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This thread is to see how creative you people can be. This thread is not for just factions, it is for armies.

My personal army is the Converse Elite Legion, along with the many legions of Protoss and other aliens and such.

Another of my legions is the Psionic Legion that can literally crush an entire battalion of tanks.

These and my other legions form the insanely powerful Army of Creation.

I'd like to see what everyone else can think up, and I'd love to see what ShadowFury has that can counter my Tech Legion

Full List:
Converse Elite Legion
Psionic Legion
Akailae Legion
Nerazim Legion
Zergy/Xenomorph Legion
Mage Legion
Demonic Legion
The Ral’zar

They all have some degree of Psionics, but most often they have the equivalent of a 5 on the Terran PI index. Some of their most powerful Psionics have been recorded to be able to bend the very environment of a planet. They are excellent climbers but not very strong as swimmers. They are mechanics by nature. They are not religious and have seen the Xel’Naga come and go to through the Korprulu. They are natural predators and possess great speed and always seem to love a good fight.

Their technology rivals that of the Protoss. Their most powerful weapon is a ship like the Purifier, it is able to destroy a planet the size of Earth, but it takes a long period of time to do so. They have a multitude of machines to do work for them, especially for most of their species don’t train for the military but are more academic.

They’re skin is usually dark grey and the colour of their irises vary from pink to crimson. Their teeth are much like canines and they have claws in the place of their finger nails to help in hand to hand combat. They live up to the age of 1250 and rarely speak to other species. Their body shape is much like humans. They’re very distrusting of other species with the exception of Protoss. They aren’t as well disciplined as the Protoss,however they do hold more determination and willpower. The males also have small spikes coming out of their elbows.

They live in a tribal environment. Most are led by monarchs but some are democracies and republics. The tribes sometimes go to war with one another for expansion, resources, or because of some dispute. They have expanded over many planets and mainly consume meat. They don’t require very much Oxygen allowing them to thrive in environments with minimal Oxygen.

They often send in a small undetectable scouting drone to check out a planet before they decide to start a colony for they do not want to show themselves truly. The only ones to be seen by the inhabitants of the Korprulu sector are wanderers and outcasts who never reveal anything about their society.

Bellator: These Simple Machines are easily built and are quick to attack. They lack legs to allow for quicker production for the fans that keep them afloat are easier to produce and make work for these machines. They’re torso and arms are shaped much like a humans but they’re heads are of a pyramid and lacking a neck. They have metal blades sticking out of the end of their arms. Their entire body and weapons are made of a black metal. These machines have a medium endurance metal and weak shielding. (In game terms: 75 HP, 40 SP Tags: Mechanical, Armored)

Blaze Arcus: This two wheeled machine isn’t all that fast but it sure as hell is mean. From its right arm it fires an explosive that leaves the blast area aflame for several seconds before it goes out. From its left arm it spurts a flame 10 foot flame for when the enemies are getting too close to fire the explosive at. It sports a color of orange red and yellow. Their main body is a rectangular prism aiming upwards with the pair of wheels at the base. The arms are sticking about an inch off of the main body and have are barrels from aiming forward. The heads are cubes. These machines have high endurance metal and medium strength shielding. (In game terms: 150 HP, 65 SP Tags: Mechanical, Armored)

Sicarius: These machines have built in cloaking devices and a long ranged energy sniper. They also are very well equipped with a very advanced radar system that tracks cloaked and burrowed enemy movement allowing them to be some of the ultimate assassins. They’re fairly fast and have the technology to warp short distances. These mechanical machines have rubber feet and human shaped legs to allow silent running and a medium sized body painted white. Its right arm is an energy sniper and lacks a left arm. Its head is a cube and holds several cameras aiming forward. These machines have low endurance and shielding is low. (In game terms: 50 HP 25 SP Tags: Mecanical, Light)

Gladiator: These Ral’zar spent a century studying the arts of war and are equipped with some of the best equipment. They have armor to be desired by the Protoss Zealot’s and are equipped with Blood Rifles. These rifles firing sharp 12mm crimson metal projectiles that explode after fifteen seconds at intense speeds could cause any enemy to flee in terror. They have the equipment to do short range warps and have the Psionics to activate a cloaking system on their suits. They are extremely rare to find on the battle field due to most Ral’zar being academic. They’re armor is painted black and red and it covered everything but they’re eyes, hands and elbows. They’re armor and selves have high endurance and they have powerful shielding. (In game terms: 200 HP 200 SP Tags: Biological, Psionic Armored)

Architectus: These Ral’zar have dedicated their time to building war machines and will be able to warp in some of their designs straight to the battlefield or build them. Such machines to warp in would be Phantom’s and Umbra Destroyers, such to build would be Shade Turrets and Scorpio Cannons. They are not well armored or equipped with any weaponry but they’re ability to repair and build machines in battle is much needed in any siege or combat force. With low endurance and shields they must stay behind the combat line. (In game terms: 45 HP 50 SP Tags: Biological, Light

