The Outbreak(Revived) Pre-RP/Discussion

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Mecha I would edit out the 'Zarkie' part of you last post .....
Mecha, I have an idea, so let's run across each other, okay? Me and James with his cat.
Ummm im in the armory........
Which is where I'm heading. Perfect.
Dac, no. I will eat you if you do.
Ummm Zarkie arnt u doin a toss char??????
I am, but he isn't coming in until later. And is it that hard for you to just call me Zarkun or Zark? I seriously dislike Zarkie.
Its a cool nickname........ Also wat about SF char
Apparently out in the halls by his last post.
Its only cool if the person your calling the name thinks its cool. And "Zarkie" sounds like something a little kid would say anyways. Or a chick
ShadowFury. If you aren't going to post, tell me please
Ummm when is SF and Zarkiuns toss chars coming in and whatabout Dacs Ovie???
They'll come in. I'll cue them. or they can come whenever.
I'll wait for the cue. I'm a patient person.
Is this cue gonna take forever???? Also what about poor old Abyss stalking the halls???
Abyss stalked the halls a lot in the other version too. Don't worry, he's got it figured out. Really there's one key event that needs to happen.
What is that??????
01/14/2013 06:18 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
What is that??????
Read and find out.
You'll know.

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