DarkBlade: Conquest of the Ancients

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I am able to continue fighting the bandits, but soon I'm forced to retreat, I see a group of Silver knights, and three of the people at the meeting, I gather in with them, not saying a word.
Miranda looks around, and notes that Veronica went back to another group. "CY! OVER HERE, LETS REGROUP!" She yells, getting her brothers attention. She starts sprinting toward the group, stabbing a bandit in the back as she runs by. Cyrus decapitates another person before regrouping with the Knights and his sister.
As I slam the chasm shut, the buildings around it shudder and groan, but remain standing. I silently curse myself;
...idiot! you can't use things that powerful in a town, or you'll bring everything crashing down!...
I down a couple more bandits with bolts of shadow from my staff and quickly move to join one of the retreating groups.

I think that was an excellent job of "nerfing" Morthelios for the given situation.
The large beast roars as the tunnel comes into view and leads a charge that is intended to break the defensive line. Instead it finds Ferus charging it, and is completely caught off guard when he slams his shoulder into it. "Back to the pits of Hell, demon." The bandits charge as well, followed by the smaller beasts as Meridian and Laura do their part to stop it and the Silver Knights lead a charge of their own. The two sides clash and the tunnel comes alive with the sounds of battle.
Charging along with the Silver Knights, I find myself pitted against a bandit, and quickly cut him down.
Cyrus charges the smaller beasts, slicing and killing them as he pushes against the tide. Miranda opens fire with her Replon arm, killing Bandits and healing allies.
Falling to the rear of the tunnel, I create illusions with my shadow magic, spreading chaos through the bandit's ranks.
Elu pushes through his cannon fodder to get to the tree. He sees all the people defending it and laughs. He then notices the big beast. "Well, hello there." He says, trying to be casual, but he really was somewhat scared of this beast. He then looks at the Ser tree. He had to find a way to get the Ser without anyone noticing...
The beast growls. "Maintain your distraction, corrupted. Should we prove successful in taking the Ser, you will be rewarded."
Shadows wisp near the beast, and the black-cloaked figure steps out next to the group.
"The Knights are attempting to join in the defense of the Tree, I am holding them off." She says, her voice soft and lined with an evil undertone.
"Keep them busy. I will have my Master's prize soon enough." Ferus charged the three. "Blade Hail!" Sword blades fell from the sky towards them, and the beast leaps over the defenders, going for the tree entrance. Ferus, growling in annoyance, follows.
Elu gets out of the way of the blades and starts firing the dark balls of energy at the defenders.

Lora notices the beast get through and charges after it with Ferus. "It must not retrieve it." She says to herself.
A hail of arrows flies at Elu in response to his energy balls, all charged with wind magic. "Let's dance, Corrupted!" Meridian came down, landing in front of him, an arrow ready to fire. Laura moved to engage the woman in black robes, fireballs and lightening bolts flying at her.
The figure deflects the blade with one of her own, and starts putting more Blades out to defend herself against incoming attacks. She begins to send blades against the target rushing at her, shadows wrapping around her.
Elu swipes with his sword while charging up a large ball of dark energy.
Stones deflected the blades and a fireball manages to hit home, sending the shadowy woman flying back into the tunnel wall. "You'll not secure this shard, corrupted." Ferus was close behind the beast, and it knew it, as the reached the top, it prepared a special surprise for the human once he reached the top. Meridian fired the arrow, backflipping away and firing three more in quick succession to force the corrupted one back. "Wind blast!" A blast of wind knocked him away.
The woman disappears into the tunnel, but instantly arrives back at the front, engaging Stones with several blades. There wasn't a mark on her, for her Shadow created a barrier around her, stopping the blow. She sends several blades forward to attack Stones while eight peeled off to engage the Silver Knights.
A stone wall stops the extra eight and Laura brings up a revolver, firing three shots and then a fireball. "This remains between mages, Corrupted." The Commander was busy fighting an exceptionally large bandit wielding a large scimitar like sword, exchanging a flurry of blows.
Quickly recovering Elu fires the energy at full force, smashing into the woman and sending her into the wall of the tree. He charges forward with his blade in hand and ready to absorb this woman.
Yeah.....You're still a bit far away.

Meridian recovers first and grins. Releasing a single arrow, it flies into Elu's chest, exploding violently with wind magic and sending Elu flying back out of the tunnel into a house. Empty, but still a house. Meridian flinched as he passes through the wall. "Oops." She fires on the bandits moving swiftly to avoid counter attacks.

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