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Ummmmmm Koro
Hey, just want to tell everyone that I aim to stay away from Starcraft lore in this. While the Zerg (and maybe later Protoss) will be the same, the names should be different. Like rather than calling a Zergling a Zergling, we could give it some name considering we dont know what they are like Hounds. And Hydralisks Serpents.

Just wanted to make that announcement considering the fact our characters have no fecking idea what these things are and please do not say "Infested".
Say infected. Let's face it, that's what it is anyways.
Pretty much. Or something, like right now Korozain's calling them "crazies".
That was my bad, lol.
You're not the only one who has done it Mark. There were a couple other people.

Zealot Elite

Psi-halberd, Psi-blaster

Personality: Taedaris is strong minded, strong willed and loyal to the Daelaam and their allies. He can often be found training with his weapons, which are unique to his class of Zealot. When not training, he meditates, increasing his mental prowess and creating new ways to use his psionic potential. When he is angered, you should fear him, for few can stand before his righteous fury.

Back story: Taedaris is one of the few Daelaam Protoss who were chosen to be trained as an Elite Zealot. While lacking the mental power of a High Templar, the Elites are twice as quick and strong as any Zealot, with a much higher control of their psionic powers. However, they’ll never be able to be as strong as a Templar, nor reach their level. Elite Zealots are a class all their own. Taedaris is still considered young by Protoss standards, only being 200 years old, but he is powerful in his own right, being the second highest ranking Elite, an Imperator. He, however, is not their leader. He’s been an Elite since he was only 50 years old, training with his father until he surpassed him and was allowed to gain a real rank. Since then, he has fought against the Swarm and the Terran Confederacy, even seeing conflict against the heretical Tal’Darim. While slaying his brethren brings him no joy, he will not allow them to sully the Protoss name and harm Xel’Naga artifacts.

Appearance: Wears a suit of Protoss armor that envelops his entire body, but the helmet can appear and vanish with a thought. His eyes are orange to signify his allegiance to the Daelaam and he is about 7' 5" tall. The armor looks like a suit of standard Zealot armor minus the Psi-Blade attachments and is orange and blue.

OOAC: I can make adjustments as needed, and if he gets rejected, I'll just wait for another RP.
Zarkun, we already know that you need adjustments, just the one that fits it into the timeline. Like the whole Tal'Darim and Dominion part for the most part.
I'll make those adjustments later. I mean other things, not to mention there's nothing to say that the Tal'Darim weren't around before SC2.
Actually, tis true that one is. The only accounts of the Tal'Darim was during the fall of Auir when they were cut off. That's all Blizzard said.


But in my opinion it all looks fine, the only thing you have to watch out is the timeline issues but then again, everyone knows that's simple to fix.
What did you do Mecha...

And Zarkun the last part needs to be edited, and I don't think the Dominion would work with the protoss... I mean Raynor would make sense though-ish. Other than the history, Good.
That wasn't working with them, that was fighting them.
OH misread. Okay then, but still, it has yet to happen (Thats why I wanted to make this Dominion time because more things could happen, such as this.)
By the way... You ain't killin' Abyss this time Zarkun! :P
umm CR, I need you to answer to me in Outbreak.

Also Zarkie you killed his character???
No you ain't. He's escaping this time even if you have to hunt him down yourself. Come on, don't you believe in second chances for infested murderers?
Technically the last time we did this RP, Abyss had an unfortunate encounter with the business end of Jake's plasma gun. It didn't go well.
Lets just see how it plays out.

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