Accensus: These Ral’zar are lightly armored and have only spent a decade working on the arts of war. They’re armed with Energy Rifles and combat knives. They also have plasma grenades to disintegrate enemy infantry. They have decent aim and are good at melee combat. They’re endurance level is very good and they’re shielding is almost as good. (In game terms: 145 HP 135 SP Tags: Biological, Light)

Legionary: These Ral’zar are heavily armored and have spent a decade working on the arts of war. They’re armed with Energy Cannons and Lightning Spears. They have Anti-Matter grenades to blow through enemy armor. They have a good aim and are quite skilled in melee combat. Their endurance level is high and they’re shielding is just as good. (In game terms: 175 HP 175 SP Tags: Biological, Armored)

Phantom: These mobile pieces of machinery are mechs and air fighters all in one. They are armed with Plasma Miniguns as well as Mors AA Turrets. The Plasma Miniguns deal massive damage to lightly armored opposition and the Mors AA Turrets can decimate armored air opponents. There are four miniguns mounted on the Phantom and two Mors AA turets. When the Phantom is on the ground it is only able to use one of the Mors AA Turrets due to one aiming at the ground and is able to use all four miniguns, this reduces its anti-air capabilities but makes it able to dominate the ground. When the Phantom is in the air it is able to use both of its Mors AA Turrets but only one of the Miniguns. It allows it to destroy air but leave its air-to-surface capabilities damaged. It is painted black, crimson, and white. It has high endurance armor and quite powerful shielding. (In game terms: 300 HP 275 SP Tags: Mechanical, Armored)

Umbra Destroyer: This massive machine wreaks havoc by dropping large explosives that can turn a massive army of biological beings into ash. The powerful machines only defense against air units are three pairs of plasma machine guns on the port and starboard sides. They are not often used in battle situations unless there is no other alternative to defeating a coming army. Their endurance is overly high and their shielding is phenomenal. (In game terms: 450 HP 575 SP Tags: Massive, Mechanical, Armored)

Adeptus: This grand device has been built and has only been seen by the engineers and mechanics that designed and built it. They were then killed off. Only a few now have knowledge of its existence. It was built to destroy. It can level a city in only a minute. It can decimate an army. It is the one most powerful and most dangerous weapon in existence. It is the only machine that is hoped to never be revealed. But if it is, the ones who attack the worlds of the Ral’zar shall wish they were never been born. They hope that it would end a war in one swift strike and keep a war from breaking out. But they find it overly destructive, but it would be the only way to keep them safe for an eternity. The number of which currency put into this machine is unable to be counted. The endurance and shielding of this machine is made to keep it unable to be destroyed. (In game terms: 25 000 HP 45 000 SP Tags: Heroic, Massive, Armored, Mechanical)

"And to get maximum from things I have already posted, I need a second post."
The Followers of Rak'nashal
The many races that walk the Galaxy all have darkness in their heart. Some more so than others. And these some have been corrupted by Rak'nashal, or more commonly called by those who have experienced it, the 'Demon' (hint hint). They have been spoken to, and deemed unworthy hosts, at least, this was before Zaros. Zaros was deemed a worthy host, but his heart was too pure, and he never joined the Followers. After Zaros no being was powerful enough to become the new host for Rak'nashal, except for the children he sired. He split his attention to all three, and would wait for them to become angry, but I digress. The Followers of Rak'nashal are equipped with powerful, demonic looking armor. They're the most chaotic beings ever (after the 'Demon' and the Changeling). They seek death and destruction to all that are not their own. They have powerful machines that are forces to be reckoned with. Most have Psionic capabilities, allowing them to cause many to tremble. Their numbers are a fair amount, but they are split up much.

Sphynx: The berserker of the Followers. They dual-wield sharp, powerful swords, capable of cutting straight through Neo-steel. Their armor his heavy, but they have jump-packs to allow them to charge straight at enemies. They have weak shields emitters and have no helmets.
Hydra Rifle: The standard infantry of the Followers. They hold powerful assault rifles that can pierce twice as much armor as standard Dominion Gauss Rifles. They also have grenades that will reduce lightly armored enemies (Ghosts, Reapers, Civilians, Militia) to nothing. They have moderate strength armor and weak shield generators.
Chaos Hunter: The assassins and snipers of the Followers. They wield high powered snipers that will rip straight through the armor of Marauders, tearing the person inside apart. Their armor is weak, and their shields just as much, but they have cloaking devices that not only keep them invisible to ones eyes, but also jams radars, keeping them unseen.
Juggernaut: The powerhouses of the Followers. These infantrymen have grenade launchers and machine guns to take down enemies. They have thick armor and moderate shielding that is resistant to explosives in order to protect them from themselves.

