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Hi everyone!

I'm a zerg player that came back from a break of starcraft with a goal of getting to masters someday. I usually play against high plats/diamonds, but I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me look at a game I just played. I was playing against a protoss who did a FFE. Normally I just go 3 base and destroy his 3rd when he tries to expend then finish him. I couldn't this game though and was unprepared for what happened around mid game.

If any of you guys would be willing to give feedback on what I could improve on, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Just for starters I noticed that:

1. I think I overreacted and made too many corrupters toward the beginning of the game.

2. I didn't use my corrupters well around the start either, I kinda suicided them.

3. I kept trying to make a mixture of hydras/corrupters/roaches, but I didn't have enough resources to keep it going.

4. I got my hive WAY too late in the game, while I had the income to do it much earlier to get brood lords vs his archons.

6. I had a higher income than him all game, so I think it was just a lack of knowing what to do/poor playing that screwed me over.


Thanks again everyone!
Hey swift,

I'm a platinum level player who competes against similarly ranked opponents. There were a couple of things that I noticed which I believe could have easily given you the game. After watching the replay I would say that what lost you the game was your economy. You were denied your fourth base repeatedly and unable to produce enough units to counter your opponent.

Things you could do differently:


So I noticed 3 spine crawlers go down at your third base because you expected pressure (and rightly so because it was technically your second base); however, the pressure you experienced was 1 zealot and at best you would have seen a stalker with it. Instead of using drones to make spines (300 minerals for spines + 150 minerals for drones + mining time), I would suggest trying to build a few scouting lings, holding the watch towers, and if a zealot/stalker make a move, spawn a few more lings and defend with mobile defense so you don't use up drones.


You managed to scout out the early voids, and preceded to drop 6 spore crawlers after you saw a single void ray incoming. Since you're drone count was already low (you didn't pass 50 drones until 10 minutes into the game on 3 bases), you could have more easily dealt with the void ray push with 1 or 2 more queens and connecting your bases with creep. This would have saved you the drones for a better economy.


I noticed that you did 4 gases at 6:30 and after eventually went up to 6 gases for your 3 bases. If you watch your bank for that game, you were floating more gas than minerals all game long. Based on what I've seen, standard timings are 6 min double gas, and then drone till ~7 minutes. You want a heavy economy to support the armies that you have to make. Also, you never put down a macro hatch. If you drone harder, and then put down the macro hatch, I think you'll find yourself with a much larger army and deal with those kinds of plays far more easily.


When Protoss moved in to try and take out one of your expansions, you successfully defended and drove him back to his base. You then tried to keep up the pressure and lost a few more units. There is nothing wrong with that, but I would recommend expanding instead of pressuring. Day[9] had a great point: if you destroy their army there is a 50% chance that when you get to their base, they'll have stuff to defend with, and there is a 0% chance that you'll see pressure, so when you destroy armies, expand!

In short, if you had hit that 70-80 drone count around the 7-8 minute mark with a macro hatch(as opposed to ~50 drones with no macro hatch and 6 gases), you're economy would have been where it needed to be to chip away at and eventually overwhelm protoss. And you would have had more money to tech!

*****I'm not trying to be critical, I'm just trying to be thorough! Hope this helps! :)*******
01/03/2013 02:29 PMPosted by Swift
6. I had a higher income than him all game

than he had*


Look, to use "than him" you need to be in a 2vs2, for example:

Team 1: Terran / Terran (Foes)
Team 2: Zerg (You) / Protoss (Ally).

So you say: I was playing 2vs2 with a protoss ally versus two terrans and the terran players killed more units to me than him.

(As in: Those terrans killed more zerg units than protoss units)

If you say: "The terran players killed more units than I did" means "The terrans killed 500 units and I, the zerg, killed just 300 units"

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