The Plague of Soralinas (Disscussion/Pre-RP)

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Soralinas was once a place filled with life prospering, even with the few times of peace. That all changed when the plague swept through. It killed many. The people were decaying slowly as they lived, and when they died their bodies decayed faster than should be possible. It left skeletons with flesh, muscle, sometimes even organs hanging off. And within two days over death these corpses came back to life. They were dubbed, the Decayed. The plague started deep within the human's plains of Deria. As the humans fled from the destructive beasts the plague spread out. Soon the entire nation was covered in these beasts. Very few strongholds still survived through their havoc. The plague then went west, to Dratkal a land of mountains and forests, taking hold of the Orcs within their fortresses. These overly powerful berserking Decayed that came out went north, to the nation of the High Elves, the name of which being Seralis. And many Orcs fled across the Ocean to the island named Forsatina, a jungle home to the humanoid creatures known as Forsans. As the plague spread to these two nations the High Elves were being overwhelmed, while the Forsans were nearly wiped out by the Decayed. Soon it spread north once more, spreading to the mountainous land, Terra, home of the Dwarves, the Wasteland, home of the Dark Elves, and the forested country, Norsia, home of more humans. From the Wasteland it moved south to Dorfal, home of the Gornasins, but it was here that the Decayed were defeated. From living in swamps filled with diseases the Gornasins grew a powerful immune system. Soon they helped the other races. But the plague left destruction, and the land was not prosperous for another century.

It had been two hundred years since the outbreak of what is now called the Plague of Decay. All the nations are prospering as they had before the plague. Useful new technologies are being researched by all the races, except the Orcs, they're too stupid. War has returned to a normal thing between the Orcs and other races, namely the Dwarves and Humans. The Forsan's are at a higher than ever population, and they recently have birthed many witches and warlocks. The humans have gotten started on the most basic of pistols, but these are only available to the royal family. Trade between the human and elven nations are at an all time high and the Dwarves have found out how to build explosives, and even Gatling Guns. But recently, a human trade town in Norsia has went completely dark, nothing is known about them. There are no signs of anyone, and no signs of attack. It's like everyone just got up and left. This is only known to the royal family and top commanders of Norsia, no one else. Could this just be a timely raid, or the plague returning?
The Humans of Soralinas are the jack-of-all trades. They are the most simplistic of the races. Their technology is more advanced than most, and their strengths are mostly physical labor. Magical abilities are uncommon among the humans, and their reproduction rate is probably the most, next to the Forsans. Humans are the most unbalanced race as well, but what they lack in magic and intelligence they make up for with numbers. Many of their alchemical achievements are accidental. The worship all the gods, and it is not uncommon to find them worshiping the Demonic monarchs.

Dark Elves:
The Dark Elves being the same academics as the High Elves makes them one of two most intelligent races. When it comes to the magic the Dark Elves can summon the darker elemental, deathly destructive, evil illusions, and other such dark arts, but they can use restorative magic if needed. The Dark Elves worship the demonic monarchs, opposite of the High Elves, they are as follow: Shadows, Norla, Demise, Dreadrin, magic, Kyrin, bloody warfare, Sorzlid, and sins, Golamis. Dark Elves are almost always born with the ability to use magic; those who are not born with the ability of magic are either exiled when they are 10 years of age, or killed at the same age. Dark Elves are very good at creating lethal poisons.

High Elves:
The High Elves are the most academic of the races, only race to rival them being Dark Elves. As well as the most powerful when it comes to the magic of restoring life, messing with minds, and other such non-harmful magic, but they can also use destructive elemental magics if needed. High Elves are always born with magic. High Elves are very good at making helpful potions. The High Elves worship the gods, opposite of the Dark Elves, the gods are as follow: Arsil, Feris, and Ankh.

The Orcs are the second stupidest race. Their technology they get from raiding the towns of other races. They build large stone fortresses filled with the siege cannons they have taken from the Dwarves, their massive strength allowing them to use the siege cannons with ease. They are rarely born with magic, and those that are born with magic are worshiped has prophets and shamans. The Orcs worship the demonic emperor Sorzlid the most. There are few who study the arts of alchemy, and those who do are thought to be weak. The main Orc focus is warfare of all kinds, most learn how to swing swords and axes, while some use bows, and a few learn how to use siege weaponry that is stolen from the other races.

Forsan is the general term for the three humanoid beasts that roam the forests of Forsatina, the three different species being Harpies, Wolfmen, and Panthetines, who are essentially cat people, are all agile and fairly strong, third strongest of the races, with the exception of the harpies who are only slightly stronger than humans. These beast people are split up into three different worships. The Wolfmen worship Feris, the Panthetines worship Ankh, and the Harpies worship Norla. Each of them has their own specialties in weaponry as well; the Wolfmen loving the use of scythes, battle axes, and greatswords, the Panthetines being in love with knives and bows, and the Harpies using spears and bows as their main weaponry, as well as their talons. Very few have the ability of magic, and all that do are thought to be witches and warlocks and are exiled from their lands. They use of poison is common for these races do to their environment being filled with toxic plants. They have primitive technology and their only siege weapon is a battering ram.

