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Planned start date: January: 4th.
Sweet deal. OK, Koro, quick question: Since my character (technically) is a Ghost, does he know about the Zerg?

Oh, and I would like to keep him alive. I am (hopefully) reusing him later.
Yes. And if you play smart you will. :P
Forgot to post mine XD

Name: Dante "Korozain" Orin
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor (can be swapped to rescue team if needed)
Job: Military (Ghost Sniper) Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Appearance: about 6'5", Asian-Black descent(light tan skin), skinny yet muscular
Looks like this but with ghost helmet.

Weapon: BOSUN F92 Long Range Rifle, sidearm: 2 C-7 Pistols (also PI - 8 Psionic, can manipulate battlefield but drains him)

Personality: Lone Wolf fighter, somewhat dark personality, usually mean or sarcastic, very un-empathetic. Enjoys the cold.

Background: He came from Old Family Orin. He never enjoyed being wealthy, because he knew the corruption that came from power and money. At the age of 9, he was taken from the Ghost Program, and he was actually glad. He decided not to use his full name often, so he created the alias of Korozain, (don't ask how he got the idea of the name).At the age of 20 he had already completed 27 missions, and racked up a total of 489 kills, almost half were headshots. He was sent as a guard for the Confederate Mining operation, now he is one of the survivors.
Koro, just noticed something. The year is 2499, and Tarsonis doesn't fall till the year 2500. Slight problem with your character's backstory there.
01/02/2013 04:50 PMPosted by Korozain
Amzinoji. Tis is actually quite intersting. But the only hole I find in it is how he resists. Only someone with a large psionic potential could p, but not even that easily. Just have it so he was thought to be infested, but he really was/wasn't (you can reveal later or in background) and people don't trust him.

You could have a parasite unknowingly infect him. The character will look completely human. Undetectable by conventional scanners and it can "hijack" the host when need be in addition to altering chemical signals to the brain. Zerg will keep track of the host's movements. Could be interesting...
Name: - Classified- "Zero"
Gender: Male
Appearance: Terran - right side of head has Subdermally implanted Enhanced Optic (similar to ghosts of starcraft 1) thermal imaging, laser range finder, variable zoom (up to 500x)
Race: -Malfunction; System Failure; Synthetic Components found-
Job: Engineer(?)
Position: Survivor(?)
Age: 24-29
Backstory: "Zero" was interrogated due to the fact that none of the other survivors ever remember seeing such a "unique" individual on board, the only people aboard the ship who seemed to have heard of him was due to references by the captain of the ship. Hybrid Biomechanical implants prevent any scanning other than visual. Medic Corps lab technicians tested a blood sample and found Protein traces similar to Zerg, and Protoss Psionic biological systems (while the blood cells were terran, the blood was found to contain -classified-, and -classified-, chemicals associated with the "Spectre" program)

History: "Zero" once had a name, but frequent memory wipes have erased it long ago, his subdermal ocular implant extends back into his skull where it houses the most psionically-sensitive part of a protoss' brain replacing his right temporal lobe. The interface laced into his brain and associated with his vision give him "targetted" psionic abilities far beyond the usual Terran subjects while most ghost operatives can "cloak", "Zero" has the ability to trick even overseers and observers into believing he is "one of them" (effect works like a changeling but he becomes untargettable. However if he attacks detectors can see him but he enters a standard "cloak" (for possible gameplay purposes). Gains the ability to see through others eyes from physical contact (shared vision), and has been known to "Blink".
His implant also houses two other things, an intergalactic reciever, and a micro-thermo nuclear warhead. Every order he recieves comes with an activation code that sets a timer to the warhead, should he ever refuse an order or not get the job done, he will simply cease to exist, taking out anything within 50 meters(5 radius nuclear explosion on death)

I'm still working on it i'll update it later.
It's, uh, not that kind of RP. Survivor meaning you wake up thinking the day will be normal and instead find the place covered in a purple goo and weird monsters all over the place. Rescue is a normal day until Command calls you in. And only the Confederate Higher ups know what the Zerg are and no one knows about the Protoss.
Should I change the year and make it Dominion? Or keep the same?
Well, if you do that Koro... That kinda messes up with a few of our characters and we'll have to redux them. But everyone seems to believe that they know what the Zerg is. And Shadowblade wasn't around until the Dominion time. :\
Let's see if I don't drop out like I did last time.
I also edited some of this info, so they aren't exactly the same as last time.

Name: John "Cross" Cross
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Position: Security (Veteran, also has some engineering experience)
Appearance: 6'2, White, broad shoulders, square jaw, bald, black goatee, dark green eyes, missing right ear, blind in right eye, and heavily scarred on the right side of his face
Weapons: D-6 Charges, Torrent SR-8 shotgun, 12 inch titanium blade
Personality: Never afraid of a fight and often goes looking for one when lacking anything better to do. Some see him "as volatile as his bombs"
Background: A demolitions expert during the Guild Wars, he fought tooth and nail for the Confederacy, until a nearly fatal accident damaged his face. Unwilling to return to civilian life, he wants any job where he can hold a bomb and a gun, even if it's just a security job. He's held in high regards among the security team for his veteran status and his unyielding affinity for explosions.

Also, if Zarkun doesn't mind me on his team again:
Pvt. 1st class Tyler Reavis
Caucasian, 6'1, muscular, Slicked back black hair, One grey eye and an ocular implant that glows a bright orange.
The implant allows him to monitor the bio-signatures of his squad-mates quicker and easier than a normal marine visor.
Weapon of choice: C-10 Canister Rifle, standard issue Ghost weapon, but he is also adept with most other weapons.
His marine armor is dark orange with black trims. His face plate is remarkably like a real fire, Reavis' armor adds to his fearsome presence in a battlefield.
He would have been much higher ranking by now, but his lack of enthusiasm and questioning the authenticity of orders has led to several demotions.
Reavis was once known as "Reavis the Reaper" He now refuses to acknowledge anyone that calls him that and won't explain how he earned it. Repeated questioning angers him.
Welcome back!
Not at all Avikon! Glad to see you!
Establishing Video Uplink:
An image of a dark figure appears. It speaks, my voice. It's me.

Hello everyone. I have decided to give some people some details upon where this takes place. This is a giant mining ship, slightly larger than the size of a Minotaur class Battlecruiser. It is orbiting a planet above space. The crew have yet to go on the planets surface because they had been mining its 3 moons. One of the crew members found some odd little creature that later infected him, then the rest of the crew. All survivors will start in the ship's armory. It will contain various equipment to get you started, but not enough to survive. You will have to scavenge among the ship to find out what happened, and supplies to survive until the rescue team arrives.

Good luck, and Welcome to Deep-Space Hell

End of Transmission. that the cue to start?
No. Just a little thing I did to give everyone the situation =P
Ah, well, thought I'd ask.
Sounds a lot like "Ghost ship."

Whoa... A LOT like ghost ship!
Well, I wasn't gonna burst your bubble, but this had Ghost Ship's story line long before you came along. Though, I'll admit I only just now realized it. However, the premise is a lot different from Ghost Ship. Alas, I will say no more.

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