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Lora responds with, "Well I guess we're going to go through there." Lora leads her squad towards the place to get to the Ser Tree.
Several knights step out, barring the way. "Paladins or no, by law, no one goes to the tree except in dire emergencies."
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Jessica cackles in delight. "I don't want happy tales, I want true stories."

I nod;
"Very well, names will be changed for the privacy of their owners, and not all shall be told, for it leaves more for the imagination to work with.."

I close my eyes, focus my will and begin to weave my own story with magic...

I'll leave the storytelling to your imagination...
Morthelios tells his own story, (with a different name of course) using shadow magic for special affects. (Re Morthelios' Backstory)
"We just seek to protect it for god sakes! It's not much of a secret anymore, someone is going to come and try to take it for themselves! I know it!" Lora starts yelling at the Knights.
Jessica nods excitedly and writes the story down with a mad grin on her face, sliding the asked for herbs to Morthelios. "That was excellent. Take the herbs. Come back if you know or discover more." The Knight just shakes his head, chuckling at Jessica's enthusiasm.

"One happy camper..." Is all he mutters. The Knights remain where they are.

"And there's one tunnel leading to where it resides, which is through this town. None are allowed except in dire circumstances, and even then it's only authorized soldiers. Paladin or not, you are not allowed. And if you draw your weapons in this town, you will be arrested."
I nod with a slight smile, taking the herbs;
"Good doing business with you."
I walking out, I ask the knight;
"So where's this meeting taking place? I prefer to be on time for such things."
"Headquarters. Should probably head that way now. Briefing starts in 20."
Cyrus and Miranda arrive at the Headquarters, and Cyrus steps next to her, and whispers "Sense anything?" Miranda nods, almost imperceptible to everyone nearby, and whispers "Plenty of magic users here. Quite a lot, and some were traveling in groups. That man with the horns that you saw earlier? He has magic, I'd have to guess Shadow." Cyrus nods.
Ferus notes to two with the Replon arms and grunts to himself Just what we need. Ah well, maybe they aren't as bad as they seem. He'd finished with one of the blades and was now sharpening the other. Fereldran watched the two with interest, but soon returned to talking with his friends. Meridian nods to the two and resumes learning of humans what she can, retrieving a history book from one of the shelves.
"Is there anyway we can enter the tree?" Lora asks, her tone of voice shows obvious anger.
"Unless bandits or servants of Chaos were to attack themselves, no. At this point your time would be better spent learning of the other Ser pieces at the Search Party briefing."

OOC: I'm pushing for everyone who's a good guy or neutral to know whats going on at least.
"Where is this?" She asks. Her men were growing restless.
"Our Headquarters, back at the gate in. It'll be starting soon."

OOC: Three more posts before the briefing starts.
Lora nods her head and leads her five men towards the headquarters. She walks in, leaving her squad outside.
Seeing Ferus sharpening his weapons, Cyrus is reminded that he needs to sharpen his soon. He shrugs, and says "Might as well." Miranda gives him a look, and watches him kneel down to sharpen his weapon. Miranda then takes a seat nearby, and watches everyone come and go, noting those with magic and remembering the types.
I had heard about a meeting, and so decided to head off to where it was. I asked some travelers about it, and heard it was taking place in the headquarters. I found my way there, and went inside. I sat down on a bench, noticing that many of the people here were magical. I did not draw attention to myself, but was rather quite subtle in my entry. I did, after all, only want to see what was happening.
And so begins the briefing!

IC: The Commander of the Silver Knights walks up to the front and looks over the motley assortment of mercenaries, Knights, Elves and wanderers. Sighing inwardly her began. "Welcome everyone, to the town of Ren and the Headquarters of the Silver Knights. You're all here because, one way or another, you've heard of the Ser Search Parties." This is met by nods and yes' all around the rooms. "Well, I'm here to tell you about them. Ser Search Parties are groups of people who go out into the world to find the pieces of Ser and return them to the tower so that they may be used to rebuild the Ser stone that landed her around one millenia ago. They're comprised of the strongest, fastest, smartest and most talented people on the continent. You, should you choose to, will make up the many Search Parties that will start out this year." He let's it sink in, then speaks again. "Any questions?"
Miranda speaks up. "When do we start?" Cyrus nods to himself and agreeing with his sister's question, standing up.
The Commander chuckles. Leave it to mercenaries. "Once you have a team of no less then three. You'll register with a person out front, and then be given directions to your first piece."
"Does....do you get paid for this?" I ask nervously.

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