Humanoid lizard races of swamplands, these creatures are immune to almost all diseases, and have a killer instinct. Their appearances differ mainly by coloring and arrangement on the spikes sticking out of their scaly heads. Their worship goes to Gorlas and Ankh. They have basic flintlock firearms, which they gained shortly after the intuitive Dwarves due to them barely being touched by the plague that ravaged the land. Almost all their weapons are coated in poison due to it being so easy to find toxins in their swamps. They love to use their pistols and swords as much as often and usually resort to Guerilla tactics.

Dwarves are the second strongest race, and the greatest at engineering. Their achievements have led them to having the first gunpowder weaponry. The Dwarven army is equipped with Flintlock weaponry and filled with siege cannons. They have great strength, but lack agility. Very few Dwarves are born with magic, those who do have magic rarely use it for combat purposes, but use it help them in their engineering endeavors. They are not very good alchemists, and they love all shiny things they find within their mines, especially a metal only found in Terra called Diamond Iron, for it is as durable as Diamonds, but are a metal and are as common as Iron. The Dwarves worship Lorenzi and Dorros. Dwarves always use their strongest weapons; these are usually axes and their gunpowder weaponry. They also have built steam powered tanks.

The Orc Chieftan, Crogar the Powerful

The Dwarf Chief, Gorlis Strong-Mind

The Human King, Derrel Jordis

The High Elf Queen, Taria Serene

The Dark Elf Emperor, Forjaz Morsil

The Gornasin Empress, Vashia Sanlah

The Forsan Wolfmen Chief, Worlis Anubis

The Forsan Harpy Queen, Torese Wide-Wing

The Forsan Panthetine Queen, Ryshalla Battle-Claw

The Land or Soralinas:
Hammerfell and Highrock are Norsia, the forested, somewhat mountainous home of Humans. Morrowind is the Wasteland, a place with some vegetation, and little wildlife, this is home to the Dark Elves, and it lacks much sunlight. Summerset Isles being Forsatina, forest covered island of the Forsans. Argonia being Dorsal, the swampy, disease filled land of the Gornasins. Elsweyr being Deria, plain home of the humans. Valenwood is Dartkal, mountainous and forested home of the brutal Orcs. Cyrodil as Seralis, home of the High Elves, place covered in many different types of landscapes, with the exception of deserts and arctic like places. At last, Skyrim being Terra, mountainous home of the Dwarves. Sorry for how messy this was.
The religion of Soralinas is real, for they have witnessed the gods, and the demon monarchs. The Demonic Monarchs are as follow: Kyrin, Empress of Magic and Destruction, Norla, Empress of Darkness and Shadows, Dreadin, Emperor of Demise, Sorzlid, Emperor of Warfare and Blood, and Gorlas, Emperor of Disease and Plague, but even he does not know where the undead plague originated, for he did not create it. The gods are as follow: Lorenzi, God of Mercantile and Wealth, Dorros, God of Blacksmithing and Engineering, Ankh, Goddess of Life and Medicine, Feris, God of Honour and Strategy, and Arsil, Goddess of Magic, Alchemy, and Peace.

Elemental: The most easily learned magic, but also one of the most energy draining from creating destructive energies from nothing. It governs the fields of the use of fire, water, earth, air, and plant life in all their forms. Though it is easy to learn it is difficult to master. But when one has mastered it they are damn near unstoppable.
Restorative: A fairly easy to learn magic, it allows you to heal your own or others wounds. The energy sapped from you doing so depends on the wound, and it also allows you to restore energy to others at the cost of your own. Another trait of this magic is the property to cure diseases if you are skilled enough. Once it is learned, it is not difficult to master. Most who master this become priests and priestesses, for those who want to combat only learn the basics.
Illusional: This magic is hard to learn, and more difficult to master. Only those with the strongest wills can use this. It allows the combatant to create powerful illusions and make someone believe something untrue. Like making them believe their best friend is their worst enemy. But to do this you must become more skilled, you must make your will stronger, and you must have a creative imagination. Only the opponents of the strongest wills can withstand the illusions and fight against the mind of a Master of Illusions.
Conjuring: This is considered a dark art, for you most usually call upon demonic creatures from the hells of the Demonic Monarchs, or reanimate the dead as monstrous creatures that bend to your will.Fortunately and unfortunately this did not allow Necromancers to control the Decayed. When enough Conjurers come together they can summon powerful beasts from the hells that could not be summoned by only one or be controlled by only one. If there are enough Masters of Conjuring present they can even summon a Demon Monarch to the world. This magic is difficult to learn and just as much to master. Though once one has mastered the arts of Conjuring, he is able to summon powerful demons and a legion of skeletons.
Vampiric: This magic is moderate in the way of difficulty to learn and master. It is the opposite of Restorative. Where in restorative you heal and grant life, Vampiric saps life, energy, and casts curses and diseases upon your enemies. This is believed to be the most devilish of magic. Those who learn this are usually driven insane by the power and become sociopaths. And over time their hands deteriorate into bones, but yet through some magic they can still move the fingers without muscle. Those who master this are considered very dangerous and near impossible to kill due to their powerful magic. Vampires do no truly exist here, but the masters of Vampiric Magic are called Vampires.

