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Hm... Cool!

There is much evidence to proof that I didn't copy this. I just saw the many similarities and it shocked me. I know this came way before I did though. Just an observation :)
Wasn't saying you stole it. I was in Ghost Ship. Just sayin this had it beat. Kinda wondering why you don't post earlier in the day.
I didn't need to, for one. Two my internet connection was absolutely TERRIBLE! I couldn't even get to the forum menu.
Wow. That is pretty bad.
Even now it takes thirty seconds to a minute to load each page. It is getting really annoying I don't even have dial-up.
You try defraging your hard drive? That can help.
And personally, I believe that you'll have more fun on this than on Ghost Ship... I just hope we do a good ending for this one this time.

By the way.... I'm sick if you are wondering why I'm posting. :(
Making the thread now.
So, we're just restarting the whole thing?
Yep, from what I can tell. won't be the same with out Chesty...
I didn't interact all that much with Chesty.
I just liked Lorenzo. Interesting character.
I'm not trying to be negative, but I oppose any character that is able to clear a room without breaking a sweat. It kinda ruins the RP for me...
Was that Lorenzo? I that that was someone else...
You're right, my mind is mixed at the moment.

Since we're kinda re-doing this anyways, ima copy and paste Cross's original entrance and patch it up a bit. I'm also gonna re-vamp up his bio a bit, give him a more distinguished character.

Name: John "Cross" Cross
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Position: Security (Veteran, also has some engineering experience)
Appearance: 6'3, White, broad shoulders, square jaw, bald, black goatee, dark green eyes, missing right ear, blind in right eye, and heavily scarred on the right side of his face and body. He's a heavier build than most other security personnel. He wears heavy, steel-toed boots.
Weapons: D-6 Charges, custom Torrent SR-8 shotgun (Fury), 15 inch titanium blade (Faith)
Personality: Never afraid of a fight and often goes looking for one when lacking anything better to do. Some see him "as volatile as his bombs"
Background: A demolitions expert during the Guild Wars, he fought tooth and nail for the Confederacy, until a nearly fatal involving D-6 charges accident damaged his face. Unwilling to return to civilian life, he wants any job where he can hold a bomb and a gun, even if it's just a security job. He's held in high regards among the security team for his veteran status and his unyielding affinity for explosions.
A youth at the beginning of the Guild Wars, he was one of the first to sign up when the Confederate Marine Corps called for troops. He followed orders without hesitation and never looked back. At least not until the war ended.
He doesn't brag as much as other veterans, and keeps to himself about the past.
Though he may seem to have no regrets, deep down he hates the Confederacy, and holds them accountable for all of his actions.
Dacder wants to know why you didn't accept his character... Or if you just accidentally missed it.
I missed it. Forgot his was in the quote form so i didnt see it when i made the thread
Name: Dars'lian
Gender: Male
Age: 561
Race: Protoss
Position: Cleanser
Job: Templar
Appearance: Bright teal eyes and a slender appearance. Standing around 2.75 meters (9 feet) tall. His face has one large scar across one of his eyes. He wears a golden suit of armor all over his body. In the place of his right hand is a Phase Disruptor.
Weapon: Psionics, Psi-Blade, Phase Disruptor.
Personality: A deep thinker and honorable. He doesn't care for the lives of others as long as he accomplishes what he sets out to do. He will crush any resistance.
Background: Dars'lian is a High Templar from all the services he has provided. He has fought through many battles and he seeks to cleanse the Zerg from the universe. He lost his hand to the Zerg in a battle and now, finding Zerg bio-signatures on a Terran ship he seeks to eliminate the Zerg on that ship, and if possible, give the Terran's a chance at survival.
Very Nice, I could see this working out later in the story.
Name: Jane Shiner
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor
Job: Computer Operatior
Appearance: 5'8, Brown hair
Weapon: None
Personality: Very kind, jumpy, very trusting.
Background: Was always interested in computers and eventually got hired to the Scavenger to help operate and clean them. Very close friends with James though he was separated while running from the Zerg.

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