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The gate guard nods to the Paladins. "You may enter. Don't cause trouble here though, you're at the Silver Knight's headquarters."
"Why would we stir trouble?" Lora asks as her squadron enters the town and she follows.

Elu could see Ren on the horizon. "Ah, we are not far now, my companions."
Cyrus and Miranda arrive at the gate that leads to Ren. Cyrus glances over, and notes the person with horns. Miranda puts her hand on her brothers arm, as to restrain him, but he knew not to pick a fight. They walk up to the guards, and Miranda speaks.
"Hello. We would like into Ren."
"You may enter. If you're looking for information on the Ser Search parties, the Commander of the Silver Knights will be giving a briefing on it in a few minutes. Their headquarters is straight ahead and the third building on the left."
Miranda bows, and they both enter the city. Cyrus sighs, and says "Silver Knights?" Miranda doesn't reply, instead starts making her way toward the headquarters. Cyrus shrugs to himself and follows her.
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The gate guard calms down at last and faces the new arrival, realizing that if he was going to kill him, he'd have done it. "What business do you have in Ren, corrupted one?"

I grunt;
"I'm just a traveler passing through; some supplies, local news and perhaps an odd job or two."
He nods slowly, then calls over a Silver Knight. "We don't stop corrupted ones from entering, but they must have an escort at all times. You'll also be required to attend the briefing of the Ser Search Parties."
I lean on my staff, sizing up the Silver Knight;
"Ser Search Parties? Sound interesting.. Lead on."
I say, making an almost mocking gesture towards the gate.
Lora starts asking around for the location of the Ser Tree. She had to make sure it did not fall into the wrong hands. She didn't care if these 'Silver Knights' were going to protect it or not. She was going there, and she was going to make sure that no one gets to them.
One person happens to be a Silver Knight. "No ones allowed in the Tree to protect our Ser piece. Anyone who wants to reach it can come through here. You'll know if they're trouble or not by their look." The Knight with the corrupted one mutters to himself.

"Let's go. I'll just be here to keep you out of trouble. Pretend I'm not here and you won't run into trouble with things. My being here is more for the villagers then you. Most corrupted ones aren't as evil as everyone thinks."
I nod, heading in through the gate;
"Does this place have an herbalist?"
I ask the 'Knight.
"East side of the town. Jessica Gomer. She's a bit...different, so choose your words carefully. Never know what could set her off."
"Alright, I hope she has what I need.."
I say, making my way to the east side of the town. The shop is obvious, with numerous plants cluttering the inside of the window. Passing through the door, I look around the place.
Jessica sits behind the counter working on what looks like a book and the Silver Knight leans in close. "Be sure to acknowledge her soon, or you might get a light zapping to the @ss."
I gently chuckle and shake my head. I walk up to the counter, and gently tap it twice;
"Knock knock. Do you except trading? Some herbs for others in return?"
I ask.
The Knight leans against the doorway and Jessica looks up. "It depends on what it is you have to trade and what it is you need."
I reach into my bag and pull out some common herbs and a few semi-rare ones;
"I need some fireweed and feywild nightshade."
Jessica looks over the herbs and pulls out her own, then shakes her head. "Rather then your herbs, how about a good story for me to add to my book?"
I look wary;
"That depends.. I don't have any happy tales, but I do have a few stories none the less..."
Jessica cackles in delight. "I don't want happy tales, I want true stories."

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