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*Opens with a view of a dusty plain. Pan camera to the right.* The Ancients. *Flash of a giant clawed hand knocking away human and Elven soldiers.* Powerful, horrible beasts from before the Ser arrived. *A flash of a human warrior, brown hair, brilliant blue eyes and his helmet missing, ramming his spear into a beasts chest and blasting it away with fire magic.* They came to destroy that which we held dear. *Village burning, with corpses of women, children and older people everywhere, along with soldiers who had fallen fighting the threat.* They slaughtered everything that was in their path. *Pans along the plain, then a flash to a fanged mouth tearing out the throat of a mother protecting her children.* No one could stand against them. *Soldiers dead on a field of grass.* So we marshaled our forces, *shows a grand army and three men at the head, facing 10 lumbering shapes coming towards them,* and we made our stand. Our women and children were safe near the Ser, and we stood to face them, *The shapes stop, one of them roaring a challenge,* and we kept our courage. *The army of men and elves charges forward, yelling their battle cries.* We met them head on, *the figure roars again and they rush forward as well, intent on crushing all resistance,* and each of us fought with the strength of a thousand men. We gave no ground, even as our numbers thinned, *a giant blade cuts several men and elves in half, but determination is on their faces,* and one by one, we brought them to their knees. *A shadowed shape goes down, then another, and another.* Victory or death was our creed that day, and it was victory we had. *The last of the forms falls and several powerful mages come forward as another appears, this one wielding two giant blades.* We even felled their master that day. *The mages channel their powers, and the forms all begin to vanish into a seal.* We sealed them away, our greatest mages giving their lives for the safety of their families. *The seal closes and the mages fall, drained of life, but when their bodies are turned over, there are smiles of triumph on their faces.* We returned to our women and children and elderly, bearing both the jubilation of victory and the sorrow of guilt, knowing we’d all be telling women and children that their husbands and fathers weren’t coming home. *Flash of the faces of women, both proud and sad, and children taking their fathers helm and solemnly wearing it in his stead.* I was one of the mages who assisted in the sealing of the Ancients and their master. *Panning right and zooming out slightly as it nears the center.* I was cursed, to wander Serin until the Ancients were truly defeated. *Comes to a sword resting in the center of the field, tip in the ground.* That day comes soon, when the Ancients will be set free, but it is not now. Now, I begin to push the minds of those who will fight them on the day they are freed, and make sure they are ready for it. *Zooms in on sword, a human figure now visible behind it, hands resting on the pommel.* They will be strong, *Flash of a select group of humans,* swift, *elves running through the trees,* undeterred, *flash of another race,* and faithful. *A flash of the groups united.* They will lead the charge to the final battle, be the result victory or death. *The human form becomes more solid and he draws the blade from the ground.* We will not go into the night quietly! * He lunges forward, towards a group of ghostly shadowed forms, the same forms as seen in the previous flashbacks.*

Listen to this song while reading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BnFHaVpy_o&list=PL3FFE7104ACD14694&index=47

Link to PreRP: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7415603920
Name: Miranda Tavirem
Age: 24
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Replon Arm and Cerebus Dagger (http://armoforion.deviantart.com/#/d4pwogg)
Magic(s): Restoration (Limited due to Replon), Tech abilities
Appearance: 5 foot 11 inches, lithe build. Unblemished face with green eyes and long brown hair. Has a cloak that surrounds her body, with one button at her throat keeping the cloak to her body. Cloak has a hood, and goes down to her legs, as well as having two crossed swords in front of a green shield. Has a shiny silver breast-plate with pink and green clothing underneath. Silver gauntlet with blue cloth underneath on her right arm. Boots are the same colors as the gauntlets.
Backstory: Born in a noble family, Miranda liked her life. She was happy living in luxury, and often went with her family almost everywhere they went. However, as she became older, she start pushing away the life of luxury, and at the 18 years old, she left the castle on her own, bumping into her brother and working with him, enjoying the excitement and the training of Restoration magic. She lost her arm when it was crushed by a boulder, and her brother had her arm replaced, and has a unnatural sensitivity to magic, like a sixth sense. Sister of Cyrus

