The Plague of Soralinas (Disscussion/Pre-RP)

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is there a 'trial of adulthood/similar such custom'?
what would be the age for above question? (if there is such a custom)
lifespan of Panthetine?
what would be a ..... good last name for a Panthetine?
"Lifespan would be about to 60 years of age. There is no such custom, but they would be considered adults at age 15. Now for the last name, I suppose it would be a family name such as Quick-Claw or Savage-Teeth."
Char sheet complete
"Your character is accepted Morph. I will start this RP on the 26th."
kk though there are somethings that i need your imput on ...... name of port-town Tari was born in ..... and the town she is arriving at when RP starts ....
"Born in, how about Oceanfall, and the one she's arriving in, well there is no set starting location, but I guess the capital of Norsia, Kirstis."
kk those are fine ill edit in a moment .....
Character Sheet: CrymsonRaven
Name: Sharkû Ararina
Race: Orc
Age: 23
Weapons: Bow w/poisoned arrows (This is a poison that affects the nervous system), Curved Blade
Nation: Dartkal
Magic: Alchemy (If it is one? Shrug) in secrecy.
Appearance: One of the many Orc women that is actually beautiful compared to the standard Orc. Hair is a rich black color that was tied into a tail almost, it's out of the way during combat. Like most Orc's, there are already scars on her skin from the harrowing trial that all Orc's had to do. Eyes are orange.
Backstory: One of the "smarter" Orc's out there, secretly learning alchemy, it fascinated her, learning how to create concoctions that could kill troves of people! From poisons, to unstable explosive vials. But alas, it's all in secrecy due to the amount of disapproval of it. And like all Orc's in her tribe, they had to learn how to fish, hunt, farm, gather... Survival.
"I know this would be considered both a necro and double post, but I must know. If I were to revive this with more refinement on the lore, and if needed, some change on the story, would people like to join?"
yes ... I'd likely just recycle my char from this though
I'd rejoin and do the same, recycle.

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