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No worries :)

Had to get some official answers to ensure the information I provide is correct. I apologize for the delay.
Thanks a lot for the news Machkhan.
We will be able to keep playing.
Thank you for the update Machkhan. Can you provide more information on where this came from? Thank you!
@Hercules - You will need to create a new thread for your issue, as this thread is dedicated to Mac OS X 10.6 and StarCraft II.

@Sliek - This update was provided directly from our team. I hope that answers your question. If not, please let me know!
Hey all,

I've got some additional updates on 10.6 systems and StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm/Wings of Liberty 2.0.

  • Players with Mac OS X 10.6 will still be able to patch and play both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm; however, we are dropping support for that OS and any bugs caused by that OS may not be fixed.
  • We will be unable to assist with technical support issues caused by the use of Mac OS X 10.6. We recommend [url="https://battle.net/support/article/4100043"]upgrading to the newest OS[/url] to ensure the best compatibility with Wings of Liberty post patch 2.0 and for Heart of the Swarm.

It's great to see they kind of changed their policy on this.

Like others have said this is mainly an Apple issue however I do have a minor concern.

Due to the Vista like nature of the Lion update to OS X I feel it would be wise for Blizzard to reevaluate the "current and one prior version" OS X support policy.
Sticking to this policy shows a relative amount of ignorance toward the Mac community in general as well as an ignorance in regard to the current OS situation for a lot of Mac users.
As other sites have reported recently 10.6 has gained an XP like following. Personally I have moved on to 10.8 but I completely sympathize with the 10.6 crowd. 10.7 and 10.8 do a lot of things wrong and outright remove features to support things like tightening up the OS from a copyright standpoint.

I do not want to turn this into an Apple hate thread but it would be wise for those making the OS X decisions at Blizzard to take a step back and look at what is going on out there before they make blind decisions on which OS to support.
Hey Kris,

I'll gladly forward your feedback up for review. If there is any additional updates, I'll post back for sure. I know our teams are always reviewing such policies, and data gathered from surveys and so forth.
According to the chart in this article:

Snow Leopard has a greater internet usage share than Lion. Obviously only Blizzard knows what the usage share on SC2 is, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be too far off.

Apple is moving towards a 12 month cycle for OS releases. Snow Leopard was released on 8/09, Lion on 7/11 and Mountain Lion on 7/12. That means a policy of only supporting the current and previous major OS versions could mean no support for an OS that has been off the market a little over a year. As it stands, on March 12 (technically, the 2.0 patch before March 12) we'll lose support for an OS that will have been off the market for 20 months. That is way too short.
they support the most recent and previous fully, and the one before it as "soft support for 6 months or so" so technically an OS will be supported 18 months not 12. Considering a 29 or 19 dollar upgrade cost it's not too bad. It's still hard to support even an OS that's 2 years old because that means it's just sorely out of date. WIth apple discontinuing OS versions every year now instead of every 2-3, it means the old oses get even less support from apple. I live for a day that ati and nvidia can provide the drivers like they do windows, or Apple does it longer, but that's just not how apple does things :(
I'm just glad the game will still run! Unsupported I can live with! I still play SC:BW, and I'm fairly certain support for that is a tad long since buried! ;)

I suppose I'll wait on buying HotS until other 10.6 people can confirm it works (even if it's not supported-we'll trouble shoot as need be! Since when did Mac users lose that do-it-yourslf support group community? I miss my MUGs).

As for comments on 10.6 being defunct... Really? It's what? Three and a half, edging on FOUR years old? [edited typo] I quite literally own boots older than that. I hardly blame Blizzard-they've got more than a handful with two OS's to troubleshoot, and another on the way, I'm sure. Apple is just being absurd. I remember running OS7 for SIX YEARS. OS8 for two. OS9 for another two. Each 10.x is basically a new OS, and the turn over has been rapid and jarring. It's essentially been nine operating systems in eleven/twelve years! I was upset about this decision, but not with Blizz-I couldn't expect anyone to keep up with that! I don't even expect Mac users to keep up with that. Heck, 10.9 should be dropping this year as well.

OSX 10.9. This year.

Let that sink in for a bit.

Apple loves to tinker/turn everything on its head. Blizz has to be ready to keep up. I'll still be on 10.6 (I'd be on 10.4 if it weren't for a freak chance killing my previous machine), but I can't blame them for only being willing to haul code on THREE Apple platforms. And Windows. 10.6 had to get dropped eventually, and with Apple's OSX 10.x turnover rate, sooner came faster than it ought to.

Oh, and as for buying a Mac and gaming... if you mostly play (formerly known as) Maxis and (still known as) Blizzard games, you're all set... Like me ;) Blizzard never left Mac users out in the cold, no matter the cost, and that sort of loyalty buys a LOT of patience!
Good discussion!
Here are a few comments/points and a wall of text from an 10.6 user:

Apple seems to have gone off its nut with respect to OS support. They need to think of supporting their users in terms of years, not OS versions. Five plus years should be a minimum. If your hardware can hang in there, then so should your OS and other software!