Name: Cyrus Tavirem
Age: 32
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Replon Arm (x2), Alterus Switchaxe (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100816092209/monsterhunter/images/e/e5/AlatreonSA.png)
Magic(s): None, Tech Abilities
Appearance: Silver armored knight with clothing of blue underneath the armor, and a black cape with crossed blades and a green shield behind it. Has a metal bull-skull with horns on his both shoulders Buzz cut hair, scar down the left eye to the cheek, red slash down the other eye. Heavy-set, blue eyes, short beard. 6 foot 4 inches
Back story: Born in a noble family, Cyrus didn't enjoy the life from the start. He longed to be out there, fighting against the enemies. This desire often got him in trouble with his family, and he was eventually exiled, where he became a Mercenary. He met up with his sister one day, and they have been working together ever since. He lost his right arm in a fight with a bandit leader, and lost his other arm when fighting off creatures of Chaos. He had both his arms replaced, and enjoys his new-found abilities. Brother of Miranda.

Name: Morthelios

Age: 42?

Race: Elf/Human

Weapon: Balefire Quarterstaff and Martial arts, tithe blade (a cross between a short sword and a sickle)

Magics: Elemental (mainly fire) and Shadow

Appearance: Something like this:

The son of an elf and human, Morthelios was subject to suspicion and often persecution by both the human's in his village and occasional elf passing through. A solid practitioner of elemental magic, he eventually gave in to the hatred and left the village.

Disappearing for years, Morthelios eventually returned a changed man, his skin like hard red leather with horns protruding from his forehead. Though he won't say what happened during his years away, stories abound of a horned being wreathed in flame and shadow destroying all in it's path...

Name: Elu Zek
Weapon(s): Hellstaff of Twists (http://bossmoss75599.deviantart.com/art/Monster-Hunter-Lotus-Longsword-110380993), and Demon's Wrath(http://bossmoss75599.deviantart.com/art/Monster-Hunter-Lotus-Longsword-110380993)
Magic: Shadow
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Appearance: http://len-yan.deviantart.com/art/SAGE-final-project-swordmaster-304832175 Replace all blue with red, and remove the sword, that's him. His eyes are to be bright green.
Backstory: An Elf who was tempted by chaos and was corrupted. He is a potent foe on the field of battle for he can summon demons and fire destructive waves of energy on the battlefield, and if someone gets to close, cut them down. He loves to rain anarchy on people, and has multiple faithful followers. He seeks the shards of Ser for he believes he can use them to gain unlimited power.

Name: Lora Bailey
Weapon(s): Shadow's Blade(http://soulflame81.deviantart.com/art/Longsword-of-the-Dark-Templar-81511476), Powerhouse Revolver (http://z-man12.deviantart.com/art/Beretta-Revolver-79366289)
Magic: Blade Craft+Minor Restorative
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: http://aerythes.deviantart.com/art/Paladin-6292263 Looks like this. Has blonde hair and tanned skin.
Backstory: A woman of order. She seeks defense of the innocent. She is a fierce warrior and is a good shot with her magical revolver. Her sense of pride is strong and she seeks the shards of Ser for one thing, the protection of innocents. She leads a small group of Paladin warriors, and they fight those who seek personal gain.

Name: Amur
Age: 75 (looks like 20-25)
Race: Elf
Weapons: Bow, Martial Arts, Daggers
Magics: Restoration, Elemental
Appearance: 6'2", Sun tanned skin, Athletic build, toned muscles
Backstory: Born into a family of Elven martial artists and hunters, Amur has trained from a very young age in various martial arts and survival skills. When the rest of the Elves were leaving he decided to stay behind preferring to live mostly on his own. Whatever excess Amur collects from hunting, foraging, and using his elemental magic, he takes to a nearby human village and trades for what he can’t get on his own (salt, wine, arrow heads, etc.). The humans in the village Hentel accept him and even welcome him when he comes to trade, as Amur is the only one who will venture beyond the radius of the Ser stone held in the village. Amur will fight to protect the Ser stone held in the village center. He also keeps a tiny Ser shard as an amulet that allows him to go into the ‘chaos’ areas. Amur does not like people who try to cheat or steal from him, but wont hold a grudge for long. He trades fairly and from time to time even takes requests from some of the residents of the village.