Character Sheet:
Nation: (This determines your starting position).
Magic: (If any)
"Reserved in case I need it in the future. Perhaps it will be updates on the story so far... It is now open to discussion."
their reproduction rate is probably the highest, next to the Forsans.

I missed it earlier. Also, would it be possible for a thief to have stolen a pistol from the royals?
Name: Valkoth
Race: Dwarf
Age: 34
Weapons: Axe (x2), Clockwork Rifle, Mug of beer
Nation: Terra
Magic: Restorative
Appearance: 4 foot three, burly, heavy-built. Armored with winged golden helmet, gold-colored armor plating with various tools around his body. Has a grey back-pack filled with everything he needs.
Backstory: Highly renowned engineer, Valkoth has been to just about everywhere to fix just about everything. He has tool for every job, a joke for every race, and a single gun to deal with every nuisance. To him, everything is a challenge, a puzzle to be solved with tools at hand (And with beer. LOTS of beer)
"Yes. If they were quite skilled. So you're going to be a thief? That's different.

"Your dwarf will be quite slow carrying around a Gatling gun."
I am indeed, going to be a thief.

Name: Fenris Gunther
Race: Human
Age: 25
Weapons: Sword of Shadows, thief's kit, stolen flintlock pistol
Nation: Norsia
Magic: Restorative, Illusional
Appearance: 6'1", leather armor, red cloak, striking blue eyes, brown hair cut short, lithe muscular build.
Backstory: Fenris has been a thief since he was 5 years old, starting out stealing food to help him survive, then getting bigger as he got better. Eventually he found himself doing a heist in the palace of the royal family, making off with 300 gold pieces and a pistol. He has since refrained from such large and dangerous jobs, not eager to find his head missing from his shoulders.
"Zarkun, yours is accepted. I just want to make sure Jester is fine with carrying this around." know, he might steal some dwarf weaponry for extra gold...
"Now that you have changed, Jester, it should work. Increased optics did come before guns anyways."
Name: Luke Sillinpar.
Race: Human
Age: 31
Weapons: A buckler sword, as well as a small crossbow.
Nation: Norsia
Magic: Conjuring

Appearance: Is hooded, with a clean-cut face and blue eyes. Around 5'10, 165 pounds, he's not the most muscular, but decently athletic and quite fast. The armor he often wears is black, and a red robe underneath that.

Backstory: Born as the son to a pair of demonic worshipers, they forced him to learn conjuration magic, and do not much else, until the age of 16. By then, he hated them, and managed to escape the prison called his house, never looking back. Since then, he has made money through all sorts of means, and has a pretty good amount of wealth, though he's always worried about it running out..even in his low-cost lifestyle. Because of his backround, he is often anti-social and frightened of other people, preferring time alone to meditate. He shuns his parents for their doing, but has no qualms using conjuration magic himself, making himself a bit of a hypocrite. He often wonders about cities, renting rooms in Inns, though he's been saving for a house for the longest time.
"Good, everyone so far has been accepted."
this will be prone to change ...... until i say other wise .....

Name: Tarioshi
Race: Forsan Panthetine
Age: 18
Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Bow, Daggers
Nation: Forsatina
Magic: Restorative, Elemental
Appearance: 5'4", tiger like, usually wears leather with a little bit of metal armor (think Assassins Creed),
Backstory: Exiled when she turned 15 for being a witch. She had only just discovered her magic abilities, almost entirely by accident, a few days after becoming an adult. There just happened to be a trading ship from the Dwarves in port at her home town of Oceanfall. Tari went with the Dwarves as she was no longer allowed among her people. Over the next three years she has trained under mages from several races (mostly human, dwarf, and High Elf), to hone her skills in elemental and restorative magics. Tari spends her time travelling and from time to time doing odd jobs to get much needed supplies. Most recently she has made her way to Kirstis.
Orcs, smarter than humans? Eh...

I would like to be an Orc and take a shot at defining some Orc lore, but I think I'll play it safe.

Claws, teeth, tail, twin sabres, sling, musket.
Some small amounts of Restorative magic.
Taller but thinner than most Gornasin. Tends to be calmer and less warlike than others, but this is counterbalanced by his tendency to succumb to berserker rages.
Framed for the murder of his father and slated for execution. He escaped and swore vengeance. He found another tribe that was glad for the addition of a fierce warrior, but only stays with them some of the time. Spends most of his time roaming the swamps.
"Orcs are dumber than humans. They just raid and steal technology from other races. And it is accepted."
Well somebody saw the Hobbit :P
Mark, this has nothing to do with the Hobbit. SF has been working on this RP for a good couple months now.
12/23/2012 01:33 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Well somebody saw the Hobbit :P

Can you say: Elder Scrolls?
"Yeah, the races were inspired by the Elder Scrolls, the storyline was inspired by the black death and the need for an antagonist. Though I did see the Hobbit yesterday."

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