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"Not this time. There's been trouble in the Kingdom of Feran. We've had no word from them for sometime because of it."
"Where can we search, we will bring our shard from the Sanctuary after we have gathered all the pieces that aren't being used by villages to protect them."
I think about it nervously. I'd only wanted to pay back my adopted mother for all my trouble, and this wouldn't do that. However, I hadn't really much more to do in life, and had a chance to do something really worthwhile.

"I...guess that I'll join." I said, in that same nervous tone.
"That is not known to me. I only know that they are a long ways from here, so you probably won't see me again, not until you're sent to retrieve the pieces of the villages. Without those, Ser will never be returned to it's former self." He nods to the nervous speaker. "Find two others, and register out front."
OOC: I sense a group getting sent after the piece in Hentel ...... somewhat ....

IC: Finishing my rounds and with a bag full of fresh supplies I return to my hut which rests in the tallest tree in the area. When I reach the tree line I jump into the trees and moving faster than most can follow, take a zig-zagy path home.
"Find two others?" I asked myself nervously. I didn't want to cause anymore of a scene than I might already have.

I finally speak up, "What...do you mean by find two others?" I say, blushing a little bit in embarrassment of not knowing what he was talking about.
Lora rolls her eyes at the person. "He means join in with two others as a group."

Elu smiles. He could feel the Ser crystal energy. "We shall attack soon. Make sure all your equipment is in fighting condition."
"Oh..." I say, bashful at the whole incident.

I turned to the nearby mercenaries who'd been so eager to join in, "Um...shall we go register then?" I ask them, in the nervous tone that must have seemed like the only way I knew how to speak.
Far to the east, in the lands where no normal human resided, a glorious black palace made from rock dark as coal stood tall over plains that appeared to be wastelands. In, and around the black palace was a small kingdom, the kingdom of Caan. In the large black palace, in a room that was deep within the sinister yet beautiful black rock, there was a huge gold throne, which was adorned with diamonds. In the room there were large soldiers, armored head to foot in black armor. And on this throne sat an old man, Atrox, he was called.

"Sire, when shall we move out?" asked a captain of the army, who was similarly clad to the numerous guards.

"When we are ready." Atrox replied, simply yet sinisterly. Far to the west lay civilization, and those who wished Chaos to be expelled from this land. Atrox was not one of those, and led a kingdom of those who wished for Chaos to stay. Outside the palace, in the small city outside, there stood an army several thousand strong, simply waiting for the order to bring devastation upon the other lands.
"Sure. Come on, don't be so nervous. We don't bite." Miranda says, and then Cyrus adds "Much." Miranda punches Cyrus in the arm, and he chuckles. The two walk over to her (Veronica) and Miranda says "I'm Miranda. This joker here-" She punches Cyrus in the arm again for emphasis "-is my brother, Cyrus." He smiles, and bows to Veronica.
Ferus and Meridian looked at each other then nodded, then looked at an Elemental mage who had arrived just ahead of the briefing. She nods and the three leave the room, registering and receiving their location, they set out and Ferus speaks first. "I'm Ferus, master Blade Craft user and great sword wielder." Meridian nods to him and speaks up next.

"Meridian, Ti quon do master and archery master. I use wind magic." The mage was the last to speak, but was eager to be known.

"I am Laura, and I use elemental magic of all sorts." The group, content with now knowing each others names, heads for the herbal store and several other suppliers, not knowing the threat just outside the village.
I bow back to them, a light smile taking over my face.'

"And I am Veronica, and I hope you don't mind my...anxiety." I say, with a nervous chuckle.
Miranda nods, and Cyrus walks off to sign them up. Miranda follows, since all three need to be present in order for them to sign up.
Stepping through the doors, I work my way through to the front;
"Sorry I'm late. Had a bit of business to deal with. What have I missed?"
I follow as well, not entirely sure who these people were, but they seemed...kindly, in an odd sort of way. I didn't feel much like talking though, so I was glad that they didn't try to converse too much.
Cyrus registers them and Miranda fiddles with her Replon arm, causing an electric current to start in the arm then stop.
Lora signals the Paladins to come in and they swarm around her. "We're ready."

Elu gets his small group ready. He signals the archers to set flame to their arrows.
Unknown to all, a large beast with several smaller ones, ancient servants to Chaos and the Ancients, Chaos' greatest servants, prepared to launch an attack on Ren and the Ser tree. He'd been informed other agents of Chaos would be there, and it only made his goals easier. The commander looked at the corrupted one. "Register with another group of two, and they'll explain it."

The mercenaries and Veronica are given a slip of paper. When they open it, it reads "Dread Swamps." It is their location to start the search. The paladins are given one as well and it reads "Razorteeth Mountains."
The arrows are let loose and flames start to spread on the wooden buildings. The men begin to charge, with Elu not far behind.

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