Name: Atrox, King of Shadows.
Age: An old man, some say around 60, others say many eons ago he was forged.
Race: Human, though some say he is of demonic descent, and simply chooses this form to interact with the natural world.
Weapon(s): Sin'Mar, the shadow staff of the ancients. A relic of the olden days, before the coming of Ser. And Willow-wind, the magical shadow bow of the before times. Some say it used to be the personal weapon of chaos. Others say it has an even more sinister past...
Magic(s): Perhaps the greatest shadow-mage known in the modern era, he appears reluctant to show his true powers. As well as this, he has moderate control of the elements, which he chooses to show more often than his much more powerful Shadow magic.

Appearance:A dark blue cloak, as well as a white hood with an all black robe. He has, in addition to this, great black boots. He has long white hair, as well as a long white beard, and a kindly yet sinister old face.

Back story: Andrew the Old was a powerful wizard in his time. He resided in the olden days after the coming of Ser, and lived in seclusion, doing good deeds on occasion. When he died, Chaos itself forged Atrox from the body of this dead wizard, and restored him to his former great self, except with even more power than ever. For the longest time, Chaos lacked the influence to introduce him upon the world, but with the end of the guardians came the time of Atrox. He was released upon the world, and began building a small kingdom in the east, far beyond the inhabitable lands. He used the humans corrupted by darkness and Chaos as his minions, but treats them well. He fights for Chaos, doing it's bidding, but with free will of his own.

Name: Veronica "Vix" Shulmon.
Age: 18
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Short sword, with a dagger, and some martial prowess.
Magic(s): Blade Craft (Apprentice)
Appearance: 5'5, 130 pounds. Long brown hair, with gray eyes and a Slender and lithe body.
She wears some mail with cloth padding underneath on her torso, and similar armor for her legs, as well as cotton and leather boots. Underneath she has normal looking cotton clothing.

Back story: She was found as a small orphan by her "parents", who quickly recognized her predicament and took her in as their own. She lived an average life with her middle-class parents, but soon became interested in fighting. Her parents figured that she had nothing to do with that, and tried to keep it away from her, but she continued to find ways to get into it, commonly practicing with militaristic friends. One day, her father caught her in this, sparring with and beating a boy who was commonly regarded as a good fighter in the community. Rather than continue trying to take it away from her, her parents decided to embrace this rather unfortunate truth about their adopted daughter.

They sent her to an trainer, and their she learned much about the magics of swordcraft and sword fighting. He turned out to be her parents worst nightmare, however, attempting to corrupt and make evil the young girl. Her father confronted him one day, and the trainer killed him. Soon, he came after her mother as well, and so they had a duel in which Veronica killed him. Following this, she left home, deciding that she could no longer bring trouble to her poor widowed mother, and found herself wandering about with no particular purpose.
-Reserved for more character sheets-
Slish. Thup.
The bandit didn't even have time to cry a warning before his head was removed. And even if he did cry out before then, nothing would have saved the bandits now.
Cyrus walks out from where he was hiding, approaching the bandit camp silently. Behind him, he could hear his sister, almost as quiet. Of course, the bandits didn't notice that their buddy, who went to take a leak, had his head cut off, for they were too busy celebrating. Cyrus smiles to himself, and lets his Axe transform into a Sword. He was proud of this weapon, a work of art made by a dying smith. He was sad to see him go, but his final gift was the most deadly off all.
He hears someone step up beside him, and turns his head. His sister looks at the Bandits, a smile on her face, and says "Ready?" Cyrus nods, and they both get a bit closer. As one, they both charge out, and the bandits now realized that they are under attack.
Too late. Cyrus thought to himself. His blade lashes out, taking a bandit out by cutting him in half. A round rings out and another Bandit's head explodes. The Bandits now get into motion, but they were doomed from the start. Another Bandit's head flies off, and with an upward stroke that turns his blade back into an axe, Cyrus kills another bandit. Two more rings, and all the bandits lie on the ground, dead. Miranda enters one of the tents, and, after a few seconds, comes back out with another person, a prisoner to the bandits, who looks around the age of 18.
"You alright?" Cyrus asks, and the prisoner nods.
"All right, let's move then. Your family is worried." The trio move from the bandit camp, heading back to the nearby city.
Elu looks out from the dead forest around him. "Where is the next shard?"