Minotaur: The most powerful Mech of the Followers. It has dual arm cannons that put Thors to shame. They have a turret on each shoulder that fires at anything and everything that isn't an ally. Their armor is strong and durable, able to barely withstand a strike from a Yamato Cannon. They have have moderately strong shielding.
Siren: These are the main Mechs of the Followers. They have turrets that rapidly fire lasers at the end of their arms and have small missile production facilities on their backs that also fire missiles. Their armor is moderate, for a Mech, and have weaker shield generators. Sirens also have guns that can fire Sonic waves to disorient biological opponents, disrupt communication, and mess with aircrafts. They also have a focused EMP cannon that will disable enemy machines for a period of time, but it can only effect one and has quite the cooldown.

Harpy: Armed with a Chaingun these ships transform between a ground mode, in which they can tear apart infantry, or an air mode, where they can defend themselves against aerial threats, and move faster. Their armor is fairly weak, but their shielding is slightly stronger.
Gargoyle: Medium sized jack-of-all trades ship. They are armed with missiles to deal with aerial threats and a chaingun to deal with ground bound threats. Their armor is moderate and their shielding about as strong.
Wyvern (Because Drake is too mainstream): Wyverns are the most powerful ships of the Followers. Armed with hundreds of plasma firing turrets, two frontal repeater cannons that can tear apart a Battlecruiser, and able to produce and dock Phoenixes to rip apart small ships. Their armor is more powerful than a Minotaurs, and their shielding almost as powerful. These are in short supply.
Phoenix: Small AI controlled Drones that are sent out to destroy smaller ships. They are spherical and seven feet in diameter. They are armed with a rapid fire laser gun that resembles an eye on one side and have armor about as powerful as a Marauders and weak shielding.

Vehicles(By this I mean wheeled vehicles)
Hellhound: Fast moving small two wheeled vehicles that can form the reconnaissance of the Followers. They have a flamethrower mounted on either side aiming forward and a sharp tipped front they can ram into enemies and toast them good. They have fairly weak armor and weak shielding.
Fiend: The siege engines of the Followers. These slow moving, eight wheeled vehicle has a massive artillery gun that can blow apart structures and grouped infantry squads. They have moderate armor and poor shielding.

"Also add in the support of SlnderBurrito/UBD/HBRB and Smylez, as well as myself fighting. I win. And sorry everyone, I just had to do this, he was just so damn c0cky."
I have about 12 different armies, I only listed one.

And then my personal defenders, Avatars of the Gods, Mark, Prophets, and other miscellaneous of the Core Armies.

BTW don't be fooled by Mark, he once destroyed over half of my armies without even moving.

I keep my remaining armies secret, as they are scattered through dimensions.
If all were to unite....

I also have support of my own.
Brotherhood Division 12
Alpha Squadron
Slender Battalion
The All-Supreme ShadowChao Army

Just to name a few....
Dude, for the love of all things not involving me shooting your fingers off, use the RP faction thread I made. Just search it.
"Again, support of SlnderBurrito and those two factions/race. Plus my cortex races and factions I would have a vast army over time and space."
"Again, support of SlnderBurrito and those two factions/race. Plus my cortex races and factions I would have a vast army over time and space."
All you need is... HIM! Bolded for dramatic effect.
12/29/2012 07:58 AMPosted by Zarkun
RP faction thread

This wasn't for factions. This was for me to see what everyone can come up with. My actual factions will be added.
We've done this. It's in that thread.
12/29/2012 08:13 AMPosted by ShadowFury
cortex races

Then how have I not played a game with you....

Speaking of Cortex, why not try a battle on there and see how it plays out....
12/29/2012 08:47 AMPosted by Zarkun
We've done this. It's in that thread.

This is not for factions, just to see how creative you guys can be when creating OP Armies...
He's otherwise engaged working on an RP with me and Jester. You'll have to wait in line, just like everyone else. Also, use the edit button, and I've been accused of OP already, thanks to Endgame. one enjoys OP.
You must have something for your computer because no one I know can type that fast....

As I keep saying this is for armies not factions. I included several factions within my army, but that doesn't mean this is for factions.
It's called a ninja. Happens all the time. I was probably in the middle of typing the original post when you posted, then I posted and edited accordingly to the second post.
That makes sense....
And for the sake of some saying ninja, I now have to say this:


Anyway I edited the Post to say that this is for armies containing factions and divisions and such.
Okay, in that Faction Thread, we have races... Factions... Organizations... Groups... You name it.
12/29/2012 08:57 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
we have races... Factions... Organizations... Groups...

I'll look into adding my Races/Factions/Organizations/Groups/ETC. to the factions page.
12/28/2012 08:35 PMPosted by xer
This thread is not for just factions, it is for armies.

BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you tremendous fool armies ARE factions now stop wasting peoples time with this and go post here

also you might now want to mess with the Exile of Erini. I created her and I dont even know what she can do when pissed off ..... bye *walks away never to return to this thread*
I also have support of my own.
Brotherhood Division 12
Alpha Squadron
Slender Battalion
The All-Supreme ShadowChao Army

Just to name a few....

*rage slowly bulding*
Brotherhood Division 12

*rage slowly building*

Why is that? My ally and fellow RPer Wongway is the leader of the Brotherhood and allied with me. Unless you also have a faction/army called the Brotherhood....

Also, I fixed your misspell.

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