I have an almost 4 year old MacBookPro, which can technically be upgraded to 10.7, but when I did so, the fans were running full speed to keep my machine from melting ;^) (fine so I use an external fan even with 10.6 and SC2), but my comp ran too feebly with 10.7 so I downgraded back to 10.6 (Ahh! sweet stable dependable 10.6 :D).

With respect to those who argue, "Just spend the $20 bucks, silly!" It's the buying a new computer that's required to support the new OS's that's the issue! And that price tag is a tad north of $20. Then like others have said your legacy software world dies. Yes, we all have to face this sooner or later and move on, but Apple's recently accelerated fast OS turnaround, and slamming the door on 10.6 users was dramatic and harsh. WAY too sooner; should have been MUCH later. I can't even begin to describe how much of my software has been orphaned. Apple has become so cool it's cold, and that kind of bitter cold, bites.

Take elementary school computer labs (using Macs) for instance: Most schools/districts budgets are strained to keep their labs up and running; it takes considerably more than five years to gradually upgrade a lab – buying a handful (at best) of new computers every year, which they can barely afford. My friend's kid's school has computers that will be over 12 years old before they can replace all 30 Macs. If you include their classroom macs and teacher laptops, they have OS 10.3, 10.4, 10.5. 10.6, 10.8, and a 10.7 server! Plus, the costs of replacing legacy software are huge, and there's the curriculum that's been developed along with the legacy software that needs to be retooled. Not to mention the ramped up technical support and lost time due to keeping unsupported Apple investments up and running. It must be costing U.S. schools hundred's of millions of dollars to attempt to retool, but it's become a fools errand. Schools will never be able to keep up with a 2-3 OS/year turnaround; they simply don't have the money. Apple's short support window amounts to dropping Apple's commitment to Education – at least desktop/laptop wise. They want them all on iPads I guess, but what's their useful life?

What does this have to do with our beloved Blizzard/Starcraft? Apple's been drinking their own Kool Aid (made super sweet from iOS sales and sitting on billions in cash) for so long that they've lost perspective. There's going to be some desktop/laptop market blowback coming for sure. I used to feel the love, now I'm feeling something else; like a long time friend has died.

Blizzard should be looking with a cautious eye at Apple's foley, and do their best to take the long view. Think of the economics of the average Joe, and not the marketing and support policies of the shiny Apple with their new and improved bitter taste. Do your best to be the beacon :^) and support the older operating systems, because the average woebegone Apple Joe needs you to.

I've been a blizzard fan since SC1 & Warcraft 1 (remember the ships?!) I still play SC1 on my 2004 Laptop once in awhile; and it's so cool that I can do that!

Lastly, and with respect, I wish Blizzard never went to a client based model. I want my disk and hard drive based app, and I miss my bright and crisp pre 1.5 patch graphics and look and feel to SC2, but I digress.

It's good to know that I have more than 4 weeks left to play my favorite video game of all time, SC2, because I won't be able to afford a new computer any time soon; and that may be my first PC.

GG to all!
Great post Falls.
I'd also just like to mention to everyone although it is not the best solution any Mac running 10.6 should be able to support bootcamp. XP is still the minimum OS on the Windows side and I'd have to give anyone who says they don't have an XP disk lying around somewhere or with a friend a funny look.
In my own experience SC2 does seem to run a little bit better from a Windows boot anyway so it is something to consider.
Thanks for still allowing 10.6 to work with starcraft II.
Patched 2.0 today and thus far its working flawlessly on my 10.6 system. Cheers.
Same here. My buddy is playing with 2.0 on 10.6 and says it runs better!!!
The important thing to me is I can still play WoL/HoTS even without the support. That would do for now.
What really makes me sad about this patch is that if you stay on 10.6, you cant play wol or hots, but if you upgrade to anything 10.7 or above you cant play starcraft1 or brood war
Hey all,

I've got some additional updates on 10.6 systems and StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm/Wings of Liberty 2.0.

  • Players with Mac OS X 10.6 will still be able to patch and play both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm; however, we are dropping support for that OS and any bugs caused by that OS may not be fixed.
  • We will be unable to assist with technical support issues caused by the use of Mac OS X 10.6. We recommend [url="https://battle.net/support/article/4100043"]upgrading to the newest OS[/url] to ensure the best compatibility with Wings of Liberty post patch 2.0 and for Heart of the Swarm.

That is great to hear. I have been a loyal Blizzard fan since WCII. I was a little concerned about this compatibility issue when it arose. I went ahead and bought HotS CE with the intent to upgrade to 10.8. I was also concerned that my optical drive wasn't loading the HotS disc because of the compatibility. I think I just have a faulty drive.

By the by, WoL worked fine with OS 10.6.8

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