DarkBlade: Conquest of the Ancients

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The woman laughs, and summons blades that deflect the rounds and the fireball. She then launches the blades at high speed at the stone wall, and they attack the wall, with only two breaking through to attack everyone else. She wraps herself in a cloak of shadows, and disappears from sight,
I was awoken, my father, the one that took me in when I could've died out there... Passed away two years ago from now. The little cabin like structure in the forest was passed down unto me. After then, I decided to take on a name, a nickname... A person who was all alone in this world, but not that kind of lonely, lonesome in family, but not mentally.

The bar was a swirl of colors to my eyes! What was going on?
Laura fires a bolt of lightening in the shape of a triangle. It stops where the lady had last stood and expands until it entraps her in the center and shocks her, then violently sends her flying into a recovering Elu.
The lightning shocks the ground, hitting nothing due to the fact that the lady had already moved before the lightning made it. More blades fly out, attacking Laura in a ceaseless horde. The shadows begin to form figures, and they begin to attack the stone wall.
Ok, the triangle expanded. Like it or not, you got hit. it's probably the last hit before the knights and everyone are forced into the tree itself.
There was no one else in the Inn at all? Only me? Something must have happened, for I was sleeping... Resting in another sense. Peering a door open that led to the outside I saw...
Combat. The streets were filled with Silver Knights, bandits, and monsters in service to Chaos fighting each other. There were nearly as many dead and wounded as there were living and unharmed. Laura teleported, and fired an extra large fireball, shattering the swords and dissipating (Is that the right word?) the shadows. The Commander, seeing that there were too many, called the retreat, kicking the large bandit away. "Fall back! We'll use the tree's twists and turns to our advantage!" The group retreated carefully, minimizing loses until they were in the tree itself.
I watched with disgust, why can't there ever be balance? For without balance there will always be trouble that will destroy entire nations even! But the concept must seem to great to comprehend. "Well... At least I know where everyone is, well mostly all of them."

OOC: That sounds correct, Zarkun. I've used the same thing before.

I fell back along with the rest of them, cursing under my breath that these...bandits were getting the best of us.
Miranda starts stepping back, retreating with her group. She had no idea where her brother was, but she could hear him fighting still. She starts healing, sprinting away to the tree. After a while, Cyrus cuts his way back to the tree, bowling over some of the creatures.
Closing the door slowly as to not attract attention, where was everyone else at?
CR, I can't tell if that was IC or OOC...
I shake my head in disgust;
...this is pathetic... hiding like cowards...
I think to myself, falling back to the tree...

Permission for Morthelios to loose it and carve a path of destruction through the bandits?
Time to come up with a plan to get out of here, this is not my fight... But I shall fight if needed.
Begins looking for an alternate exit.
Guys, I hate to do this to such a good RP, but it's dead. As all my RPs before it, I have failed. I shall DM no more.
Well... It's not the DMing... It's just that no one will post in it. And look at Darkest Heart...
It's not dead, people have just been busy with other things.
Namely, you SF and Jester have been working on the new RP. That's half the people in this RP.
I figure I'll redux it in the summer, when there are the most people.

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