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Ferus, Meridian and Laura all know what the flames mean. An attack. Moving for the gate, they find a band of bandits charging the town, with a corrupted one at the rear. "To the tree. That's where they're headed." Meridian and Laura nod and follow Ferus through the tunnel to the tree and from there they wait, intent on stopping the attack. The beasts launch their attack as well, scaling the east wall and attacking the Silver Knights in their path. Elu and friends find themselves facing a large group of the Silver Knights, all with weapons drawn.
Cyrus turns to the group, but before he could open the paper the fires started, and the sounds of combat started as well. Miranda sprints towards it, with Cyrus not to far behind, joining in the battle to help the Silver Knights.
I take out my sword, and cautiously follow behind them, wondering what was happening. I see a group of Silver knights, standing with weapons drawn.

Oh great.
As the sounds of battle reach my ears, I grin evilly;
"Seems like someone picked the wrong day to attack..."
Quickly exiting the town hall, I spot a group of charging bandits. Focusing my will, I rip open a chasm in the ground beneath them and slam it shut around them, extinguishing their cries of terror.
The Paladins charge out to see the attackers. "Fight to the last breath." Lora says and they create a Phalanx and march forward.

The men clash against the assorted warriors of the town and Elu sits back, every now and again firing off an explosive bolt of dark energy.

"War, that would be rather anti-climatic if all the bandits died in one blow from you."
No no not all, just a group of them. That's all.
So you all know, they need to be able to push to the base of the tree at the least.

IC: The Knights skills shone as the battle proceeded, with the mages countering the occasional bolt of energy with spells of their own. The Commander stood at the head of the battle, his sword and axe blurs as they cut down the attackers. The beasts had been stalemated as well, the Knights stopping them just inside the East wall.
Seeing the battle, I charge forward into one of the bandits, stabbing my sword through his torso, before turning and slashing down a second one.
Elu smiles and he fires a bolt of energy right into the middle of a couple Knights, and the explosion knocked them away in all directions with great wounds. This time the magicians were not quick enough. He looks at the Phalanxed Paladins and gets multiple bandits to try to get around to the side of them.
"Flame Geyser!" A pillar of flame erupts beneath Elu and knocks him away, the Commander grinning as he continues with the battle. The beast felt the servant get hit and roared, urging his soldiers to fight harder.
I spot the flanking bandits, and run over to stop them short of their goal. I stab one straight through the head, and withdraw the sword, facing the others.
Cyrus shoulders into a bandit, and his axe cuts him in half before he could recover. He swings again, taking the head off a bandit while his axe shifts into a blade, then he cuts another down from the shoulder to the hip. He raises an arm, and a round rings out, killing another bandit.
Miranda stabs a bandit in the arm, and unleashes several volts of electric energy into him, stopping his heart. She then fires on a bandit, and stabs another in the eye. She backs away from the fighters, and starts healing allies while attacking any bandit that comes close.


A black-cloaked figure stands at the walls, watching the fight. She smiles to herself, and waves her hand in the direction of some Silver Knights. Blades fly out from her position, and start attacking Knights, and she lets more blades loose, this time aimed at the Paladins.
Elu recovers and fires a bolt of energy at the two foes with Replon arms, they seemed to be doing damage.

As the blades come close to Lora she smashes them aside with her shield, her men follow her example.
The cloaked figure gestures again, sending more blades out to the battlefield. This time, the blades surround the Paladins, attacking from all sides. She smiles again, and with a moment of precognition, she leans back, avoiding a shot from somewhere on the floor.
The Paladin's start smashing the swords, but two fall before the swords are beaten away. Lora starts looking for the one using the blades, her eyes scanning, and her pistol in the same hand as her shield was attached to.
I stare down the remaining bandits, cutting down one as he charges. The rest attack simultaneously, but I cut them down with a group of blades similar to the ones attacking the nearby paladins.
OOC: whoever reported the @$$ of a troll above has my thanks

IC: I reach my house and put my stuff away. Through my Ser shard I can sense something happening but its very far off.
OOC: whoever reported the @$$ of a troll above has my thanks

IC: I reach my house and put my stuff away. Through my Ser shard I can sense something happening but its very far off.
Me and at least one other person before me. My bet would be on more than one person before me, in fact, and maybe some after. Idk how you can read that without reporting it.
The beasts had finally managed to fight their way to the entrance to the Ser Tree, along with the bandits. Ferus, Meridian and Laura stood at the other end, waiting for the enemy to charge. Several other Silver Knights had joined them, along with three or four other Ser Search Parties. Nothing would break past this point if it could be helped.

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