One of the men say, "How should I know?"

"You're the person who is supposed to know the geography." Elu answers.

"Well I don't." He answers.

"Then I have no further use for you." Elu points opens his hand and holds it out, aiming it at the man. His arm starts crackling with darkness and a ball of shadow energy moves faster than light into the man and he explodes into bones and guts, and blood, covering all the other men in the party with pieces of their former comrade. "Any one else here useless to me?" They all shake their heads and start working. "Good."

Lora looks down at her Paladins, practicing within the safety of the sanctuary, which held one shard of Ser, and protected them from attacks of the Chaos.
Ferus stepped out of his family's home, stretching in the sunlight, his lithe and strong build showing. His siblings had spent a long time making him into the warrior he was, and he wasn't about to let it go to waste. Reaching into the doorway, he retrieved his armor and weapons, putting them on and heading for the road. The Ser Search Party had sent out a request that all Silver Knights report to Ren by this afternoon, and he didn't plan on being late.
I draw my bow back just a little bit more making sure that the deer I'm hunting can't hear or smell me. I loose the arrow and watch as it goes straight threw the creatures eye killing it immediately. The other deer are startled and run away but I don't care I got what I wanted, now I just need to get it to the village for the butcher and leather maker. I walk over to my newest kill, sheathing my bow, pulling out the arrow and putting it back in my quiver, I grab the deer and throw it over my other shoulder and start my trek back to the village.
Knock knock knock
Cyrus taps the door of a household, and waits. The son of the family stood next to Cyrus, and shifted feet nervously. Miranda stands nearby, keeping an eye on her surroundings. The door opens, and a woman looks outside at Cyrus. She looks at her son, and they hug, the mother crying. Cyrus bows his head, and steps back, leaving them to it. Miranda walks over to him, and says "Ready to look for that Ser Shard?"
"Yes. Let's hope this time the information isn't wrong. Walking into that nest of angry creatures wasn't as fun the eighth time around, let alone the first." Cyrus replies, and Miranda giggles. They both make their way out of the city, going to where they were told was a Shard.
Elu looks at the maps of the man who he had just reduced to blood and guts earlier and finds the location of a rumored location of an Ser shard. He gathers his forces and sets them out. One appeared to be wounded and was limping. "Are you going to be able to fight if it comes to it?" Elu asks the man. He shakes his head in reply. "Then I am deeply sorry for you." He grabs the man's arm and the man starts dissipating into darkness and being absorbed into Elu. He notices the men staring at him. "Go on, unless you want to turn out like this poor fool," he then points at some gore on the arm of one of the other men, "or that one."
Even as Ferus made his way to Ren, the elf girl Meridian was moving swiftly through the woods, heading for Ren herself to see if the Silver Knights needed help. It's been a long time since I worked with the humans. I hope they've improved since last I met them. She leaped from tree branch to tree branch, moving swifter than the wind.


As the people of Serin went about their business, a faint outline of a person watches Cyrus and Miranda as they leave to retrieve the piece. So the Replon twins do well together. It's good to know. They will need trust and team work. The two felt an odd push to go to Ren and wait to get this Ser piece.

