I find in it is how he resists. Only someone with a large psionic potential could p, but not even that easily. Just have it so he was thought to be infested, but he really was/wasn't (you can reveal later or in background) and people don't trust him.

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