OOC: SF, if your guys could attack the Ser Tree in Ren, it would help. That way I don't need that kind of antagonist.
I arrive in the village and can't help but smile at the children playing. As I head to the butchers shop I greet the various Townsfolk. After a short walk in town I make it to the butcher and entering his shop I set the freshly killed deer on the counter. "Your freshly killed deer."

"Sir, where are we going anyways?" One of the men ask, after taking a lot of bravery, it was not wise to speak to their leader when not spoken to.

"I am glad you asked. We are going the Ser Tree, it is in a place called Ren. If it is a success, you will all be rewarded." Elu replies, and then adds in his thoughts, And by rewarded I mean absorbed to increase my power. Then I shall assemble another band.

All them men start silently celebrating.

A paladin runs up behind Lora, "Mistress, there has been reports of a tree, of Ser."

Lora responds, "Prepare the men. We must make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands."

"Yes, my mistress." He runs back down and a squadron of Paladins are assembled.

Lora places her helmet on her head and unsheathes Shadow's Bane. "We shall make sure our foes fall again." She places the sword back in its sheath and grabs her shield and heads down to meet her squad. "Men, we are going to Ren. We must not let the Ser fall into the wrong hands. If we die, at least we die fighting for righteousness!" With this, the squad starts marching towards the Ser Tree.
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except him
owe my eyes THEY BURN how did i miss this in my own back story? should be "accept him"

IC: "Thanks and as promised here is your jerky." The butcher hands me a small bundle of meat wrapped in fabric.
"And thank you for the jerky this deer should more than replace it." I say before leaving the butcher shop and going about my other rounds of trading.
Ferus and Meridian arrived in the town of Ren at almost the same time, and with a few minutes to spare. Heading to the Silver Knights headquarters, the find seats and await the briefing. Ferus, to burn time, pulled out one of his swords and a whetstone and started sharpening it. Meridian simply waited, the elvish trait of patience coming into play. Several of the Silver Knights were in the room as well, laughing and joking and poking fun. One of them approached Ferus, a spear and short sword on his person. "Well, well, Ferus, surprised you came." Ferus looked at the man, then grunted, going to work.

"I've yet to miss a mission, Fereldran, unlike you." The other man, Fereldran, looked at Ferus in anger and reached for his sword. Ferus shook his head, indicating the Commander of the Knight's who was watching them. Fereldan scratched his belly instead.

"You got off lucky, you welp. When the meetings done, you're toast." Ferus grunted again as Fereldan walked off and kept the whetstone moving. Meridian laughed inwardly at the exchange.

Humans are still just as fickle. Can't say I'm surprised. She kept watch over the area, learning what she could about humans after how long she had simply stayed in the forest.
Not really sure where to jump into this...
We literally just started, so jump in anywhere.
"Remind me again where this shard is?" Cyrus asks as they walk down a trail. Miranda gives a thoughtful look, and glances at her brother.
"The person I heard it from says it was called a Ser Tree? Strange name, and he says that it is near Ren. Rumor was it that parties are being formed to find it." Miranda says, and Cyrus smiles.
"Good, I was getting bored stiff with these Bandits." He says, and adds "So.....Which way is Ren?"
Miranda nods to the trail. "We just follow this trail, we'll get there soon."
I think I'll just walk into Ren... This could be interesting...
I'm also giving Morthelios another weapon:
tithe blade (a cross between a short sword and a sickle)

Striding down the path towards Ren, a faint cloud of sulfur and shadow following in my wake;
...I hope this place is a little friendlier than the last...
Coming around a bend, I begin walking up to the village walls, a look of nervous horror crossing the gate guard's face;
...I wonder what I'll have to do to convince this idiot that I'm not going to rip his head off?...
I think wryly to myself, preparing for the worst.
The gate guard calms down at last and faces the new arrival, realizing that if he was going to kill him, he'd have done it. "What business do you have in Ren, corrupted one?"
The small squadron of Paladin's arrive at Ren. Lora steps up, "Good morning."

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